19 Remarkable Gifts for Crocheters Amazing at Their Craft

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    This gift guide is perfect for beginners working on new v-stitches or basket weave stitches to advanced crocheters perfecting seams on animals in the Japanese art of Amigurumi. They can’t get enough yarn or would love to have the best tools to use while working on personal garments or custom made presents for others. We’re here to make sure you’ve got a complete list of the must have items for their arsenal. Here are the best gifts for crocheters looking to advance their craft.

  1. Crochet Hook Set
  2. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Crochet-Hook-Set
    This ergonomic hook set is a great gift for crocheters dealing with hand pain. The hooks’ colorful soft rubber handles provide the ultimate in comfort even while trying to whip stitch two pieces together. The aluminum tips are excellent for keeping the yarn in place without any snagging. There are nine hook sizes included. It all comes in a high-quality case with a fun design.

  3. Yarn Bowl
  4. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Bowl
    Crocheters can take their skills to the next level by learning the art of amigurumi. This book will explain all you need to know. Once they’ve mastered this Japanese method of crocheting stuffed toys, they’ll be on their way to making great gifts for any kid. This book is ideal for entrepreneurs wanting to kick start their side hustle selling handmade toys online! The book has 26 design patterns to learn from. Their step by step directions provide useful and easy to understand tips for beginner crocheters and experts alike.

  5. Crochet Cat Mug
  6. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Crochet-Cat-Mug
    With this hand-carved yarn bowl, they’ll never have to worry about losing their yarn. And besides being useful, the bowl has an attractive, unique design. The depth of the bowl allows enough room to finish a small project. The lightweight will allow for easy transport and they’ll always be able to quickly set up anywhere for a quick working session.

  7. Yarn Cake
  8. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Cake
    Hardcore crocheters need to have crochet themes everywhere… and that includes their morning coffee! Having a cat play in their yarn stash may not be the best idea, but you can have the next best thing with this crochet cat mug. The mug has an adorable design that features a crocheting cat along with the words, “Hooked on crochet”. What’s more, it’s a high-quality product that’s made of a durable ceramic and it holds up to 15 oz. Just enough to fill with strong coffee that will keep them energized all day long.

  9. Yarn Storage Tote
  10. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Storage-Tote
    If there’s one thing yarn lovers always need more of, it’s yarn. This yarn is beautifully colored ensuring all their items will have an attractive look. It’s cotton/polyester blend means it’s versatile and easy to care for. The cake has enough material to allow crocheters to DIY an entire blanket or shawl without the need to buy another spool. Small projects can be completed in no time and will make the perfect personalized present.

  11. Stitch Marker
  12. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Stitch-Marker
    If they’re one of those crocheters who like to take their craft everywhere, this yarn storage tote is a handy gift. It has plenty of room for multiple yarn cakes and side pockets to organize all their yarn accessories. It also comes with a mini knitting yarn drum to carry the ball being used for the current project. It is lightweight and it has both a shoulder strap and handles to make carrying easy. It’s sturdy construction and attractive design makes it a crocheters’ dream.

  13. Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Book
  14. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Amigurumi-Crochet-Pattern-Book
    All crocheters need reliable stitch markers so they can keep track of their work. The 300-piece set has stitch markers in bright, fun color so they’ll be guaranteed to find a contrasting marker that is easy to see while trying to create flawless joins. The markers are made of a durable, plastic material and they come in two compartmentalized boxes that make storage easy.

  15. Yarn Cutter Pendant
  16. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Cutter-Pendant
    This yarn cutter is a cool crochet gadget for those who like to crochet in style. The steel blade makes this cutter effective in cutting yarn, but the unique look doubles as an attractive piece of jewelry. Put it on a string to wear it around their neck to ensure they’ll always know where the cutter is. A clean-cut will prevent yarn from fraying and give a professional look to that stitching work.

  17. LED Neck Light
  18. Gifts-for-Crocheters-LED-Neck-Light
    This is the gift for crocheters who love crocheting so much they’ll be practicing their technique late into the night, this LED reading light is for them. It has a piece that bends comfortably around the neck and two LED lights on each end that will help prevent eye strain. It has built-in rechargeable batteries that power the lights. The brightness can be adjusted to provide a floodlight or spotlight effect. Crocheters can be up all night without waking their significant others with this nifty gadget.

  19. Yarn Swift
  20. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Swift
    A yarn swift is an essential tool for all crocheters. This Amish style yarn swift will keep your yarn in place perfectly while you are winding it into balls. Its solid wood design gives it the durability to withstand the test of time. Its stand allows it to be easily placed on tabletops making for convenient positioning.

  21. Yarn Organizer
  22. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Organizer
    They’ll save hours looking through drawers and bags to find the yarn they’ll need, this yarn organizer will be a dream come true. The organizer has six cubbies where crocheters can store yarn that can be found at a glance. It also has side pockets for storing accessories. With a closet full of these yarn filled organizers, having something new to wear will never be an issue.

  23. Funny Crochet Shirt
  24. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Funny-Crochet-Shirt
    Crocheters who are proud of their craft will want to wear it loud and proud. This shirt says, “I turn yarn into things, what’s your superpower?’ will be the perfect thing. Not only is it fun to wear, but it also comes in high-quality cotton or poly-cotton blends (material varies depending on the color). It is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees them wearing it.

  25. Tag Buttons
  26. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Tag-Buttons
    These buttons provide a great way to leave their mark. The set of 100 includes pale wood, smooth buttons printed with the words, ‘handmade with love’. They can be weaved to the inside of the garment or as a detail on a hat or lapel. They are a great way to add a personal touch to the items they crochet.

  27. Yarn Winder
  28. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Yarn-Winder
    Gifting yarn winders are great for making a crocheters’ life easier. They are perfect for making pull thread balls without the need for any cones and tubes. This yarn winder is especially effective because it has a sturdy metal crank. The quiet motor allows for smooth movements creating neat balls that will make yarn overs an easy task. 

  29. Funny Mug
  30. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Funny-Mug
    This is the perfect mug for crocheters, coffee lovers, and chocolate lovers alike. A fun slogan is a great way to brighten up your mornings. It’s especially funny because it’s so true. While sipping on their morning coffee they can’t help but think about what design they’ll be working on next and the need to pick up more yarn. Everyone needs multiple bags of yarn right?

  31. Pom Pom Maker
  32. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Pom-Pom-Maker
    Crocheters can take the items they make to the next level by adding pom poms to their designs. The pom-poms can also be used for jewelry, home décor, and more. This kit has everything needed to make pom-poms of various sizes and colors. It is easy to use and the pom-poms will add a cute flair to everything.  

  33. Comfort Gloves
  34. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Comfort-Gloves
    Crocheters often experience hand pain, but with these gloves, they’ll be sure to crochet in comfort. The cotton spandex material of the glove works to compress the hand to increase blood circulation which will improve dexterity and reduce pain. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep their hands dry and comfortable. They feature an attractive seamless design that will make maneuvers such as hours of hooking the yarn and pulling through slipknots acheless.

  35. Back Support Pillow
  36. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Back-Support-Pillow
    Trying to reduce stress they know how it is; they are concentrating on their crochet project when all of a sudden, they are overwhelmed by back stiffness and pain. Well, crocheters can say goodbye to pain when they crochet with this back-support pillow. The pillow is designed to fit the lower back perfectly to offer optimal lumbar support. The only pains now will be having to get up to run to the supply shop for more yarn.

  37. Coffee Chocolate Cappucchino
  38. Gifts-for-Crocheters-Coffee-Chocolate-Cappucchino
    After a long day of wet blocking to make sure garments fit perfectly, crocheters need a quick pick me up. Nothing is going to do it quite like this chocolate cappuccino coffee. The 100% Arabica coffee is blended with milk chocolate and creamy cappuccino flavors to make a delicious and eye-opening mix. The coffee is roasted in small batches, it is sure to taste more personalized and special than the run of the mill chain or store-bought coffees.

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