48 Phenomenal Gifts for Drummers

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    The best gifts for drummers you’ve seen playing air drums a time or two. Casual and professional drummers are always looking to improve their chops. If they’ve got an occasion such as a birthday or Christmas is around the corner and you’re looking for ideas, these list of drumsticks, tools, kits, and accessories are specifically curated for them. Here is an expansive list of best gifts for drummers.

  1. Drum Key Multitool
  2. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Key-Multitool
    Never get caught at a gig without the right tool again! This multitool has everything a drummer needs. Their drums take a beating every night. This kit has everything they need to make sure the rig is TIGHT! Don’t bother carrying a little bag with all the tools you need when you could have this little charm. Every tool you need is built into this solid piece, so you never have to worry about losing something when you need it most.

  3. Drum Clock
  4. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Clock
    Is it hard to wake up in the morning? Do you look at your clock with dread, and wish your clock would just die? I understand. That’s what this cool drum clock is for. It’s the perfect reminder for drummers that it’s ALWAYS TIME TO ROCK! It makes a great gift for any musician and its a great addition to your style. The clock’s ticking away!

  5. Mic Kit
  6. Gifts-for-Drummers-Mic-Kit
    Are you trying to record your awesome drum sessions but can’t get a good recording? You need actual drum mics. It comes with multiple mics for your different drums. Set them up where your mic should be and BAM, you’ll be on your way to those studio recordings you’re trying to get. 

  7. Drum Mute
  8. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Mute
    Do your drums rattle too much, or are they too loud for your house? This drum mute kit dials down the volume of your drums. It’s perfect for musicians who want to jam out but need to be noise conscious. 

  9. Drummer Mug
  10. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummer-Mug
    Are you looking for the perfect fun gift for the musician in your life? What better way to show they’ve got what it takes than to show what they’re made of. The perfect coffee mug to showcase their love for drumming in a fun way. It’s the perfect way to say, “Yeah, I Rock” by taking a sip of your chai tea. Get this for your rockstar sibling, your rockstar dad, or that super rockstar kid. They’ll no doubt love you for it!

  11. Drummer’s Survival Kit
  12. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummers-Survival-Kit
    We’ve all been there. You bring your kit for the jam and suddenly you’re missing a cymbal felt and a wing nut. How’s that jam session going to go on? Don’t get caught without your essentials again, check out this essential drummer kit. It has all those small bits and loose ends you hardly notice but can’t play without. 

  13. Drummer Towel
  14. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummer-Towel
    If you’re the drummer who puts on a show, then this towel is for you. Throw it on your tom to get that perfect damp. Throw it on your snare to change up sound. Or throw it on your face and wipe that rockstar sweat and throw it to your raving fans. 

  15. Drum Damper
  16. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Damper
    Dampeners are a must for any drummer. Dampeners help you get a flatter sound out of your kit. Simply stick one or more on the drum heads of choice and you’re good to go. If you haven’t seen how these work then get ready to be blown away. Or rather not blown away. Especially if you’re trying to get less “Boom” and more “Thud” out of your kit. 

  17. Hoop Guard
  18. Gifts-for-Drummers-Hoop-Guard
    Keep your drum kit from getting damaged by your bass pedal! You know you need to screw that petal on tight but at the same time, you’re watching it dig into and scratch the hoop of your drum. These hoop guards are the answer. They not only protect the hoop from damage but help better secure the petal as well by providing more girth to grip.

  19. 4-Way Coordination
  20. Gifts-for-Drummers-4-Way-Coordination
    Whether you’re new to drumming or a pro already, getting an actual drum book is a must. Learn new techniques and improve the ones you have. A proficient drummer has great dexterity, but there’s more to being a great musician than just speed. Learn the modern techniques and rhythms and start standing out of the crowd. 

  21. Insta360 One R
  22. Gifts-for-Drummers-Insta360-One-R
    Want to make a cool 360 video of your drum set while going ham? This camera is exactly what you need. Small and portable, setting up is easy and discreet. You’re going to get perfect vlog and social media shots like you couldn’t any way else. 

  23. Drumstick Spoons
  24. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumstick-Spoons
    Are you a rad sick drummer but your cooking is a little lame? You need some drumstick spoons. These awesome spoons double as drumsticks that you can play a few beats for your brother-in-law and sister while they’re over for dinner. The only bad thing is if you’re buying these as a gift you might want some earplugs too. Check them out today and rock out to your cooking experience.

  25. Funny Shirt
  26. Gifts-for-Drummers-Funny-Shirt
    Rep your favorite instrument with a unique shirt. It’s funny because it’s on point. When the music stops due to tempo issues all you need to do is point to the shirt. These shirts come in multiple colors and a cool drum theme design. 

  27. Drumsticks
  28. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumsticks
    Don’t let a broken pair of drumsticks stop your jam. If you’re a pro drummer or just getting started, you know to always keep a few pairs of drumsticks around. These drumsticks can take the beating, no matter what you’re drumming. Grab a pair and make sure you never get caught without spares again.

  29. High Fidelity Earplugs
  30. Gifts-for-Drummers-High-Fidelity-Earplugs
    Hearing loss is a serious issue for musicians, especially drummers. If you’re a musician and you don’t wear earplugs, you’re not listening. Joking aside, if you love music you gotta love your ears. Keep them safe from sound damage with a pair of high fidelity earplugs. They fit comfortably and reduce the noise you expose your ears to.

  31. Percussion Brush
  32. Gifts-for-Drummers-Percussion-Brush
    Play some jazz or smooth beats with some percussion brushes! There’s so much you can do and many techniques to use with these awesome brushes. Create depth, variation, and style. Soft cymbals, smooth rustles over the snare. You’ll love drum brushes, and everyone will love your jazz. These are a must for any jazz and folk player. 

  33. Drummer Hoodie
  34. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummer-Hoodie
    Represent your favorite instrument with this unique hoodie. This is a great gift for any musician. This hoodie comes with an awesome, unique drum themed design. 

  35. Drum Mat
  36. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Mat
    Is there anything more aggravating for a drummer than being mid-jam and your kit starts sliding away?! These mats are made non-slip to hold your kit so you can finally forget what it’s like to have a mobile drum kit. The mat can be rolled up and easily transported. No matter where you play, you’ll have your mat to make sure you’re solid as a rock.

  37. Personalized Drumstick
  38. Gifts-for-Drummers-Personalized-Drumstick
    A personalized pair of drumsticks is just an awesome look. It’s the equivalent to having a lucky guitar pick. It’s the perfect way to show off your love for the instrument. And if you’re not a musician, they make a cool display. Get it customized your way and be the rocker you are! 

  39. Drum Heads
  40. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Heads
    Are you changing your drum heads when you’re supposed to? If you’re anything like me you’re likely to wait until you bust a hole through your drum before even thinking of buying a replacement! It doesn’t have to be that way. Grab some new heads and hear the amazing sounds on a new set.

  41. Drum Anchors
  42. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Anchors
    Is there anything more aggravating than being mid-jam and your kit starts sliding away?! This is pain only drummers know. They’re easy to install, and don’t make a difference when moving your kit around.

  43. Drumstick Bag
  44. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumstick-Bag
    Tired of losing your drumsticks? You should probably keep them in a bag…like this one! This drumstick bag holds several sticks so you can carry them without having to fumble around looking for them. You’ll walk into the next practice like you’re there on business, and these are your tools of the craft.

  45. Drum Kit Cover
  46. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Kit-Cover
    Whether you’re on stage or outdoors, a drum cover is a good idea. Drum covers are a perfect way to keep your drum kit cool and protected. If you’re putting your kit away for a while a cover will keep the dust off, so when you’re ready to play again it looks just how you left it. At the least, it’ll keep pesky kids from banging on your kit.

  47. Mini Finger Drum
  48. Gifts-for-Drummers-Mini-Finger-Drum
    A tiny drum kit, for your fingers? Each drum has a unique sound. You’re going to be thrilled to play a tiny drum kit anywhere, any time. Break up the monotony of work with a mini jam session. Your fingers might get tired from all the song requests you’ll be getting from co-workers. 

  49. Cymbal Bag
  50. Gifts-for-Drummers-Cymbal-Bag
    Don’t let your cymbals get banged up! Buy them a bag! Cymbal bags are great for transporting cymbals. Cymbals are heavy and trying to carry them around lose or in other containers is a hassle for any drummer. These bags are made to carry various sized cymbals, and they’re perfect for the job. They also keep them from scratching while transporting, and they keep them safe from the elements. 

  51. Drum Pedal
  52. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Pedal
    Having a good solid pedal is a must for all drummers. Don’t stick with one that feels too tight or too wonky. You want something that feels just right. If the right weight, bounce back, and a quick action is what’s important, this pedal is just what you need.

  53. 5 Drum Bag Set
  54. Gifts-for-Drummers-5-Drum-Bag-Set
    Drums are heavy and trying to carry them around loose can result in unwanted damage. Carry straps make them easy to transport. While not in use they don’t take up much space, and you’ll be thankful you have them when it’s time to move.

  55. Metronome
  56. Gifts-for-Drummers-Metronome
    If you’re a beginner and don’t have a metronome, it’s time to get with the beat! Being able to keep a rhythm is a must. Set it to any tempo you’d like and try to keep on beat. It’s the best way to develop time and rhythm as a drummer. The last thing you want is to try to play with the band and you can’t stay on tempo.

  57. Drum Tuner
  58. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Tuner
    Haven’t tuned your drums in a while? You can try to tune it by ear, but if you want the best sound from your whole kit a tuner is your best bet. Tuners help you identify which lugs need adjusting. Using a tuner will make sure your sound is sharp and clear. 

  59. Drummer Seat
  60. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummer-Seat
    After jamming for hours your back and butt will be glad you’ve been in a comfortable seat. Drum seats keep you at the right height and allow the range of motion you need to get around the kit. If you’ve got an old seat that’s falling apart, or maybe just sitting on a box, it’s time to get a seat that’s fit for a star. You’ll be happy you’re bum is happy.

  61. Drum Stand Kit
  62. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Stand-Kit
    Do your toms never stay in place? Is your snare never quite in the perfect spot? This stand set is a perfect lightweight and portable solution. Maybe you need some extra stands to hold a new piece. Or maybe you’d like an extra set so you don’t have to keep moving yours around. A growing drummer needs to be able to grow his kit.

  63. Electronic Drum Pad
  64. Gifts-for-Drummers-Electronic-Drum-Pad
    Now you can drum away even when you’re not in the mood for a full-on jam sesh. Sit and watch TV with a drum pad in front of you or keep one in your room for when you need to work on some drum beats. If you’re getting into drumming, this would be the perfect way to test out if you’d like to be a drummer or not. 

  65. Practice Drum Pad
  66. Gifts-for-Drummers-Practice-Drum-Pad
    Having quick hands is a benchmark for any drummer. If you’re going to impress you need to be able to hit those 32nd rolls like no one is looking. That’s why you need a practice pad. A practice pad has the bounce a drum head has so you can practice your rolls. With a practice pad, you’ll be able to put in the time anytime, anyplace. Sitting in front of your tv, on your porch, in your room, while taking a study break, you name it. Consider taking your drumming to the next level.

  67. Cymbal Sizzler
  68. Gifts-for-Drummers-Cymbal-Sizzler
    Every Drummer needs this. Turn your regular cymbal into a riveted cymbal without drilling a hole! A sizzler is a string of metal balls that will rattle on your cymbal when hit, adding that “sizzle” sound a riveted cymbal would make. Experiment on any cymbal, add it, remove it, it’s the perfect way to get a bunch of new sounds from your kit. 

  69. Drum and Cymbal Cleaner
  70. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-and-Cymbal-Cleaner
    Are you tired of looking at dirty, spotted cymbals and drum heads? Your drums start accumulating dirt, grime, and oxidation over time. The right cleaner will clean it all away and restore the eye-popping shine to your kit. Other cleaners can damage the material of your kit. Kit cleaners are made for the materials in your kit.

  71. Drumstick Tape
  72. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumstick-Tape
    Never lose your stick in an intense solo again! We’ve all been there, with sweaty drummer hands it can be hard to keep a grip on your drumsticks. Drumstick tape improves your grip on the sticks and helps stop them from slipping out of your hands. Taped drumsticks will also make you look cooler when going ham. 

  73. Midi Keyboard
  74. Gifts-for-Drummers-Midi-Keyboard
    Are you ready to take your beat making to the next level? Get a midi keyboard. You know what this is; it’s every producer and beatmakers baby. With keys and pads, you’re the master of music. Small and compact, midi keyboards are the key to easily making music. Custom sounds and endless features, you’ll be flying sky high when you finally get your hands on one of these!

  75. Drum Pencil
  76. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Pencil
    Don’t you wish your pencils were drumsticks? Look no further. Get some real drumstick pencils! These pencils are tiny drumsticks, now you can bang away in the middle of class! This makes an awesome gift for your favorite student drummer. 

  77. Novelty Socks
  78. Gifts-for-Drummers-Novelty-Socks
    Drummer and sock enthusiast. DRUM SOCKS! How much louder can you be about your love for music!? You can’t! These socks are so cool they’ll blow everyone else’s off! Get some in your size today and rock the world. This makes a great gift and a perfect expression for drummers. 

  79. Drumstick Necklace
  80. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumstick-Necklace
    A necklace for any drum enthusiast. Who else would have their favorite instrument hanging from their neck? These are truly awesome gifts. Buy one for your significant other, your favorite drummer, or your favorite member of the band. 

  81. Drum Apron
  82. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Apron
    That’s right, your drummer apron with a drum kit on it. Could you possibly wear something cooler in the kitchen? We don’t think so. Spice up your kitchen appeal by showing off your favorite passion. This is a cool gift if you have a musician loved-one who also enjoys making masterpiece meals.

  83. Vintage Posters
  84. Gifts-for-Drummers-Vintage-Posters
    Imagine how cool your room would look with some sick drum art. Having your favorite instrument plastered in a vintage look across your room will be inspirational. It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything else about drums.

  85. Tie Clip
  86. Gifts-for-Drummers-Tie-Clip
    Nothing says rockstar more than a less than formal tie clip at a formal occasion. If you’re a musician, you need to let the world know with this subtle touch. The perfect detail to any rocker’s suit is a drum tie clip. It makes a special gift for any drummer.

  87. Drummer Figurine
  88. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drummer-Figurine
    Add some character to your workspace or office. These drum figurines are the perfect item for your desk, shelf, or anywhere else. Classy and expressive, it’s practically a trophy to your love for music. Show the world what your favorite instrument is with this unique piece. 

  89. Quick Set Cymbal Mate
  90. Gifts-for-Drummers-Quick-Set-Cymbal-Mate
    Setting up and breaking down can be a total drag. Imagine getting set up in minutes and getting maximum time practicing. That’s what these quick change cymbal mates are for. These make holding your cymbals down so easy, with the ability to remove them so much quicker! This is especially a must if you use addons to your cymbal. So fast that now you can change your cymbals mid-song.

  91. Drum Lug Lock
  92. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drum-Lug-Lock
    You know how your drums will start sounding different after some time, and you need to retune them? The vibration from your jamming loosens the tuning nuts. A drum lug lock will fix that right away! These fit over any lug and stop them from spinning. You won’t have to tune your drums as often.

  93. Drink Holder
  94. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drink-Holder
    This couldn’t be a more perfect thing. What could be better than having an actual drink stand for your drum kit? Keep your drink safe and close by. You’ll feel so legit reaching for your drink mid jam looking like a real drummer. This is an absolute must if you play gigs. Don’t look like amateur hour reaching around the floor during a set looking for your water bottle anymore.

  95. Drumstick Holder
  96. Gifts-for-Drummers-Drumstick-Holder
    There’s hardly a good place to keep the spare drumsticks that don’t bother you or are too far to reach for and not miss a beat. Lose a stick and don’t miss a beat. Having a place to put your drumsticks is exactly what you need if you lose your sticks often. It’s great for learning how to twirl your sticks since you can practice without losing your flow grabbing for sticks.

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