30 Neat Gifts for Quilters They Positively Want

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    Quilters want tools to make quality quilts and practice their craft. A quilter enjoys handmade gifts, such as DIY Christmas presents or birthday gifts. When not working on a gift for someone else, they’re learning and improving new techniques. Here are gifts for quilters who need supplies and tools, or who appreciate quilting themed presents.

  1. Wrist Pin Cushion
  2. Gifts-for-Quilters-Wrist-Pin-Cushion
    You can use this easy to carry wrist pin cushion wherever you need to do some quilting. Start quilting in your workroom, cut patterns on your dining table, and finish hand stitching bindings on your living room sofa. Your work area is versatile and your tools need to be also. It is minimalistic and has a beautiful design. If you’re a mobile quilter, this pin cushion is a useful choice for a gift for quilters.

  3. Rotary Cutter Set
  4. Gifts-for-Quilters-Rotary-Cutter-Set
    A great gift for quilters who like to spend more time quilting and less time cutting! Lay any fabric on the grid cutting mat and quickly cut to precise measurements. The rotary cutter glides through the thickest denim fabrics like slicing through paper. A thick mat protects your working surface from that sharp rotating blade. This rotary cutter set has spare blades available once they begin to dull.

  5. ScanNCut 2 Cutting Machine
  6. Gifts-for-Quilters-ScanNCut-2-Cutting-Machine
    Are you tired of counting grid blocks to get the perfect place to cut your fabric? This perfect gift for quilters automatically measures and cuts your desired pattern. You can cut a variety of fabrics with patterns of your choice using this ScanNCut cutting machine. It is a good way to reduce the time it takes to cut fabrics for quilting and very precise.

  7. Rolling Craft Case
  8. Gifts-for-Quilters-Rolling-Craft-Case
    Carry your scissors, pens, rulers, stencils, and other stationery needed for quilting in this rolling craft case. You can use this bag to carry anything needed for quilting projects away from home. It is a practical gift idea for quilters who are always on the move and work in different locations. The bag has a total of 12 compartments so you’ll have more than enough space to store your tools and supplies. The beautiful floral design is versatile for everyday use. 

  9. Wool Ironing Pad
  10. Gifts-for-Quilters-Wool-Ironing-Pad
    Get your quilts perfectly pressed in half the time! The heat radiates from the pad while you’re ironing so it’s like you’re ironing both sides at once. Reduce wrinkles and stretches caused when using a regular board or tabletop by using a wool ironing pad. Wool pressing mats can be great gifts for quilters because it makes ironing your quilts an easy task that takes less time and provides good results. 

  11. Quilting Ruler Template
  12. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilting-Ruler-Template
    Would you like to create beautiful quilts with odd-shaped patterns on them? You can use these 5 quilting ruler templates that are odd shapes to create a unique quilt. Precisely figure out yardage for a quilt and cut your fabric using these ruler templates. The templates can be easily adjusted by sliding them across the fabric and will hold in place with some pressure when ready to cut.

  13. Novelty Socks
  14. Gifts-for-Quilters-Novelty-Socks
    These socks are great novelty gifts for a quilter because of the cute patterns. They’re a fun pair of socks to wear sitting around the house, or for going out to the nearest craft store for supplies. They can also make a great checklist. Next time you’re leaving to quilt away from home, take a look at your socks to see if you’ve got all of your supplies before heading out!

  15. Quilting Keychain
  16. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilting-Keychain
    Caring around a cute keychain with an inspirational quote helps remind you that things will work out. It’s even better if that motto is tied so elegantly together with quilting!  

  17. Vintage Sewing Scissors
  18. Gifts-for-Quilters-Vintage-Sewing-Scissors
    Small vintage scissor packs can be handy to have so that you’ll always have a pair of scissors when you need them. They’re beautifully designed and are conversation-starting gifts for quilters and sewers. The elegant design does not take away from the function of these professional scissors. Wide comfortable openings make handling and cutting with these scissors a breeze.

  19. Quilters Necklace
  20. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilters-Necklace
    Inspirational pendants make memorable gifts for quilters with a quote that says, “When life gives you scraps, make quilts.” The pendant comes with a heartfelt note that can be used as motivation for when everything does not go as planned. It looks beautiful with the quote encased in a glass bezel and hanging on a chain. 

  21. Personalized Quilting Room Sign
  22. Gifts-for-Quilters-Personalized-Quilting-Room-Sign
    Decorate your room or workspace with this custom quilting room sign. Give a personal look and show off the many years of experience you’ve gained by including the year you started quilting. This sign will make you feel as if you have your very own quilt shop.

  23. Thread Kit
  24. Gifts-for-Quilters-Thread-Kit
    There are little things that quilters treasure more than their threads and buying them a set of various colors can make them feel precious. The threads can be used for any embroidery requirements with great tensile strength so it is not prone to break or fray. They are colorfast, so even when bleached, the threads won’t run into the fabric. These 62 thread colors are ideal gifts for quilters to refill their supplies or for new quilters looking to start making handmade crafts.

  25. Thread Spool Saver
  26. Gifts-for-Quilters-Thread-Spool-Saver
    If not held down, thread spools can easily be pulled and stretched across your workspace. Once that has happened, the only option is cutting the thread nearer the spool and the pulled threads are unusable. To prevent a mess and help save the thread spools, you can buy spool savers. This set comes with 3 different designs of colorful and easily handled spool savers to help you tidy up after your quilting session.

  27. Marking Pen
  28. Gifts-for-Quilters-Marking-Pen
    Paint marking pens are great gifts for quilters that love to draw and mark patterns on their quilts. The different metallic colors will give a unique rustic look to your quilt designs. The ink is made of a water-based, fade-resistant chemical so you’ll be able to wash the fabric with little worry of ruining your hard work.

  29. Quilters Earrings
  30. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilters-Earrings
    You can never have enough jewelry or quilting supplies. If you can find them both together it’s a rule to immediately grab it. These neat earrings feature a thread spool and ruler on one earring and pair of scissors and thimble on the other. 

  31. Electric Fabric Scissors
  32. Gifts-for-Quilters-Electric-Fabric-Scissors
    Getting a pair of electric fabric scissors makes the task of cutting material used for quilting and sewing very easy. Motorized sharp blades will make the painstaking take of squeezing scissors to cut the fabric a thing of the past. You’ll be able to cut any fabric with ease. Expand your quilting skills and try your hand with all kinds of fabric. Leather quilting anyone?

  33. CHI Steam Iron
  34. Gifts-for-Quilters-CHI-Steam-Iron
    The 2-in-1 steam iron makes a great gift for sewers to press their quilts after sewing them together. It is very powerful with 300 steam holes producing an evenly distributed amount of steam, making it easy to iron even the thickest fabrics. The professional precision-controlled iron is easily adjusted with a smooth spinning dial. It’s so beautifully designed and comfortable you’ll want to steam iron all of your quilts!

  35. Jelly Roll
  36. Gifts-for-Quilters-Jelly-Roll
    This jelly roll of fabric scraps will create a terrific polka dot inspired quilt. Each fabric is made out of 100% cotton and of high-quality. When t-shirt scraps just won’t cut it, jelly rolls are perfect for quilts as special gifts. You can never start too early on holiday gifts. The polka dot fabric is a cute design for a Christmas gift for little girls.

  37. FabriCalc Calculator
  38. Gifts-for-Quilters-FabriCalc-Calculator
    Without precise measurements, quilting many geometric shapes together can end up leaving you with uneven sides and a lopsided quilt. The Quilter’s FabriCalc is the ultimate gift for quilters to calculate fabric lengths. Accurately calculate the exact amount of fabric needed to be purchased for your quilting project every time.

  39. Sewing Clips
  40. Gifts-for-Quilters-Sewing-Clips
    Quickly hold fabric together without the use of pins. Once everything is sewn together, only sewing clips will give you a clean finished look without all of the pinholes. They come in a cute tin box for storing and carrying when not in use. Sewers will appreciate these sewing clips because they help make their handmade projects look professionally done.

  41. Quilt As-You-Go
  42. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilt-As-You-Go
    Quilting is always evolving, especially when it comes to the design and patterns used. To keep up with changes, the Quilt-As-You-Go book guide is an ideal book to brush on on quilting styles. Ideas and techniques on how to create modern-looking products can help improve your quilting technique.

  43. Charm Bracelet
  44. Gifts-for-Quilters-Charm-Bracelet
    When thinking of a gift for quilters that is jewelry, you do not want something that will fade, tarnish, or rust. The sewing charm bracelet is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust or change color over time. The bracelet has miniature sewing machines, irons, rulers, and scissors, all essential equipment to start a quilting journey.

  45. Quilting Stencil
  46. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilting-Stencil
    Get these beautiful floral motifs that can be used as a template to cut your material into 4 different flowers. These are thoughtful gifts for quilters who wish to create beautiful floral quilts. The transparent template helps make it easier to guide and cut exact patterns for your quilt. Whether you like working on a longarm machine or are a hand-quilter, these durable easy to handle templates are perfect for your project.

  47. Magnetic Pin Holder
  48. Gifts-for-Quilters-Magnetic-Pin-Holder
    Toss your pins in a bowl to keep track of them. When you come back to grab it, it’s gone. It just slid right out as you tossed it in. Now toss your pins in this holder. This magnetic pin holder will make sure your pins are right where you last left them. You’ll no longer make the beginner mistake of having to crawl cautiously on the floor to find those few pins to make sure you don’t step on them later.

  49. Rustic Quilt Ladder
  50. Gifts-for-Quilters-Rustic-Quilt-Ladder
    Once quilters finish their personalized quilts, they’ll want to show it off. The ladder rack is a thoughtful gift for quilters and can hold up to 5 quilts. It is a pleasant design to use in a home or a small business as a gift for entrepreneurs. Hang quilts on the ladder rack at your storefront and attract interested customers. Or showcase your quilts in your living room to give it a more warm feel.

  51. Mini Iron
  52. Gifts-for-Quilters-Mini-Iron
    The mini iron can be the perfect gift for quilters that are working on small areas of their quilt. Unlike with regular irons, you can press open seams without burning yourself. The small size and quick heating also make it a fantastic tool to use for hand applique quilts. Quilting classmates will envy that you’ll be applying applique templates with such ease!

  53. Sewing Machine Charm
  54. Gifts-for-Quilters-Sewing-Machine-Charm
    This dangle sewing machine charm bead is a memorable gift for your loved one. You can hook it on a chain and use it as a beautiful necklace or attach it to a bracelet. It’ll be an excellent addition to your charm bracelet. That charm bracelet signifies your life and interests. Your love of quilting shines through in your lovely projects. It’s only fitting you proudly display it with your other interests.

  55. Measuring Tape Pin
  56. Gifts-for-Quilters-Measuring-Tape-Pin
    If you’re looking for the perfect gift for quilters to wear on formal and informal occasions, a lapel pin is a great choice. Quilters can wear this accessory with any outfit. It is eye-catching and not too bold for it to be unsuitable for daily wear.

  57. Wine Glass Charms
  58. Gifts-for-Quilters-Wine-Glass-Charms
    If you’re hosting a gathering of quilters at a dinner party, this is the only way to make sure they don’t drink your wine glass after they’ve finished theirs. It’ll be fun to place the charm for each guest that best fits their favorite quilting process. The charm set has 6 different designs and comes packaged in a tin, making it ready to be tastefully presented at dinner.

  59. Quilting Calendar
  60. Gifts-for-Quilters-Quilting-Calendar
    If you would like to improve your quilting skills by trying different things every day, this calendar is a great choice. There are more than 300 projects that you can try out using the Quilting Block and Pattern-a-day calendar. You can also enjoy the holiday-inspired patterns that can be part of the festivities of any event you’re planning.

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