24 INSANE Camping Gifts for Happy Campers

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    People who love camping need essential equipment to ensure a safe and successful trip. They’ll also appreciate cool gadgets such as rainbow campfires to give them a unique experience. Here is a list of camping gifts for happy campers visiting the great outdoors.

  1. Magical Flames
  2. Camping-Gifts-Magical-Flames
    Imagine that you are sitting around a campfire. The logs of wood burn as you feel the warmth of the yellow flames on your body. Except for the warmth, this campfire is boring. Just the same, old yellow flames that you are already familiar with. You can change all of that with these Magical Flames. These packs change the color of your flames to burn as a beautiful rainbow. 

  3. Grill Tool Set
  4. Camping-Gifts-Grill-Tool-Set
    Most of the Grill toolsets that you find on the market are heavy, expensive, and difficult to use. You will need big hands to handle these tools properly. That is not the case with this Grill Tool Set. The tools in this set are as large as they need to be while weighing a lot less. This makes it super easy for you to grill meat for you and your family or friends. When you are done, the set is easy to clean and store away for another time.

  5. Water Wheel Rotisserie
  6. Camping-Gifts-Water-Wheel-Rotisserie
    What happens when you are out camping by the river, and need a quick barbecue? Easy. Use a water wheel rotisserie. Powered entirely by water! You arrange the wheel and place the turbines in the river. The river turns the turbine on the wheel and heats the fire pit that grills your meal. The water wheel is made from water and heatproof material, so you can be sure that you will be using the device for a long time.

  7. Grill and Spit
  8. Camping-Gifts-Grill-and-Spit
    If you are ever looking for a grill that can work a sizable amount of food and is easy to assemble, then this is for you. This adjustable grill and spit is easy to set up and get you grilling in no time! It is perfect as a camping gift. When you do not want to use the grill, you can set your meat (turkey, chicken, or whatever it might be) on the rotisserie. 

  9. Phone Charger Lantern
  10. Camping-Gifts-Phone-Charger-Lantern
    One of the biggest concerns that come with camping is the lack of power. You will need the power to keep your mobile device fully charged in case of any emergencies. That is exactly what this lightweight phone charger lantern provides. The lantern charges up your phone in addition to lighting up the night. You can recharge the lantern through a USB port, or you can use solar energy if you are in an area with little or no electricity.

  11. Camping Towel
  12. Camping-Gifts-Camping-Towel
    This is an awesome and functional towel that you can use when going on a hike or camping. Setting up your tent and campsite can be tiresome. You’ll be dripping in sweat by the time you’re done. You need an absorbent camping towel to wipe those puddles of sweat away. This towel dries up fast and soaks up all the sweat from your face and body. When not in use, you can store the towel back into its pocket-sized case.

  13. Camping Room Tent
  14. Camping-Gifts-Camping-Room-Tent
    This camping room tent is no ordinary tent. It’s like having an outdoor living room! Enjoy the protections a tent provides from the weather and mosquitoes with enough room for your entire family. Save the stress of having to set up multiple smaller tents. 

  15. Car Mattress
  16. Camping-Gifts-Car-Mattress
    You might not wish to spend a night on the ground out in the woods. Spend the night in the great outdoors without making up to an aching back. You will find a car mattress more convenient for these excursions. It is easy to set up a car mattress in the back of your car and you’ll be able to enjoy watching the stars at nighttime from a comfortable surface.

  17. Hammock with Net
  18. Camping-Gifts-Hammock-with-Net
    There are times when you just want to sleep outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze and atmosphere. That is until all of the insects and bugs decide to join you. A hammock allows you to have a sound and pleasant sleep outside while keeping you secure away from blood-sucking insects like mosquitos. It is easy to set up and makes it a necessary camping gift.

  19. Multifunctional Camping Shovel
  20. Camping-Gifts-Multifunctional-Camping-Shovel
    It looks a lot like the regular shovel, but it’s so much more than that. While this camping shovel does the work of digging and uprooting that a regular shovel does, it has some features that make it more powerful. It comes with a small knife that is very useful when camping to cut things up. It also features a fish scaler, hammer, and most importantly, a bottle opener. 

  21. Cookware
  22. Camping-Gifts-Cookware
    Campers have to eat. Cookware are camping gifts that are great for anyone who loves being off the road and out in the woods. When you’re out of the ready-made food you packed from home and left with nothing, it’s time to gather up some ingredients to make yourself some food. It could be as simple as using the kettle to boil some water for tea, or using the big pot to make a pot of stew.

  23. Floating Dry Bag
  24. Camping-Gifts-Floating-Dry-Bag
    This is a perfect camping gift. You know how you need to pack your load into a bag, only to have that bag soaking wet after it rains? Well, with a float dry bag, you can kiss wet bags goodbye. This bag allows you to pack your things – clothes, documents, and anything else, into a backpack that will always protect it. 

  25. Electric Hand Warmer
  26. Camping-Gifts-Electric-Hand-Warmer
    The electric hand warmer is a great camping gift for men and women alike. The warmer works in a way that allows you to keep your hands warm snow and blistering wind chill. While out on the trail, hiker gloves are barely doing enough to keep their hands warm. This is the time to pull out the electric hand warmer. The device is small and easy to use and transport. You can also use it to charge up your mobile devices during summer trips.

  27. Tactical Tool Card
  28. Camping-Gifts-Tactical-Tool-Card
    The woods can be a very dangerous place. You might face tough terrain. Night is quickly approaching and you need tools to set up camp or start a fire. A tool card contains survival tools that can come in handy. There is a fire starter to start a fire on a chilly night, and a whistle to call for help in case you get lost. This card can fit right into your back pockets.

  29. Moon USA National Parks
  30. Camping-Gifts-Moon-USA-National-Parks
    This guide book contains valuable information to ensure you’re better prepared for your camping trip. In the book, you will find a rich history and beautiful photos of different parks and the campsite you want to visit. The book also contains information on the different types of camps based on the activities they are known for. You’ll find campsites that are best for hiking and others that are great for stargazing.

  31. Baby Sleeping Bag
  32. Camping-Gifts-Baby-Sleeping-Bag
    This is a thoughtful and amazing camping gift for a couple with a baby. A baby sleeping bag allows a baby to sleep in comfort and warmth while experiencing the great outdoors. Parents have found this bag to be convenient for themselves and their babies. The bags also come with hooks that allow parents to carry their baby on their back without having to remove him/her from the bag.

  33. Portable Solar Charger
  34. Camping-Gifts-Portable-Solar-Charger
    If you’re out in the wilderness searching for electricity you will need to rely on solar energy for your power source. A solar charger is easily transportable and it helps you keep your phones, tablets, and other electronic devices at full power. They come in different sizes depending on the amount of power you need. The bigger the solar charger, the more power it can produce. It does not matter whether it is a sunny or rainy day, you can always use this solar charger.

  35. Portable Espresso
  36. Camping-Gifts-Portable-Espresso
    The portable espresso is a perfect camping gift for family & friends who love to travel. It makes espresso so well that coffee drinkers will be wondering how you fit a fancy coffee shop in your pack. The machine is portable, so it can fit right into your traveling bags. You might even find the pumping action to make the espresso to be a nice form of exercise. 

  37. Folding Umbrella Hat
  38. Camping-Gifts-Folding-Umbrella-Hat
     The umbrella hat frees up your hands to be able to do more things, like carrying a bag, holding the hands of your lovely partner, or more importantly, your fishing rod. Protect yourself from the sun while you’re spending hours relaxing and bass fishing.

  39. Pocket Chainsaw
  40. Camping-Gifts-Pocket-Chainsaw
    If you are looking for a tool you can use to cut down logs of wood, then this pocket chainsaw might be right for you. When you go camping, you might need to cut down tree branches to create a fire or to serve as protection from the elements. Using a pocket knife can take countless hours. That is why you need to have a pocket chainsaw. It is light, compact, and easy to use.

  41. HyperWhistle
  42. Camping-Gifts-HyperWhistle
    The HyperWhistle sounds a lot louder than your regular whistle. You will find it useful if you are traveling with a large group of people, where someone can easily stray from the group. One blow from this whistle will be loud enough for the lost person to track where the rest of the group is. The original loudest whistle is also useful when you want to fend off aggressive wild animals like bears. You might want to cover your ears while you blow the whistle.

  43. Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  44. Camping-Gifts-Mini-Bluetooth-Speaker
    What is life without music? I’ll tell you. Boring. That is what it is. Now imagine going camping without any form of music to your ears. That would be tragic my friend. Enter mini Bluetooth speakers. The design of these speakers is small, so they fit right into your bag. They’re also waterproof, so you can keep dancing in the rain.

  45. Wazoo EDC Fire Starter Necklace
  46. Camping-Gifts-Wazoo-EDC-Fire-Starter-Necklace
    Imagine you could use a minimalist necklace that makes a great fashion statement to start a fire when you get super cold at night. This firestarter does exactly that. It is minimalistic and can be used to start a fire! The pendant is made from a thin ceramic that causes sparks when you use another metal or ceramic object to strike it. It’ll sure be a conversation starter when you volunteer to start the fire.

  47. Outdoor Knots Cards
  48. Camping-Gifts-Outdoor-Knots-Cards
    Tying knots can be fun, especially if you were part of the Boy Scouts. Sometimes you need a little help remembering specific knots. Pro-knots reference cards to the rescue! These durable waterproof cards are perfect camping gifts for outdoorsy buddies who enjoy challenging hikes and treks. You’re only a card flip away from the lifesaving knot you’re looking for.

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