17 Gifts for Tequila Lovers That’ll Lift Their Spirits

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    We’ve got a guide of gifts for the favorite friend that always reminds you of dollar margarita nights. Their preferred alcohol of choice is tequila and they adore it in all forms, from straight-up shots to cocktails to frozen margaritas. Here is a list of gifts for tequila lovers.

  1. Margarita Machine
  2. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Margarita-Machine
    The Margaritaville margarita machine will put your bartending skills to rest. The mixer can accurately measure the ingredients for your cocktails so you’ll have amazing mixed drinks every time! The 36-ounce blending jar comes with an ice reservoir mounted on the top, for endless Pina Coladas and margaritas. The mixer makes the perfect gift for that friend who is the bartender of your get-togethers, or it’ll be a perfect hostess gift for your bestie’s dinner parties.

  3. Vintage Tequila Sign
  4. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Vintage-Tequila-Sign
    The ready to hang vintage bar sign is perfect for the man cave bar. The bar sign is battery operated so the sign can be mounted anywhere without messy cables. Plus the ugly wires won’t mess with the aesthetic appeal of your bar. The vintage bar sign adds completeness to your man cave or backyard patio. With the holiday season ahead, this vintage bar sign also makes the perfect gift for your best friend, brother, or as a housewarming gift for men.

  5. Tequila Worm Lolipop
  6. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Tequila-Worm-Lolipop
    Gift your best friend this quirky insect candy to enjoy in between shots. Tequila flavored insect candy comes in packs of three makes the perfect gag gift for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, or the next dorm party. The tequila flavored worm sucker will be the talk of the party!

  7. Cocktail Recipe Glass
  8. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Cocktail-Recipe-Glass
    Now that is one glass that is a must-have in every individual’s rack, especially if you’re passionate about mixing a variety of concoctions every now and then. Become the famous mixologist amongst your friends and family! With the recipes and measurements directly on the glass, you’ll blow them away with your mixing skills!

  9. Personalized Tequila Oak Barrel
  10. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Personalized-Tequila-Oak-Barrel
    A perfect gift for the spirit lover, who prefers to customize their liquor. With a liquor holding capacity of nearly 2 liters, this American white oak barrel is perfect to age your spirits and customize it according to your taste. The oak barrel is handcrafted from American white oak and is laser engraved with your personalized name. Add it to your mini bar at the back of your man cave and you’ll have plenty of tequila to last multiple parties! Or one epic party!.

  11. Margarita Gag Gift
  12. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Margarita-Gag-Gift
    With the holiday season just around the corner, take your gifting skills to another level with this prank gift. Giving gag gifts is a skill and a form of art. The way you present your gifts to your loved ones says a lot about you. The prank gift box is an empty “shower margarita machine” which the gifter can fill with their gift of choice. This ultimate white elephant gift will have everyone laughing out loud once they open to find something else in the gift box.

  13. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita
  14. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Are-You-There-God-It's-Me-Margarita
    Literature, language, and a few smackingly delicious cocktails, go hand in hand. Well, it should. So why not gift your drinking buddy with something equally interesting. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita” is the much-anticipated follow-up book by Tim Federle, who shakes up 49 new cocktail recipes, each with its own pun. With drinking games, whimsical illustrations, and trademark puns thrown in with clever and witty commentary, the book is a good choice for some mixing fun.

  15. Premium Cocktail Kit
  16. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Premium-Cocktail-Kit
    You can enjoy a premium cocktail wherever you are. A vintage cocktail kit elevates your flight experience so you’ll be able to enjoy your trip in style! The kit is enough for 2 cocktails. That’s perfect for you and your best bud, or just you. Add your favorite tequila, mix in the syrup from the kit, add ice, and get your trip started right!

  17. Tequila Infused Candle
  18. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Tequila-Infused-Candle
    The soy candle infused with lime, blood orange, tequila & salt make it the ideal gift for tequila lovers. Just make sure they don’t drink it. It’s the perfect addition to your candle collection. Light it up for a night with your girl gang over a couple of drinks and get ready for a night out.

  19. Salt Rimmer Margarita Set
  20. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Salt-Rimmer-Margarita-Set
    Gifts for tequila lovers to complete their bar set up with their very own lime and salt rimmer for margaritas. The salt rimmer set features a fork engraved with “Give me a Wedgie”. The stamped punch lines are great conversation starters for the evening and lighten the mood of the group.

  21. Funny Tequila Shirt
  22. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Funny-Tequila-Shirt
    Make a style statement with the loose-fitting funny graphic tank top. An excellent novelty outfit for a day drinking or celebrating with friends. Gift yourself with the amazing funny tank top and party out in style. Keep it casual and fun with a shirt that shows you’re there to have a good time.

  23. Tequila Shot Glasses
  24. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Tequila-Shot-Glasses
    Have fun with your friends with the perfect tequila shot glasses which are naturally anti-bacterial and perfect for any bar. The set features four tequila shot glasses made from Himalayan pink salt and includes a wooden serving tray. Whether it’s for your bar or you are planning to gift something this holiday season to your best buddy, pink Himalayan salt shot glasses are sure to be conversation pieces.

  25. Craft Cocktail Set
  26. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Craft-Cocktail-Set
    Craft cocktail syrups make the perfect gifting option for the individuals who love creating alcoholic cocktail mixtures. Grab your premium tequila and show off the mixing skills in you. This set will create a wide variety of drinks ranging from Moscow mules to spicy margaritas. Made with premium spice mixes, cane sugar, fresh citrus fruits, your cocktail concoctions will be the talk of the party!

  27. Tequila Pinata
  28. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Tequila-Pinata
    Why should the kids have all the fun, it is time to indulge in all the fun and merrymaking. The white tequila bottle pinata makes a great addition to any adult birthday party. If you’re throwing your best friend a birthday surprise, then this is the decoration item you can’t miss out on. Holding up to 2lbs of favors, this piñata also comes along with a stick so that you do not have to run for a broomstick in the middle of the party. Fill the pinata with favorite gifts for tequila lovers and swing away! Just make sure to play before you’ve got a few drinks in you. You’ll love it so much that you won’t want to break it.

  29. Novelty Coffee Mug
  30. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Novelty-Coffee-Mug
    The hilarious mug with “This Should be A Margarita”, is perfect for the one who is always waking up with a hangover and the first thing they need in the morning is a huge cup of strong black coffee. Gift your drinking buddy that parties just a little bit too hard and enjoys their tequila with a gift they will surely fall in love with.

  31. Exotic Cocktail Rimmer Salts
  32. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Exotic-Cocktail-Rimmer-Salts
    An exotic cocktail salt collection will take one’s bar from amateur to the next level. Upgrade your bar and gift yourself the exotic cocktail salt collection which is perfect as glass rimmers for margaritas or as salt for the lemon wedges after shooting tequila back to back. If you are in search of versatile ingredients for the bar then look no further. The salts are perfect for anything and everything, from various cocktails to cooking recipes. Gift this exotic salt collection to the one who is always experimenting with cocktails and cooks up something new at every party.

  33. Recipe Cocktail Shaker
  34. Gifts-for-Tequila-Lovers-Recipe-Cocktail-Shaker
    A cocktail shaker is a must-have essential of any bar. Never forget cocktail recipes with them stamped on the body of the glass. Showcase your mixing skills and look like a pro bartender whipping up a perfect concoction every time. The glass features seven cocktails recipes to help you leave a lasting impression on the guests coming to your party. A must-have for any bar and mixologist.

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