19 Popping Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba Lovers

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    If you think boba should be an essential food group then we’ve got the gear and bubble tea themed items for you. You likely can’t go a day without the smell of brown sugar and the squishy tapioca pearls at the bottom of your drink. The only thing that can beat the items on our list will be a milk tea with boba! Here is a list of bubble tea gifts.

  1. Bubble Tea Kit
  2. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Kit
    Getting the perfect gift can be a challenge at times. If the recipient is a tea lover or someone who has expressed his or her love for bubble tea, then then you can never go wrong with the bubble tea kit. The bubble tea kit includes easy instructions so you don’t have to worry about getting the cook time and recipe wrong. Never go a day without your boba fix again.

  3. Boba Life Baseball Cap
  4. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Boba-Life-Baseball-Cap
    Are you thinking of the perfect gift for a cap lover? This boba life cap is the answer. Some people live for sports or pets. You live for those delicious tapioca balls. You can be double sure when you walk into a bubble tea shop you’ll be greeted with warm smiles every time.

  5. Airpods Case
  6. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Airpods-Case
    If you are getting a gift for a music lover like me who uses AirPods, the boba case would be so cool. Airpods look cool when in the ears, however, It looks cooler in a beautifully crafted boba case. Cases that protect those precious Bluetooth headsets, in boba form, are great bubble tea gifts.

  7. Bubble Tea Backpack
  8. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Backpack
    If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to show your kids, you love them, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get them a boba backpack. If they’re spending all of their allowance money on milk tea drinks then backpacks with boba on them are ideal bubble tea gifts. A backpack that has enough space to accommodate their daily needs as they go to school – carrying their laptop, books, and of course bubble tea!

  9. Bubble Tea Plush
  10. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Plush
    If you want a gift for someone who loves streaming shows and boba, then a boba plush is just right for them. Whenever they curl up for a night of binging their favorite show they can grab it for a cuddle. Well, they’ll grab the plush and a cup of their classic milk tea.

  11. Reusable Tumbler
  12. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Reusable-Tumbler
    This is the perfect present for unreserved tea fans. If you want a gift for someone who can drink tea anytime and anywhere, the reusable tumbler is a present that can help reduce disposable cups. Be it at work, school, at a meeting, or during an outing, they can curb the cravings for their favorite drink and do their part recycling.

  13. Facial Mask
  14. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Facial-Mask
    Getting a present for those who can appreciate a spa-like treatment got easier with a facial mask. It is the right fit for the clean and stunning facial look they want. It’s only a matter of time before they start buzzing in appreciation of you anytime they take a look in the mirror.

  15. Lunch Bag
  16. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Lunch-Bag
    What girl doesn’t love a fancy lunch bag that can come in handy for a fun outing? They are rare to find. So, if you are thinking of a cool gift for your best friend, sister, or girlfriend, you are not likely to go wrong with a lunch bag. They will always grow in appreciation for the present anytime they get to go out and enjoy its usage.

  17. Bes-Teas Shirt
  18. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bes-Teas-Shirt
    Get your best buddy bubble tea gifts they can use any day. For tea lovers, the love for tea goes beyond just drinking it any chance they get. They talk about the sweet flavor and the good vibes that come with it. If this is your friend, they would be ecstatic to get a “bes-tes shirt” inscribed on it. They get to remember their favorite drink any time they put it on and it will put them in a good mood.

  19. Stainless Steel Boba Straws
  20. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Stainless-Steel-Boba-Straws
    If you are looking for the right gift to present a boba lover, then you should be thinking in the line of stainless steel boba straws. Boba Smoothies and shakes can be a pleasure to the taste buds. It’ll come in handy as a nice present to individuals who are careful not to pollute the environment with disposable straws after having a refreshing boba drink after a nice meal.

  21. Bubble Tea Popsocket
  22. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Popsocket
    Getting a present for lovers of all things kawaii. The sight of panda bears drinking bubble tea can be a delightful phone accessory. Apart from the feel-good factor that comes from this amazing design, you can only imagine the comfort they are going to feel anytime they take a selfie with their Thai milk tea.

  23. Bubble Tea Phone Case
  24. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Phone-Case
    A bubble tea lover who uses an iPhone 7 plus or iPhone 8 plus should use no other phone case then the bubble tea phone case. Beyond protecting the phone from cracking, the bubble tea phone case gives its user a warm sense of flavor that plays in their head and makes them anticipate the next time they will be having a boba tea drink with family and friends in a relaxed environment.

  25. Bubble Tea Teether
  26. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Teether
    There are only a few gifts more thoughtful to present a cute little kid than a bubble tea teether. If you’re going to get them to be a bubble tea enthusiast like you, you’ll need to start them young. You’ve had such great memories sipping boba and chatting with friends, it’ll be a meaningful sentimental baby gift from their favorite aunt.

  27. Boba Socks
  28. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Boba-Socks
    If you are a comfort freak or thinking of the perfect gift for one, boba socks are a good idea. Boba socks give them this feel-at-home vibe. You can only imagine how grateful they would be every time they slip them on during a chilly day.

  29. Drawstring Bag
  30. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Drawstring-Bag
    If you have been too corporate in your outlook lately and you’ll need a casual everyday bag. This would be a perfect present for boba who appreciates convenience. Whenever they are going to the gym, on a day getaway, shopping, or at school, a drawstring bag is big enough to accommodate all their needs.

  31. Bubble Tea Earrings
  32. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Earrings
    Is fashion really complete for females without stunning earrings? It doesn’t have to be something big. Earrings are great dainty bubble tea gifts. Getting it as a gift for your girlfriend or wife will show her how much you support her boba needs.

  33. License Plate Frame
  34. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-License-Plate-Frame
    If you are a boba tea lover who owns a vehicle, the boba license plate frame is just right for you. It gives you a better chance of meeting with like minds. You would agree that boba tea is more than just a drink. It is an attitude to be expressed. It could be the beginning of a great relationship that will bring about more happy moments of boba sipping in groups in a relaxed environment.

  35. Bubble Tea Mochi Snack
  36. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Bubble-Tea-Mochi-Snack
    If you are a boba tea lover who is yet to have a bubble tea mocha experience, your adventure in the world of boba tea is yet to be complete. You need to experience the diversity in the use of boba tea flavor for other consumables. It is a candle dessert rice cake with bubble tea flavor. It’ll give you that brown sugar fix before you can find a bubble tea shop.

  37. Stationary Pen Holder
  38. Bubble-Tea-Gifts-Stationary-Pen-Holder
    We know you love boba tea! Organize your desk and backpack with a boba themed pen holder. This would be a nice present for those who enjoy doodling in their planners or write to penpals.

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