12 Mouthwatering Mailable Food Gifts for Foodies

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    There’s no better way to lift their hearts and spirits than to warm their bellies. Get unusual and tasty food packaged and mail ordered. If you’ve got a foodie that’s gotten tired of the same options or a relative that misses some mouthwatering meal, we’ve got what you’re looking for! Here is a list of mailable food gifts.

  1. New York Brunch by Russ & Daughters
  2. Mailable-Food-Gifts-New-York-Brunch-Russ-Daughters
    Any food lover or bagel enthusiast will go bonkers for this delicious spread. This package is great as it serves almost six people. The spread includes salmon, assorted bagels, cream cheese, babka, and blended coffee. This is perfect for gifting someone a surprise brunch on their birthday, anniversary, or office party as it’s a special treat non-New York residents don’t typically get.

  3. Tiff’s Treats
  4. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Tiff's-Treats
    Are you looking for a box of mouth-watering desserts? Then this amazing cookie box is the one for you. This cookie box is filled with ooey gooey chocolate and every bite is a pure delight. You can gift someone a box of happiness from Tiff’s Treats and will surely bring a smile on their face. Big birthday bashes or simple office assistant appreciation day, do the talking with delectable Tiff’s Treats.

  5. Infused Olive Oil
  6. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Infused-Olive-Oil
    This handcrafted natural extra virgin olive oil is sure to make food healthy as well as delicious. It’s infused with all fresh and organic herbs that make it a delicious combination. A must-have in all cooking enthusiast’s kitchens! This also makes great mailable food gifts for any occasion like a housewarming party or homemade meals. Make a good choice and keep everyone healthy at heart.

  7. Uno Pizzeria Deep Dish Pizza
  8. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Uno-Pizzeria-Deep-Dish-Pizza
    Do you crave pizza often? If it is yes, then fear not we’ve got you. This frozen pizza is sure to come to your rescue. You can now have a delicious deep-dish pizza anywhere and any time of the day and need not wait for the pizza guy. It comes with different topping options and in small containers which is very convenient to store and cook. This also makes good mailable food gifts for someone who is a pizza lover.

  9. Kicking Horse Coffee
  10. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Kicking-Horse-Coffee
    Is it very hard for you to regain that energy in the morning? Then kick start your day with this remarkable blend of beans and the spirit of Kicking Horse Coffee. The Kick-Ass aroma of smoky chocolate and sweet vanilla is sure to make your mood fresh and energized. Send this to a coffee drinker that enjoys dark flavorful notes of hazelnut and they’ll be ready for the day ahead.

  11. Cheese Gift Basket
  12. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Sausage-Cheese-Gift-Basket
    Cheese is something we all love and crave throughout the day. This full box of assorted cheese and meats are full of timeless favorites. Make various combinations with all the cheese and meats to bring out the best flavors. This gift is great to let someone know you are thinking of them, be it a birthday or any special occasion. It’s, no doubt, one of the greatest mailable food gifts for that hostess family member who loves creating elegant cheese boards for her events.

  13. Colossal Dino-Beef Ribs
  14. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Colossal-Dino-Beef-Ribs
    Forget about the typical steak. Get them these amazing beef ribs. Also known as Dino-Ribs and is the famous meatiest ribs you can ever find. Marinated with some salt and black pepper, it’s slow-cooked to bring out that succulent flavor of the meat. Have a great lunch gathering at your place with these beef ribs and some wine. It may have taken hours to cook and the same amount of time to arrive, but the smokey flavored beef won’t last long on your plate.

  15. Popcornopolis Popcorn
  16. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Popcornopolis-Popcorn
    Movies and popcorn are inseparable. Make your movie night along with friends or family more flavorful and happy with these packets of popcorn. It is available in three different flavors and can be bought according to your preference. Send this to a friend or co-worker who would rather sit at home and binge hours of shows from their favorite streaming service than going out on the town. 

  17. Vegan Chocolate
  18. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Vegan-Chocolate
    Chocolate is something that can be delivered for any occasion. For those with specific dietary restrictions, get this vegan and delicious chocolate to satisfy the sweet cravings. Made with good quality ingredients, you’ll be indulging in heavenly feelings. This is among some great mailable food gifts that you can gift your loved ones. Celebrate a birthday, Earth Day, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion with this vegan chocolate.

  19. Katz’s Deli Sliced Pastrami
  20. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Katz's-Deli-Sliced-Pastrami
    Enjoy your weekend’s candle night dinner with your special one with this juicy meat. You can enjoy these in sandwiches, tortillas, or make some mini pastrami hash. The outside meat is infused from hours of being smoked and the inside is tender and juicy. Packed lunches and late afternoon brunches will never be the same.

  21. Truffle Zest
  22. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Truffle-Zest
    This is the world’s first all-purpose truffle seasoning for all the gourmet food lovers. Make your soup, sauce, or dressing taste extraordinary with just a pinch of this truffle zest. This also makes a great gift for all those who are gluten and dairy conscious. You need to have this in your cabinet for those extra special moments with family and friends.

  23. Highkey Keto Cookies
  24. Mailable-Food-Gifts-Highkey-Keto-Cookies
    Are you health conscious but crave for desserts? Try these keto mini cookies that are diet-friendly and made with wholesome ingredients like almonds and coconuts for a sweet treat. It has no added preservatives, no gluten, or fillers. This is not only tasty but also a great alternative to all the traditional sweets that are high in carbs and refined sugars.

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