22 Cute Pineapple Decor for Housewarming Gifts

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    Pineapple-themed items are great to give for housewarming and welcoming gifts. They are special for homes because they symbolize appreciation for friendliness and hospitality. They can also be traditionally given when returning from tropical destinations such as Hawaii. Here is a guide for lovers of all things pineapple.

  1. Pineapple Keychain
  2. pineapple-gifts-keychain
    This pineapple-shaped keychain gift gives your keys a fashionable appearance. It can also be used as a purse charm as it’s a chic charm that would look great with any outfit.

  3. Pineapple Lip Balm
  4. pineapple-gifts-lip-balm
    Enjoy healthy-looking and lush lips. Nourish your chapped lips with a pink pineapple-shaped lip balm to keep them beautifully smooth and supple all day. This unique formula is packed with natural oils and beeswax. It instantly coats your lips keeping it moisturized and preventing them from cracks and drying out.

  5. Portable Charger
  6. pineapple-gifts-portable-charger
    You’re always on the go but need access to your mobile device at all times. You could be on vacation or budding entrepreneurs hustling all day to make your dream a reality. Either way, you don’t have time to sit by all day waiting for your phone and tablet to charge. This portable charger not only keeps you connected to the rest of the world at all times, but it’s also a fun, lighthearted design.

  7. Pineapple Sequin Bag
  8. pineapple-gifts-sequin-bag
    A fashionable sequin bag that changes colors when shifting the sequins. It has a great amount of storage space for everyday carry items such as keys, phones, and clutch. The lightweight bag makes grabbing this bag when taking strolls or out to lunch with friends hassle-free. It is built to last with quality materials and an adjustable strap. If you are looking for a durable and stylish bag on the go then this would be an awesome choice.

  9. Pineapple Neon Sign
  10. pineapple-gifts-neon-sign
    Add some style to your space with a pineapple neon sign. Have a calm warm light in the corner to brighten up your day. Use it for dinner parties, banquets, or a themed party. It can be powered either with a battery or a USB. Cute home decor to transform your house into a cozy and warm home.

  11. Be a Pineapple
  12. pineapple-gifts-be-a-pineapple-canvas
    Welcome anyone into your home or office with an optimistic motivational quote. A canvas print that offers a unique and authentic look, giving your wall the perfect contemporary wall art decor that easily transforms your wall.

  13. Summer Sunglasses
  14. pineapple-gifts-sunglasses
    Pineapple-themed sunglasses are perfect for completing your pool party outfit. Colorful and fun novelty glasses will make sure everyone at the party knows you enjoy a good time in the sun.

  15. Novelty Bandages
  16. pineapple-gifts-bandages
    Getting a cut sucks. Bring some enjoyment and fun out of your unfortunate minor accident with these bandages. You and everyone else won’t even care about what happened but will compliment you on your awesome sticker. They’re also soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. It’s a thoughtful gift for those accident-prone friends you have.

  17. Fairy String Lights
  18. pineapple-gifts-fairy-string-lights
    This awesome pineapple string light is a perfect choice for summer decorations, luaus, and pool parties. It’s battery-powered so decorating any area of the house or patio is easy. Add a relaxed and chill look to any home decor with these fantastic lights.

  19. Clutch Purse
  20. pineapple-gifts-clutch-purse
    A tasteful clutch, perfect for everyday carry. It’s suitable for events where you only want to carry your phone and a few make-up items for touch up. Designed for minimalism without sacrificing flair.

  21. Wine Glass Tumblers
  22. pineapple-gifts-wine-glass-tumblers
    This stemless wine glass tumbler is a safe and practical gift for drinks poolside. Add your favorite wine, cocktail, or other beverage and enjoy hours of cold refreshing drink in the heat. The wine glass comes with double-walled vacuum insulation technology, which prolongs temperature holding capacity. It is portable, easy to use on the go, and you won’t have to use those generic red plastic cups.

  23. Luggage Tag
  24. pineapple-gifts-luggage-tag
    Stop mistaking your luggage for others. It features a paper inserted to add contact information. Made of durable material and is multicolored. It helps add a little flair to your luggage.

  25. Pineapple Backpack
  26. pineapple-gifts-backpack
    Grab a fashionable bag for traveling or school. Lightweight and convenient. It features a comfortable adjustable strap and is water-resistant.

  27. Electric Candle
  28. pineapple-gifts-electric-candle
    Unpleasant odors in your home can be unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Plug-in fragrance wax melt warmers, or electric candles, are a safe alternative to traditional candles and keep your home smelling fresh. It comes with a replaceable halogen bulb that keeps the room lit at night. A perfect gift item for adding a decorative and artistic design to create a relaxing ambiance in the home.

  29. Hand-Painted Mini Pineapple Decor
  30. pineapple-gifts-mini-decor
    A hand-painted mini pineapple is a unique way for a party hostess to decorate dinner table place settings. Whether they’re getting ready for a dinner party or an open house, if a fruity or tropical theme is the goal, these mini pineapples will go well with the decor.

  31. Throw Pillowcase
  32. pineapple-gifts-throw-pillow-case
    Decorative accents make all the difference in transforming the ambiance of a room. Add a splash of freshness and uniqueness to your sofas with this throw pillowcase. If you’re looking to update or refresh your living room, a quick change of the throw pillow can be a practical way to do it.

  33. Cast Iron Pineapple Trivet
  34. pineapple-gifts-cast-iron-trivet
    A cast-iron pineapple trivet for your kitchen countertop and dining table protects your countertop from hot pots and dishes. With rubber pegs on the bottom, you won’t have to worry about scratches on your countertops and surfaces. Put away those plain pot pads and brighten up your kitchen with one of these stylish trivets.

  35. Pineapple Baseball Cap
  36. pineapple-gifts-baseball-cap
    Some people root for their favorite sports teams. Others love to sport their favorite fashion brands. A special select few truly understand and love to show passion for their favorite fruit, the pineapple. It’s a welcoming and warm fruit. What’s not to love?

  37. Pineapple Jewelry Set
  38. pineapple-gifts-jewelry-set
    This is a fashionable set of jewelry for ladies of all ages. It comes with a trendy pineapple-shaped pendant, earrings, and bracelet. It’s a bohemian minimalist set that is very easy to pair with any ensemble.

  39. Pineapple AirPods Case
  40. pineapple-gifts-airpods-case
    Stop worrying about losing, scratch, and getting those AirPods dirty. The size and silicon exterior acts as a shock-absorber protecting your headset from accidental drops. It’s a small vibrant design, making it a good summer birthday present.

  41. Kitchen Towels
  42. pineapple-gifts-kitchen-towels
    Ultra-absorbent and lint-free. Kitchen towels are essential to every home to use while cooking or for clean ups. Keep cooking pleasantly fun and also prevent burns when lifting hot pots and plates. With quality in every inch, this durable pineapple kitchen towel is a beautifully designed towel ideal as a housewarming gift.

  43. Shoulder Bag
  44. pineapple-gifts-shoulder-bag
    A fashionable look, ideal for excursions, travel, hiking, and lightly active events. Crafted with a cute pineapple shape, convenient to carry all of your necessities. Durable for all-day use, stylish, and a creative gift. An adjustable strap ensures ultra-comfort across your back and chest. It can be used as a single shoulder or cross-body bag.

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