23 Last Minute Hostess Gift Sentiments

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    Bring a small token of appreciation for the hostess when invited to dinner parties. Good ideas are meaningful and thank you gifts to show gratitude for their hospitality. Here’s a charming guide to make note of when bringing last minute hostess gift sentiments.

  1. Wine Bottle Puzzle
  2. Hostess-Gifts-Wine-Bottle-Puzzle
    A wine bottle puzzle is a fun way to gather guests around to collectively solve. This brain teaser is a sophisticated drinking game for social gatherings. If you are looking for a hostess gift for wine lovers, look no further. With a successful outcome being everyone gets to drink, it’s safe to say they’ll be extremely motivated.

  3. Retro Fondue Fountain
  4. Hostess-Gifts-Retro-Fondue-Fountain
    A perfect fountain for not only chocolate and cheeses but also sauces. This auger-style fountain is an exceptionally fun way to serve dipping sauces! The cascading effect created by four tiers provides easy and smooth access to the dips and an amazing centerpiece for the serving table. If you are going to a birthday bash or baby shower, this is the gift to look forward to.

  5. Oh! Nuts Marzipan Gift Tray
  6. Hostess-Gifts-Oh-Nuts-Marzipan-Gift-Tray
    This beautiful nuts tray includes roasted almond treats in the shape of delectable fruits, best given for holidays such as thanksgiving gifts. The visually appealing Oh Nuts! deluxe packet is enjoyed by foodies and non-foodies alike. This edible hostess gift is bound to leave a memorable impression.

  7. Let’s Get Fizzical
  8. Hostess-Gifts-Lets-Get-Fizzical
    A cocktail recipe handbook of classic cocktail recipes like bellinis and mimosas. This handbook can help the hostess whip up some amazing drinks for the social gathering. If you are going to a cocktail party, this handful guide might catch your eye. 

  9. Foodie Dice
  10. Hostess-Gifts-Foodie-Dice
    Foodie Dice is a set of 9 dice: four are based on seasonal vegetables while the remaining cover protein, cooking method, carb, herb, and a bonus die. Every roll of the dice creates a new meal combination. The dice can help you experiment with new items to cook. A foodie dice can be an excellent gift for the hostess as one can rollover the dice and have a spur of the moment meal.

  11. Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book
  12. Hostess-Gifts-Knock-Knock-Bathroom-Guest-Book
    We all know the greatest ideas happen on the can. What else can be better than a guest book that one can place in a restroom? This book is padded with a hardcover and guests can personalize each page. Your hostess can put this book in her loo and give guests a break from their phones. 

  13. Ceramic Snack Serving Tray
  14. Hostess-Gifts-Ceramic-Snack-Serving-Tray
    This ceramic snack tray comes in 6 pieces, each with a bamboo lid. These ceramic snack trays are easy to use and can bless the hostess kitchen with its elegant look.

  15. TableTopics
  16. Hostess-Gifts-TableTopics
    Tabletopics is a conversation starter that not only helps you break the ice but also helps everyone become acquainted. It can help introverts start conversations and create a more friendly environment. If you are looking for a thought-provoking conversation starter, just take this gift to the dinner party or gathering.

  17. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
  18. Hostess-Gifts-Moscow-Mule-Copper-Mugs
    These copper mugs are a cute look when serving with Moscow Mule. The copper straw and wooden coasters will make you praise the craftsmanship when served. Are you going to a cocktail party? This handmade set is a perfect hostess gift, especially if your hostess appreciates a good photo of her cocktail.

  19. That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life
  20. Hostess-Gifts-That-Cheese-Plate-Will-Change-Your-Life
    This book takes cheese to a whole new level. If your hostess is a cheese lover, this how-to guide will be right down her alley. Her cheese plates will be delicious and social media worthy.

  21. Tea Forte Box Tea Set
  22. Hostess-Gifts-Tea-Forte-Box-Tea-Set
    A tea set that consists of five festive winters spiced tea varieties, from ginger snap to winter chai. The best part of this kosher certified tea gift is that it suits all festivities, whether you are going for a formal gathering or attending Christmas Eve, this gift can fit all your needs. Just buy this gift for your hostess and let the aroma of Belgian mint soothe you.

  23. Bose Soundlink Color II
  24. Hostess-Gifts-Bose-Soundlink-Color-II
    You can’t have a party without some catchy tunes playing. Bose Soundlink is a great portable speaker for social gatherings. This Bluetooth speaker also comes with a built-in mic, which can help in taking personal calls. The water-resistant feature can provide the option of hosting a pool party without worrying about water ruining it. This portable speaker is quite a handy gift for any shindig.

  25. Welcome Home Decorating Guide
  26. Hostess-Gifts-Welcome-Home-Decorating-Guide
    It’s always hectic to decorate for parties. This short guide covers all aspects of decoration; it can help the reader decorate the home inexpensively using things already around the house. The guide can prove handy for the hostess and help them accessorize their house according to the event and season. It covers all the nitty-gritty details and insights of decoration.

  27. Which Would You Choose
  28. Hostess-Gifts-Which-Would-You-Choose
    This tiny box will create big conversations with post-dinner amusing dilemmas that can raise the fun to the next level. The box contains multiple cards and introduces unique dilemmas. Have a blast going through interesting scenarios and “what if” type situations. If you are looking for a cheap entertaining gift, then this game is a must-have for you.

  29. Rustic Letter Board
  30. Hostess-Gifts-Rustic-Letter-Board
    Create playful and fun messages for your event with a rustic vintage style frame. The board comes with some fabulous color combinations that can fit the event theme. Whether it’s for a menu display, a baby shower reveal announcement, or just for a welcome message, this wooden board does it delightfully! 

  31. Cosmos Kitchen Knife
  32. Hostess-Gifts-Cosmos-Kitchen-Knife
    We all know how cooks have a passion for good knives. What else can be better than giving your hostess an epic kitchen knife set? The cosmos kitchen knife comes as a set of 6 blades that are multicolor and look out of this world. These ergonomically designed knives are not only great for display but work well in food prep.

  33. UNCORKED! Read Between the Wines!
  34. Hostess-Gifts-UNCORKED-Read-Between-the-Wines!
    Read Between the Wines is a party game that can transform a boring party into a dazzle. Each person describes the wine in its hilarious way and gets the point. With 54 theme cards included, you’ll run out of wine before you run out of cards. When the wine runs out, the person with the most points becomes the new wine master. You can present this handy gift to your hostess and play after dinner.

  35. Indoor Garden
  36. Hostess-Gifts-Indoor-Garden
    These countertop indoor gardens can be placed on end tables and countertops to give a subtle look of horticulture to any space. The plants grow in soil with no mess around them. These gardens are supplemented with energy-efficient LED lights that help it grow during all seasons. The best part is that these Indoor gardens can be placed in a kitchen, and can supply your hostess with fresh herbs, ready for cooking or garnish.

  37. Ceramic Coasters
  38. Hostess-Gifts-Ceramic-Coasters
    These coasters come in a pack of 6 and are excellent water protection for your tabletops. The unique pattern on the coasters can suit all types of decoration. These non-slip coasters hold a firm grip on any surface and prove to be the best gift for your hostess to use on the daily.

  39. NEST Reed Diffuser
  40. Hostess-Gifts-NEST-Reed-Diffuser
    An alcohol-free diffuser that slowly releases lovely fragrances over 90 days. This NEST reed diffuser comes in a pumpkin chai fragrance that gives it its unique scent. It features a glass vessel that is discrete yet chic home decor. 

  41. Moby Picks
  42. Hostess-Gifts-Moby-Picks
    Charming picks are used for snack boards or cocktails. These picks are placed in Moby Pick, a whale-shaped porcelain pot. Grab your harpoon pick and spear that cheese cube.

  43. Molton Brown Signature Hand Care
  44. Hostess-Gifts-Molton-Brown-Signature-Hand-Care
    If you’re seeking a luxurious hostess gift, seek no further. This hand soap set comes from London’s fragrance experts. With notes of fresh basil, bergamot, clary sage, and green tea your hands will smell of elegance. 

  45. Platters and Boards
  46. Hostess-Gifts-Platters-and-Boards
    Platter and Boards is a well-known cookbook that proves to be an inspiring source to produce effortless spreads. Whether your hostess is serving brunch, cocktail hour, or a supper party,  this cookbook can help her from presentation to the drink pairings. Even experts in the kitchen will be impressed.

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