19 Cardinal Gifts for Bird Lovers

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    Someone who loves birds will want gear to bird watch and decor to place around the house. We have books, gadgets, and other unique gifts bird enthusiasts will enjoy in the home and out birding. Here is a great list of gifts for bird lovers who feel at home with nature.

  1. Spotting Scope with Tripod
  2. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Spotting-Scope-with-Tripod
    This Gosky telescope is a great gift for bird lovers who want to be able to have an excellent magnification range and a wide vision optics. Easily save and share unique bird sightings to your friends and social media using the included phone adapter. With just zoom, it could cover an astronomical range of wildlife. This telescope is water-resistant so no need to worry about getting a little water on it while on an outing.

  3. Cardinal Pop-Up Card
  4. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Cardinal-Pop-Up-Card
    A must-have greeting card for any bird lover. Whether you’re sending a card for Christmas, a birthday, or just because you’re thinking about your mom, this unique card won’t be thrown in the drawer and forgotten. The handcrafted popup cardinal will be a pleasant surprise that’ll have your mom or grandma thinking of you every time they see it.

  5. Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack
  6. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Osprey-Daylite-Plus-Daypack
    This daypack is an ideal lightweight option for carrying your binoculars, checklist, and all the other necessary equipment for a day hike birdwatching. There is no better present than a great daypack that will be comfortable to wear all day and will easily carry all the essential gear needed for a full day of birdwatching.

  7. Coleman Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  8. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Coleman-Stainless-Steel-Water-Bottle
    Never start a hike without a bottle of water. An insulated stainless steel water bottle is perfect for a bird spotting trip. The double insulation will keep your drink cold on a hot day and hot on a cold day for many hours. You’ll be able to grab this bottle and take a sip of water without having to let go of your binoculars. Keep cool or warm with a quick drink and never miss out on that amazing bird sighting.

  9. Ultralight Portable Folding Chair
  10. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Ultralight-Portable-Folding-Chair
    Are you looking for a perfect foldable and comfortable chair for those leisurely birdwatching trips? Durability, portability, and convenience wrapped together in this birding gear. This folding chair is the gift for bird lovers who want to be able to sit in a spot for a while and have the birds come to them. The mesh backing will make sitting in this chair for long hours a breeze.

  11. Birds on Wire Coffee Mug
  12. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Birds-on-Wire-Coffee-Mug
    This heat changing mug is encircled with elegant silhouettes, which is the perfect piece for bird lovers. Easy to wash and clean; this product is safe in microwaves and hardly experiences cracks and reels when put in a microwave.

  13. Effin’ Birds
  14. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Effin-Birds
    The demand for a text compilation of birds with detailed identification series has surged over the years. Informative and inspiring, this book guide will give you an in-depth review of birds’ various features. This guide comes with an intensive commentary and index coded in a simple form.

  15. Sunscreen Spray
  16. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Sunscreen-Spray
    There’s nothing more miserable than being out in the hot sun all day, not getting a bird sighting, and getting sunburnt the next day. We can’t fix the negative bird sighting but can keep you positive and optimistic by keeping you from getting sunburnt. Sunscreen is a must-have in every birdwatchers day pack.

  17. Paint by Sticker
  18. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Paint-by-Sticker
    “Doodle” in a new way. These paint by stickers are perfect gifts for bird lovers who enjoy the quiet outdoors and can use something to help pass the time in between sightings. Taking your mind off the hustle and bustle of the day to day with these paint by stickers can be a great reliever for stressed people.

  19. Backyard Birding Flashcards
  20. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Backyard-Birding-Flashcards
    Whether taking a quick stroll around the neighborhood or relaxing in the backyard, identifying birds is quick and easy with these flashcards. Bird watchers only have a moment to identify the birds. Flipping through a deck of cards with detailed photos can be simpler than flipping through a book. There are also fun facts about the birds on the back of each card so each bird spotting is a chance to learn something new and interesting.

  21. Picture-A-Day Calendar
  22. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Picture-A-Day-Calendar
    This wall calendar comes with informative facts, images, and educational packages. Each month showcases a new bird with an in-depth profile. Calendars are great gifts for bird owners who enjoy having close-up photography of cute birds. It is indeed a must grab for all bird lovers.

  23. Cashmere Scarf
  24. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Cashmere-Scarf
    This beautifully soft scarf goes well with any outfit. It’s a great gift for your aunt or mom who loves birds. Whether she’s a bird lover or will appreciate a beautiful garment, she’ll be able to use it in many different styles: as a scarf, shawl, or even as an accent skirt!

  25. Hanging Bird Bath
  26. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Hanging-Bird-Bath
    This unique bird feeder not only looks beautiful, but it can also double as a birdbath! Invite nature into your backyard with this elegant peacock feather design. You’ll be able to leisurely enjoy your love of coffee in the morning and watch those cute birds eating or playing in the bath.

  27. Stemless Wine Glass
  28. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Stemless-Wine-Glass
    This stemless wine glass is exactly what you need at the end of a long week. Backyard bird watchers who miss seeing hummingbirds in the late winter and early spring will appreciate this glass in their cupboard.  You won’t have to wait all year to see this endearing bird visit. The detailed etching of a hummingbird makes it a great gift idea for bird lovers who enjoy birding and wine.

  29. Bird Necklace
  30. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Bird-Necklace
    Get someone who loves birds this necklace of three cute birds on a branch and they’ll have a great piece of jewelry to wear with any outfit. The dainty size makes it a subtle addition to your wardrobe.

  31. Aidpods Case
  32. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Aidpods-Case
    A strong, sturdy case styled with adorable birds and flowers. You’ll want to make sure to protect the Airpods case while out on a nature walk or stroll around the neighborhood enjoying the scenery. There’s no better way to accentuate your plain case than with a cover that perfectly fits your personality.

  33. Bird Canvas Artwork
  34. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Bird-Canvas-Artwork
    You can enjoy being around lovely birds in the comfort of your own home. These rustic bird canvas artwork will add a calming feel and liven up your room. They can be placed individually around the house or in the same room to create a cohesive theme. For entrepreneurs or anyone working in their home office, these art pieces are perfect to give a tranquil feel to an empty room.

  35. Salt & Pepper Shakers
  36. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Salt-Pepper-Shakers
    Bird lovers will enjoy having a set of birds join them for every meal. No need to put these charming salt and pepper shakers in the cabinet when your meal is finished. These shakers are great wildlife decor for the dinner table during and after meals.

  37. Field Guide to the Birds
  38. Gifts-for-Bird-Lovers-Field-Guide-to-the-Birds
    This is a superb and explicit regional guide that covers nearly all North American birds. It contains a detailed briefing of these birds’ features, ranging from its physical features to its artesian display. It is indeed a wonderful resource for bird lovers.

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