31 Best Stress Relief Gifts for Anxious People

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    For someone who is stressed about work, exams, or overwhelmed with life, a good stress reliever is needed to calm their anxiety. If you’re looking for ideas to buy for stress relief, items such as books, meditation, and calming aromas can comfort a person. Here is a list of stress relief gifts for anyone looking to regain balance and happiness.

  1. Sage Smudge Kit
  2. stress-relief-gifts-sage-smudge-kit
    Cleanse your soul and surround it with holy smoke from 3 bundles of California White Sage. The kit features abalone shell, feather, tripod stand, and sand. Use the sage smudge kit for cleansing rituals. As the white smoke from the sage leaves rise, it attaches itself to the negativity in the surroundings and banishes it. Drive out the evils and start your journey on a positive note.

  3. Chocolate Trail Truffles
  4. stress-relief-gifts-trail-truffles
    Enjoy good chocolate without guilt. Delicious and healthy vegan chocolates are your perfect snack whenever you’re feeling low. Gluten-free, soy-free, plant-based, and super health protein balls which you can pop in your mouth any time of the day, and re-energize yourself. The lightweight and compact packaging make it the perfect pack of snacks for any outdoor adventure, without having to worry about DIY trail mix. Destress and enjoy some guilt-free snacking, any time of the day.

  5. Indoor Relaxation Fountain
  6. stress-relief-gifts-relaxation-fountain
    After a tiring day, we all want a relaxing, calm, and quiet environment. Bring in the perfect relaxing fountain, ideal for every corner of your house, or as a decorative piece for your living room tabletop. The 3 tiered waterfalls with natural stones improve relaxation and serenity one needs after a stressful day. Drift into oblivion while you listen to the calm trickling sound of water of the zen fountain.

  7. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
  8. stress-relief-gifts-tibetan-singing-bowl
    Enhance your meditation and yoga sessions with this authentic hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowl set. The resonance of the bowl synchronizes harmoniously by entering the brainwaves and initiating the healing process. The unique Tibetan singing bowl creates peaceful and mesmerizing tones, which is a type of medicine for the de-stressed soul. The soundwaves promote spiritual, physical, and mental healing. And the size of the Tibetan singing bowl set is ideal for carrying it around with you wherever you go. Now distress yourself whenever you feel low or depressed and rejuvenate yourself.

  9. Meditation Cushion
  10. stress-relief-gifts-meditation-cushion
    Now the ideal comforting pillow is here. A pillow specially crafted for meditating and practicing yoga of all levels is also ideal for simply relaxing and sitting. The removable outer covering makes it easy to wash and maintain the pillow, without any troubles. The sturdy handle makes it easy to carry the meditating cushion around, from your yoga class to home. Now head out to your yoga class and have a comfortable session.

  11. Zen as F*ck
  12. stress-relief-gifts-zen-f*ck
    Gifts for stressed people when peaceful tunes, yoga, and meditation are not enough to kick through the darkness and light up your day, grab Zen as F*ck, and read through the pages. Every page will kick start your cells and fill you with serenity, and not just the normal kind, but badass serenity. It will show you the way to tackle the unwanted and depressing elements of our lives. Rise from the ashes of negativity, like a phoenix, and take over, with your newly found confidence and zeal.

  13. Microfiber Robe
  14. stress-relief-gifts-microfiber-robe
    Made from 100% plush microfiber of the finest quality, so that you can wrap yourself up in warmth and stay comfortable during the cold chilly days. Pamper your loved ones and yourself with a bathrobe that is meticulously crafted, from the soft material to the stitching that flows along the body. It is so comfortable and cozy that you will not want to take it off.

  15. Bath Salt Set
  16. stress-relief-gifts-bath-salt-set
    Men and women can indulge themselves by submerging in a warm bath of Epsom salt and lavender essential oil and rejuvenate themselves. Feel the toxins leave your body while relaxing your body and easing the inflammations. Individuals with arthritis will feel the difference in improved flexibility in the bone and joints. Pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salt promote hydration of your skin leaving your skin soft and supple as ever. Pamper yourself today!

  17. Weighted Blanket
  18. stress-relief-gifts-weighted-blanket
    Sleep soundly in the warmth of this weighted blanket. Uniquely crafted with 7 layers for that extra coziness. Enjoy the blanket alone or use it with a matching duvet cover and add more layers during the days when it is snowing outside. The smaller compartments and the multiple layers contour the shape of the body and make it the perfect calming sensory blanket. The unique 7 layer structure of the blanket ensures that you are comfortable during your sleep, without feeling extremely hot or cold.

  19. Bose Headphones 700
  20. stress-relief-gifts-bose-headset-700
    Enjoy wireless access to music, weather, receiving calls and making calls, and much more. The 11 levels of noise cancellation from the Bose Bluetooth headphones ensures him that there will be no distractions by the outside world, whether he’s relaxing or on an important office call. A simple button press is enough to activate Google Voice Assistant or Alexa. 20 hours of uninterrupted battery life ensures that nothing can stop you from peaceful work or entertainment.

  21. Percussion Massage Gun
  22. stress-relief-gifts-percussion-massage-gun
    Are you an athlete? Wish to assist in recovery due to stiff muscles? The revolutionary range of the percussion massage gun allows for effective percussion therapy. The massage gun is convenient to use and delivers instant relief from pain and discomfort. The gun features revolutionary three massaging angles for delivering ultimate relief to your body. The handles of the gun are easy to hold on to while allowing you to target pain points. The pulsing vibrations of the gun penetrate each and every part of the body–treating some of the most stubborn pains.

  23. Hammock Swing Chair
  24. stress-relief-gifts-hammock-swing-chair
    There is no questioning of your hard work. When it comes to relaxing and distressing yourself at the end of the day, you surely deserve nothing but the best. The stylish and all-weather hammocks are suitable for your deck, front porch, or beside the pool. It’s the perfect addition to your outdoor space, where you can create your escape pod. And, the superior quality 39” durable hardwood spreader bar ensures that the setup is as sturdy as possible, without compromising style.

  25. Essential Oil Diffuser
  26. stress-relief-gifts-essential-oil-diffuser
    Running quietly in the background without disturbing your work, sleep, or meditation. The essential oil diffuser is what you need to destress and to re-energize yourself after a hard day of work. The compact, elegant, and stylish design of the aroma oil diffuser also makes it easy to carry from your home to the office or anywhere you want to go.

  27. Dammit Doll
  28. stress-relief-gifts-dammit-doll
    Let out frustration without regretting about damaging property later, with a funny specially crafted Dammit Doll. There is a Dammit Doll for every individual, depending on their frustration needs. And the best part, your Dammit Doll does not have a pair of ears, so no judgment from your gag gift. You can scream at the top of your lungs to take out your frustration, slam the doll, and reset your day. Whenever you feel stressed or can’t take the pressure anymore, just slam the doll and scream Dammit!

  29. Aromatherapy Candle
  30. stress-relief-gifts-aromatherapy-candle
    It is hard to miss the peaceful ambiance that the flickering of a candle creates. A gift your co-worker can use to destress after working tirelessly all day to regain their concentration and focus. The essence of eucalyptus can relieve stress and help them concentrate on work again, or indulge in hobbies without distractions.

  31. Spa Gift Basket
  32. stress-relief-gifts-spa-basket
    Wondering what to gift the most special woman in your life, on her birthday? Nothing can be more perfect than a spa bath bomb gift box. The special lady who means the world to you may be your sister, mother, aunt, or your better half. Surprise them with this unique bath set consisting of a full-size loofah sponge, lavender-scented candles, milk chocolate balls, a deluxe manicure kit, 4 natural bath bombs in different relaxing scents, hand cream and the list goes on. The gift basket is perfect for her to relax and rejuvenate after a long day.

  33. Neck and Shoulder Wrap
  34. stress-relief-gifts-neck-shoulder-wrap
    Gone are the days when your aches controlled you. The neck and shoulder wrap offers deep penetrating muscle relaxations with herbal aromatherapy for instant relief from tension, migraines, headaches, stiffness, arthritis, and spasms. The unique design is specially crafted by highly qualified chiropractors. You can enjoy the day without feeling constant pain while standing, walking, or sitting.

  35. Flashcard Meditations
  36. stress-relief-gifts-flashcard-meditations
    The tight feeling in the chest, racing heartbeat, and the sweaty palms are all signs of anxiety. Anxiety and stress can be detrimental to our health, hence it is best to find ways to calm ourselves. The pack of 36 flashcards has proven, scientific ways to try that will help you overcome your anxiety. Flashcards are useful gifts for stressed people who suffer from anxiety. Moreover, the set also has meditation techniques, relaxation music, and a yoga chart for you to follow to promote relaxation and zen.

  37. Chill Out Oils Roll On
  38. stress-relief-gifts-chill-out-roll-on
    Calm your nerves and feel your stress leave you as you elevate yourself and drift into oblivion. The natural soothing scent of this therapeutic-grade blend of essential oils instantly calms the stressed nerves releasing tension and gradually lets peaceful sleep take over. Just roll the blended essential oils at the back of the neck, behind the ears, inside the wrists or bottom of the feet, and wake up to a new day, rejuvenated.

  39. Calma Llama Stress Toy
  40. stress-relief-gifts-calma-llama
    Whenever you feel the level of stress rising, destress in style without creating a scene. Think Calma Llama thoughts. Whether it is a birthday or any other occasion, you can gift your colleague or someone close to you with a useful stress toy, especially if they are a llama lover. Or, gift yourself the small toy and squish every time you start feeling anxious. It also makes a fun stocking stuffer gift for the children.

  41. Slime Kit
  42. stress-relief-gifts-slime-kit
    Bring home the best DIY sludge toy for your child and see them smile at the next slime party. It features 5 different scents for slime lovers – pineapple, lemon, watermelon, mint, and latte. The eco-friendly material is easy to clean and wash. The scents are delicate enough to be gentle on your skin and senses.

  43. Chakra Bracelet
  44. stress-relief-gifts-chakra-bracelet
    Now remain calm and composed through mediation and awaken your senses and the chakras. Wearing the bracelet and meditating will relax the mind, body, and soul and align the chakras. The 7 Chakras healing bracelet is easy to store as it comes in a velvet bag.

  45. Color Happy: Adult Coloring Book
  46. stress-relief-gifts-adult-coloring-book
    Release your stress and bring out your creativity as you color for hours, calming your nerves. The beautiful illustrations will surely make your heart sing, as you color the inspiring illustrations and reflect your beautiful soul. The premium thick quality paper ensures that the colors do not bleed through and damage the design on the other side. You can enjoy this stress-relieving activity whenever you are stressed, or for fun with your friends and family.

  47. Mindfulness Cards
  48. stress-relief-gifts-mindfulness-cards
    Improve your mental health, social skills, self-care, meditating skills, reduce your stress and anxiety with the help of 52 mindfulness cards. These cards are curated by professionals and have exercises that effectively help every individual to handle their stress and anxiety. If you are stressed about your work life, use these 52 mindful cards to relieve you of your stress and relax.

  49. Unicorn Stress Relief Kit
  50. stress-relief-gifts-unicorn-kit
    Unicorns. What’s not to love about these beautiful mythical creatures. The pink unicorn is a great stress buster especially for those who are constantly under pressure and deadlines. You can bring home this silly gift for stressed people and watch them squish it whenever they’re agitated.

  51. HEY GIRL Tea
  52. stress-relief-gifts-hey-girl-tea
    Banish your office stress and anxiety and have a peaceful sleep at night with an herbal tea sleep aid. The tea gifts for stressed people that features aromas of chamomile, valerian root, and lemon balm. The scintillating scent of tangerine dream itself is so calming that as soon as you open the tea box, you can feel your nerves start relaxing. Sleep like a baby after a cup of tea before bedtime. The tea will help you to sleep at night while calming your nerves and rejuvenating your tired soul for a fresh new day.

  53. Massage Ball
  54. stress-relief-gifts-massage-ball
    Working for hours can lead to back pain and sore muscles. A back massage with a massage ball and a relaxing lotion specially curated for relieving back pain will effectively eliminate muscle soreness and joint pain. The back roller massage self-therapy improves blood circulation throughout the body and relaxes the joints. At times, due to poor blood circulation, our muscles feel sore. The back massage roller is a great way to improve your blood circulation after sitting throughout the day.

  55. Pool Hammock
  56. stress-relief-gifts-pool-hammock
    Simply relax by floating peacefully in a pool. You and your bestie can relax in the pool on any weekend or after a bad day. The luxurious cool weave fabric contours to your desired floating position without any difficulty or flipping over in the pool.

  57. Aromatique Fragrance Spray
  58. stress-relief-gifts-aromatique-fragrance-spray
    The refreshing hyacinth spray will bring in the scent of spring whenever you spray the room freshener. Whether it is after a bad day in the office or demanding week, the scent of fresh hyacinth will instantly calm the nerves and refresh your mood. The fresh fragrance is perfect for your home or office. Set the ambiance right with an Aromatique Fragrance.

  59. Under Eye Pad
  60. stress-relief-gifts-under-eye-pad
    Hydrate and moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes with under-eye patches. the amount of tugging and pulling our eyes go through while doing our makeup can be damaging. Treat wrinkles, crows feet, and reduce dark circles at the same time with anti-aging eye pads. The gel eye mask formula is perfect to reduce the puffiness below the eyes. The essence of 24K nanogold particles ensures that the skin under the eyes does not sag and remain firm.

  61. Stress Relief Toy
  62. stress-relief-gifts-toy
    A slow rising cute fidgeting doll is what any individual needs to deal with stressful situations. Bring home this perfect little squishy doll for college students or gift it to someone who is stressed over exams. The material, texture, and design also add to the purpose of the squish doll, as it gradually rises after a stress releasing squeeze.

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