16 Sentimental Baby Gifts from the Excited Aunt

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    Help out a future mom and get her useful yet meaningful baby gifts her newborn infant will love. Whether you’re bringing a gift to the baby shower or the bundle of joy is meeting their favorite auntie for the first time, you’ll have a special gift in hand for them. Here is a curated guide of sentimental baby gifts from aunts who are totally excited.

  1. Baby Keepsake Box
  2. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Baby-Keepsake-Box
    This little storage box is the best gift for babies if you’re looking for something unusual and different. The box consists of special compartments with a cute design. Whether it’s a baby shower or the first birthday, this keepsake box is perfect to collect and treasure the most precious memories of the little one from the first pacifier to their first tooth. 

  3. Baby Boy Memory Book
  4. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Baby-Boy-Memory-Book
    We all want to keep all the precious moments of our baby to relive those cute moments later. This baby boy memory book hardcover is what you need to record baby’s first five years of precious moments and milestones. You can note records from mommy’s family, father’s family, baby shower guest list, the perfect name, etc. in the book. Decorated with cute animals and a protection cover, this baby boy memory book is easy to carry and makes a great gifting option.

  5. Personalized Baby Quilt
  6. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Personalized-Baby-Quilt
    Custom items are perfect sentimental baby gifts. From aunt presents to friend gifts, personalized baby quilt blankets make a beautiful gift for a baby shower or even after the arrival of the baby. The quilt includes a personally embroidered with a special message that would be loved by all.

  7. Footprint & Handprint Frame
  8. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Footprint-Handprint-Frame
    Are you looking for a baby shower gift that will preserve a baby’s footprint and handprint? This baby footprint and handprint photo frame is the gifting item you should buy. It has a perfectly sized, elegant design, and premium quality thick cardboard to provide good protection for the pictures from fading in sunlight. 12 slots of monthly records will make a great reminder of the baby’s growth and changes. You can hang the frame in the living room or display it on an end table.

  9. Personalized Name Puzzle
  10. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Personalized-Name-Puzzle
    This wooden personalized name puzzle toy is great for introducing some fun and motor skills at a young age. The large letters help babies recognize their alphabet easily. You can also engrave a special message like their date of birth or some inspirational quote. Puzzles are great sentimental baby gifts from aunts to babies to encourage logic, fine motor skills, and letter recognition as well!

  11. Baby Brush Set
  12. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Baby-Brush-Set
    Having a newborn sparks a new light and positivity in your life. Giving your baby only the best is what anyone can wish for. With this luxurious hairbrush set, your baby will enjoy nothing but comfort and love. Made with pure bamboo and goat hair, the bristles are crafted with 100% natural ingredients for your little one to feel solace. This brush is a perfect gift for a newborn as you can give your baby a nice relaxing treatment before a night’s sleep.

  13. Baby Cross Stitch Kit
  14. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Baby-Cross-Stitch-Kit
    Celebrate the birth of a newborn with this personalized baby cross stitch kit. This unique kit is not only a sentimental baby gift from aunts to all newborns but can also be gifted to children of all ages. It is easy to figure out and follow the instructions to put both the personalized name and date of the baby. Decorated with fun colors and cute animals it is sure to look cute in any nursery. 

  15. 1st Year Picture Frame
  16. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-1st-Year-Picture-Frame
    Babies grow up very fast and the only way to remember this fleeting moment is to capture it every day. This baby picture frame is all you need to capture and keep safe the most beautiful moments of your baby to look at them over the years and relive it. This small frame is perfect for a baby shower gift as it goes well with any home décor.

  17. Growth Chart
  18. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Growth-Chart
    As we all know that children grow up very quickly, this growth chart will help you record their height as they age. It has cute animal patterns to compliment your baby’s room. You can get it for your baby or even gift it for a birthday celebration or a baby shower.

  19. Footprint Ornament
  20. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Footprint-Ornament
    We all want to preserve the fondest memories of our children. This cute little footprint kit will make perfect sentimental baby gifts from their aunt filled with love for the little one. Preserve their cute hand and footprints to capture the precious moment. It makes a great gift for a newborn baby or toddler.

  21. Stuffed Elephant
  22. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Stuffed-Elephant
    Are you looking for a cute and cuddly friend for your little one? Then this stuffed cute baby elephant is the one you are looking for. This elephant is an adorable singing animated plush with two different modes. Let your baby have a friend and an interactive session with this stuffed toy. You will find it adorable seeing your baby going into an imaginary world with this singing precious baby elephant.

  23. Infant Seat Lounger
  24. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Infant-Seat-Lounger
    A warm and cozy bed will surely make your bundle of joy sleep peacefully. This infant lounger is contoured with a unique supported center that expands with the infant’s weight. The adjustments give extreme comfort to support and provide upper body elevation that helps in digestion and breathing. This makes amazing sentimental baby gifts from an aunt to her niece or nephew. It also has a removable cover to allow for easy cleaning.

  25. Sink Bather
  26. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Sink-Bather
    As you hop into new parenthood, certain things become very difficult to balance, especially when giving bathes to your newborn. This perfectly sized supportive sink bather is a must-have for your baby’s first baths. The soft cotton terry surface and padded whale tail protect the baby’s head and make it very convenient and easy to use. It fits perfectly in the bathroom and kitchen sinks for effortless bathing. It also makes great sentimental baby gifts from aunts.

  27. Bottle Warmer
  28. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Bottle-Warmer
    Feeding your newborn is a tough job, especially when you have to warm the bottle every time. But this bottle warmer will make feedings a piece of cake. This bottle warmer heats breast milk and baby food jars in minutes. It has a compact size that fits perfectly in any diaper bag and on any kitchen counter. You can grab any bottle of your choice to put in and quickly warm the milk. It makes a practical gift for baby showers.

  29. Pacifier Holder
  30. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Pacifier-Holder
    Babies have a habit of throwing their pacifiers on the floor. It constantly gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. This cute little pacifier holder makes the best companion for your baby. It helps you to keep the pacifier close by and prevents it from getting lost and dirty. It’s a perfect snuggler and a useful gift to a little one.

  31. Sock and Wrist Rattle
  32. Sentimental-Gifts-Aunt-Sock-Wrist-Rattle
    We often look for cute and fun wear for our babies. These cute animal soft baby sock and wrist rattles are just what you need. These are perfect for any baby as it is healthy for the sensory development of a baby. It’s undoubtedly a highly recommended development toy for your infant with a perfect size to fit their tiny wrist. This also helps your tots develop hand, foot, and eye coordination.

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