23 EPIC Gamer Gifts for Her & Him [Geek Approved]

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    Get the best gift for your guy or gal to keep the edge and stay at the top of the ranks! From gadgets that’ll level up your skills to gear you can wear, we’ve got some great ideas for the man or woman in your life. Here is a list of gamer gifts for her and him.

    Gamer GIfts for Her

  1. Gamer Girl Tee
  2. Gamer-Gifts-Gamer-Girl-Tee
    If your sister is the biggest gamer you know, let her show it off with a gamer girl tee! This shirt is flattering, comfortable, and has a great design on the front. The design reads “Yes I’m A Gamer Girl Try to Keep Up”, giving her a reason to brag about her gaming skills! Any other gamer reading her shirt will have no trouble coming up with a topic for conversation.

  3. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros
  4. Gamer-Gifts-Game-Watch-Super-Mario-Bros
    Your wife’s been talking about how much she misses the old, classic games from Nintendo. Surprise her with Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros! No gamer gift is as classic as this handheld Nintendo game. Not only will your wife be able to play the Super Mario Bros game for hours, bringing back amazing memories, but she can also use this system as a digital clock!

  5. Razer Kitty Gaming Headset
  6. Gamer-Gifts-Razer-Kitty-Gaming-Headset
    Are you looking for a gamer gift that encourages your best friend to have more game nights with you? With the Razer Kitty Gaming Headset, your friend will be coming up with all kinds of excuses to play games! These beauties are comfortable enough to wear for hours, feature adorable kitten ears on the top, and keeps out unwanted noise. They even have a microphone that’s retractable!

  7. Curved Gaming Monitor
  8. Gamer-Gifts-Curved-Gaming-Monitor
    Do you need to show your gamer girlfriend how much you appreciate her? A curved gaming monitor will leave no doubts in her mind! This incredible high-quality monitor is adjustable and has an impressive resolution. With the curved feature, your girlfriend will be able to see small details and keep an eye on all parts of her game like never before! She’ll love being able to play with this gamer gift!

  9. Game Over Light
  10. Gamer-Gifts-Game-Over-Light
    If your gamer niece is looking to spruce up her room with the trendiest gaming decor, a Game Over light will be the perfect thing for her to put on a desk or nightstand! This light has vintage lettering, changes colors, and can be used with her favorite music. She’ll love having this light to look at in the dark or while she is dominating in her newest game!

  11. Razer Base Station for Headsets
  12. Gamer-Gifts-Razer-Base-Station-for-Headsets
    Gaming headsets are expensive and important to any gamer. Help keep any female gamer’s headsets safe with the Razer base station for headsets. The design is sleek and has lighting on the bottom to spruce up any gamer’s desk or TV stand. Her headset will be kept safe from falling over with the stable rubber base. And if she needs to put it away for a move or reorganizing, the base can be removed for easy storage!

  13. Extended LED Mouse Pad
  14. Gamer-Gifts-Extended-LED-Mouse-Pad
    Has your sister-in-law been venting about her annoying mouse pad and how she wishes there were one made for her keyboard, too? The extended LED mouse pad is the perfect gaming gift for her! The mouse pad has advanced slip-proof technology and eye-catching lighting! She won’t have to worry about her keyboard slipping around as she plays because of the rubber padding on the bottom and extended length other pads don’t have!

  15. Sega Genesis Mini
  16. Gamer-Gifts-Sega-Genesis-Mini
    Is your daughter getting into video games recently and you want to teach her about games you used to play? This Sega Genesis mini is filled with 42 of the best games you grew up with all in a miniature console! You’ll be able to play (and beat!) her in each of these games since it comes with two controllers. Just a few of the games she’ll be able to master are Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mega Man, and Tetris!

  17. Mobile Game Controller
  18. Gamer-Gifts-Mobile-Game-Controller
    Give your girlfriend the ability to turn any of her phone games into a handheld console with the mobile game controller! All she has to do is fit the controller over her phone and plug it in. The buttons have rapid response times, avoiding all lagging concerns. She won’t even have to worry about taking the controller off her dying phone while she is gaming since she can plug the controller into her charger!

  19. Bose Solo 5 Soundbar
  20. Gamer-Gifts-Bose-Solo-5-Soundbar
    If your wife loves to play her games loud and proud, amp up her sound with a Bose Solo 5 soundbar! The soundbar is an ideal gamer gift because of its crystal-clear audio and Bluetooth capabilities. You and your wife will be able to bring even more fun into video game date nights by playing the intense video game sounds or even party music through this advanced soundbar!

  21. LED Strip Lights
  22. Gamer-Gifts-LED-Strip-Lights
    You and all your female gamer friends love to gather around the TV with controllers in hand and music pumping through the speakers. Bring even more life into your game tournaments with LED strip lights. Stick them onto any indoor surface and watch the colors bounce around the room while you destroy zombies or wreak havoc through video game cities. You can even make the lights sync up with your music!

    Gamer Giifts for Him

  23. Playstation Icons Light
  24. Gamer-Gifts-Playstation-Icons-Light
    Looking for a gamer gift that’ll light up your nephew’s eyes? Playstation icon lights will brighten up his room and fuel his passion for Playstation games. This incredible light has multiple color options and will even respond to music. It’s the perfect size to put on a nightstand or dresser. Your nephew will be thrilled to show off this light to all his gamer friends!

  25. Novelty T-Shirt
  26. Gamer-Gifts-Novelty-TShirt
    Is your boyfriend always complaining about not completing his mission because you guys have to go somewhere? Give him a funny way to express his distress with this novelty t-shirt. The t-shirt is soft, fits any body shape, and is a great conversation starter! Your boyfriend may be upset about pausing his game to go to a party but will definitely be talking all about it to the other gamers in the room.

  27. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses
  28. Gamer-Gifts-Bose-Frames-Audio-Sunglasses
    Make your best friend the most trendy gamer you have ever seen with Bose frames audio sunglasses! He will be able to play his phone games or other handheld games outside while listening to music through Bluetooth. One of the most impressive features of these sunglasses is that other people will barely be able to hear the sound coming from them! A gamer gift as advanced as these will be a hit with your best friend.

  29. Nintendo Switch
  30. Gamer-Gifts-Nintendo-Switch
    Nothing lets your husband know how much you love him quite like a Nintendo Switch! The Switch can play Nintendo games for up to 9 hours without charging. It can be used in multiple ways such as handheld, on a table, or even through the TV. You and your husband can have epic game nights playing newer versions of Nintendo games that you know and love!

  31. Arcade Insert Coin Keychain
  32. Gamer-Gifts-Arcade-Insert-Coin-Keychain
    If your brother-in-law is always talking about, playing, and collecting arcade games, an arcade insert coin keychain is the perfect gamer gift to surprise him with! This nifty little keychain lights up when you push the coin button and feels just like a real piece of an arcade game. It’s made with high-quality materials that’ll last him as long as arcade machines have been around!

  33. Reclinging Gaming Chair
  34. Gamer-Gifts-Reclinging-Gaming-Chair
    Your brother spends hours in his apartment playing video games and is always complaining about aches in his back. His pain is probably caused by the way he is sitting on his couch! A reclining gaming chair will help him enjoy his games more while relieving that back pain. This chair has an attached cup holder and a pouch for his many remotes and controllers!

  35. Gaming Laptop
  36. Gamer-Gifts-Gaming-Laptop
    Any male gamer will tell you how important it is to have a fast, efficient, powerful gaming laptop with a ton of memory. One simple lag can ruin hours’ worth of gameplay! Equip the gamer in your life with this incredible gaming laptop. The specs this laptop features are sure to make any gamer go wild. The colorfully lit keyboard and backlit screen also make this laptop perfect for daytime and nighttime gameplay!

  37. Wireless Gaming Headset
  38. Gamer-Gifts-Wireless-Gaming-Headset
    Are you always listening to your son’s games and chat rooms while he plays video games? Get him a gamer gift that’ll benefit both of you! Wireless gaming headsets are a must-have for any gamer. This headset especially because of the long battery life, noise-canceling features, and detachable microphone. You’ll never have to listen to his friends yell about your son beating them in games again!

  39. Oculus Quest Bundle
  40. Gamer-Gifts-Oculus-Quest-Bundle
    Looking for the newest, most advanced virtual reality technology on the market for your best friend? The Oculus Quest bundle is sure to impress even the most avid gamers. With a high-quality display and advanced accessories, you and all your friends will feel like you’re truly in the game. The game set will stay looking new no matter the game played or player with slip-proof grips, Velcro, and other quality features!

  41. Razer Basilisk Wireless Mouse
  42. Gamer-Gifts-Razer-Basilisk-Wireless-Mouse
    A high-quality mouse is important for gamers who play PC. They need to be able to click quickly and have additional buttons to make their games run as smoothly as possible. The Razer Basilisk wireless mouse will improve any male gamer’s skills with 11 additional buttons, wireless capabilities, and advanced technology that greatly increases mouse speed. This is a perfect gamer gift for any PC lover in your life!

  43. Playstation Controller Mug
  44. Gamer-Gifts-Playstation-Controller-Mug
    Is your boyfriend a die-hard PlayStation gamer? Does he have posters, every console, and even t-shirts for PlayStation? Add to his collection with a PlayStation controller mug. This is a unique mug that has a replica of a controller for the handle and shines with gold. He can fill this mug up with 11 oz. of his favorite beverage and keep it next to him every time he plays his favorite console!

  45. Gaming Computer Desk
  46. Gamer-Gifts-Gaming-Computer-Desk
    Your husband spends all day hard at work and loves to come home to his PC games. Make his well-deserved gaming time extra special with a gaming computer desk. This incredible desk is the ideal gamer gift because of its unique features. He’ll be able to change the color of the LED lamp, plug in his headphones, and keep his drink off of the desktop with an attached cup holder!

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