18 Sentimental Gifts for Girlfriend to Love

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    Get personalized presents or sentimental gifts for girlfriend smiles. We’ve got great ideas to show her you love her and make her smile, possibly tear up with joy. From a robe to give her a “hug” after a warm bath, or beautiful jewelry, she’ll know you put much thought into getting her the perfect gift. Here is a list of sentimental gifts for girlfriend.

  1. Plush Fleece Bathrobe
  2. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Plush-Fleece-Bathrobe
    Your girlfriend deserves the best. Surround her in your love with a luxurious hooded robe. The plush robe that is so warm and comfortable she might never want to take it off. These warming sentimental gifts for girlfriend bathers keep its softness after being laundered, for days of comfort and enjoyment. At home showers will now feel like stepping out of a royal bath.

  3. Winc Wine Club
  4. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Winc
    Appreciation fills the cup every time, with the gift of wine. A glass of wine is ideal for wind down time and relaxation. Forget about wine pairing, it is all about the pair of you enjoying each other. The Winc wine club subscription box ensures the wine stays flowing. Winc fine tunes selected wines to individual taste, or receive a surprise every time with a new flavor. Cheers!

  5. Weighted Blanket
  6. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Weighted-Blanket
    There is no greater feeling than a comforting embrace.  Gift your love with the blanket that feels like a hug when you’re not there, (or to enjoy together). The weighted blanket does exactly that. Designed for a splendid night’s sleep. Weighted with glass beads for premium weight distribution and therapeutic relaxation. Proven to lower stress and anxiety and increase deep rejuvenating sleep.  

  7. Comfortable House Slippers
  8. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Comfortable-House-Slippers
    Show your love and appreciation for all the support your girlfriend gives you with a pair of UGG house slippers. UGG’s house slippers are high-quality leather and Australian wool and built to last. This pair of sentimental gifts for girlfriend comfort are so durable and sturdy they can be worn indoors or outdoors. A pair of house slippers to keep the feet warm and protected while offering all day arch support. 

  9. Minimalist Ear Crawler
  10. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Ear-Crawler
    For the sophisticated lady who appreciates minimalism, a fitting gift is a beautiful pair of earrings.  The ear crawler earrings set features a delicate flower design. No big bulky earrings here. Wear on a date night with a dressy outfit, also subtle enough for everyday wear. This elegant and thoughtful gift will have her smiling from ear to ear. 

  11. Our Adventure Photo Album
  12. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Our-Adventure-Photo-Album
    One thing almost every couple dreams about together is a good adventure. They dream of traveling the world, sightseeing and exploring together.  Let the adventures begin! Keep track of your travels, dates and outings with the “Our Adventure Photo Album.” This meaningful gift is one that will hold on to precious memories as you continue to make more together. Not all those who wander are lost, especially if they are together. 

  13. Warm and Cozy Candle
  14. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Warm-and-Cozy-Candle
    Fill the home with scents of pine, orange, cinnamon, and fir with the gift of a warm and cozy candle. Set the ambiance with forty hours of burn time. Touch her heart with ingredients in the soy wax candle being cruelty free and metal free for a non-toxic and eco friendly design. The gluten-free, soy candle is a gift that warms the soul and the senses. 

  15. DIY Explosion Picture Album Box
  16. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-DIY-Explosion-Picture-Album-Box
    Looking for a unique gift for the one you love can be a challenge.  Look no further than the DIY Explosion Picture Album Box! Upon initial presentation the box looks like any normal gift wrapped in a silky ribbon. Once opened, Boom! It “explodes” with a beautiful array of scrapbook ingredients essentials.  Everything needed to keep mementos of all the special moments. Better yet there is even a secret interior compartment big enough to hide a ring to pop the question.

  17. Bond Touch Bracelets
  18. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Bond-Touch-Bracelets
    There are moments when distance may separate you from your love, but that doesn’t mean time must comply. The time spent not feeling the bond from loving touches are a thing of the past. Gift your girlfriend with the ultimate gift that will touch her heart and send a vibration when you are apart. Touch the bracelet and she will feel the vibration and know you are thinking of her.  The slim and comfortable design for him and her. Grow closer even when apart.

  19. Goldbelly: Gourmet Foods
  20. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Goldbelly
    Tasting the food around restaurants near and far have to offer can now be done from the comfort of home. Take the night off and enjoy a gourmet meal together. Try something new like turducken, or shake it up with a subscription box! A one of a kind experience with every order. Order from your favorite restaurants no matter the distance. Dine in win!

  21. Custom 3D Photo Picture
  22. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Custom-3D-Photo-Picture
    Photos adorning the walls make for an attractive display. A 3D photo display is even more aesthetically pleasing! A photo is laser engraved into a crystal giving it not only the 3D effect but almost like it’s been frozen in time.  The personalized 3D picture can double as a paperweight as well as elegant home decoration. Absolutely stunning sentimental gifts for girlfriend birthdays.

  23. You are My Person Wine Glass
  24. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-You-are-My-Person-Wine-Glass
    The wine connoisseur can never have too many wine glasses.  Show your love and appreciation for them with a wine glass stating “you are my person,” just in case they didn’t already know. It’ll certainly bring a smile to her face. Cheers to your best friend, girlfriend and side kick.  

  25. Matching Onesies Pajamas
  26. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Matching-Onesies-Pajamas
    Matching pajamas have somehow become as much of a tradition as Christmas trees and Christmas cookies. They can be sweet and sentimental or plain ridiculous. Get your girlfriend gifts that’ll keep her comfy with a pair of matching onesie pajamas to symbolize your unity. These pajamas come in multiple styles and include a hood for added comfort and warmth. 

  27. Forever Rainbow Rose
  28. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Forever-Rainbow-Rose
    Roses are a symbol of love and have been so for decades. This is because Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love wears or is surrounded by them. The gift of the curve rainbow rose is not only beautiful but a symbol of eternal, unbreakable love. This rose will last forever. No matter the occasion, this is a gift that will impress and touch the heart every time. 

  29. Uncommon Questions
  30. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Uncommon-Questions
    Relationships are hard work. To keep the spark alive it is important to never stop investing time into each other.  Never stop learning about one another. This gift keeps things interesting. The little box is full of 200 questions and conversation starters to keep the communication flowing. These questions will also help you remind your love why you love them so much,  a reminder we all need from time to time. 

  31. Personalized Star Map
  32. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Personalized-Star-Map
    There’s nothing comparable to a date night laying under the stars, making wishes as one shoots through the night sky. Though the stars are far, we can look up and feel connected.  There is always a wish to be made.  A sentimental gift for your girlfriend such as this personalized star map will mark the start of the rest of your lives together. The map will show her the exact location of the stars the day you met. A moment in time to cherish forever.  

  33. Luxury Chocolates
  34. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Luxury-Chocolates
    Chocolates are always a sweet and sentimental gift, a show of appreciation and classic. Chocolate has a way of soothing the soul in a familiar, loving sort of way. Show her how sweet she is with a delightful box of luxury chocolates. Get her a box filled with beautifully made gourmet truffles. Prefect for any occasion. 

  35. Couples T-Shirts
  36. Sentimental-Gifts-for-Girlfriend-Couples-T-Shirts
    What better way to stick together than with a couple’s tee. You go together like pizza pie. If you’re a couple that prefers a good pizza night over a fancy overpriced dinner then this is your ideal outfit. She’ll always have a pizza your heart. The gift of a couple’s shirt is the ultimate move for a sign of love and unity.

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