16 TOP One Month Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her

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    Aim for meaningful and thoughtful gifts for your one-month anniversary, aka your 1 monthiversary. If you’re looking for DIY gifts for your boyfriend or husband, or if you’re looking for personalized presents with sentimental value, we’ve got what you need! Here is a list of one-month anniversary gifts.

    For Him

  1. Personalized Song Print
  2. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Personalized-Song-Print
    It can be hard sometimes to find the perfect one-month anniversary gift for your husband. However, you can never go wrong with a personalized print gift like this one. To make it more special and meaningful, you could use your husband’s favorite movie quote or lyrics from his favorite song. With this gift, you can watch as your husband’s face brightens up with a smile as he opens up the gift. This personalized print can find a home in your bedroom door as a daily reminder of your love for each other.

  3. Whiskey Glass Set
  4. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Whiskey-Glass-Set
    It doesn’t matter how long you have been with your husband, you can always find a gift for him. This is true even when he seems to have all the things he wants. A stellar gift that your husband will find useful and elated about is a whiskey glass set. This means that he will no longer have to drink his whiskey from the same mugs he drinks his coffee from.

  5. Sex Checks
  6. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Sex-Checks
    If you are looking for cheap and cute gifts that will spice up your relationship, then look no further than these sex checks. They come with many options that allow you and your husband to have extra fun in the bedroom. The sex checks come with cute fun activities that ease the tension that might have built up between you and your husband. Nothing says “I love you” better than one-month anniversary gifts that can be used year-round.

  7. Personal Care Kit
  8. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Personal-Care-Kit
    Personal care is important for men. It could be that you were drawn to your husband because of the way he took care of himself. Don’t let it stop. Getting him a personal care kit will make sure that your husband remains well-kept at all times. This kit comes in a neat, and beautifully designed leather pouch. Inside, you will find small tools like tweezers, nail clippers, and other accessories.

  9. Meat Gift Box
  10. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Meat-Gift-Box
    Who said men don’t like gift baskets? If you believe that, then you are robbing your man of the best things you can get him for one-month anniversary gifts. He’ll be able to enjoy a “manly” sample of gourmet meats from the Carnivore Club to snack on while having a boy’s night playing poker or pool. You can’t get a better snack than Wagyu Salami!

  11. NES Classic
  12. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-NES-Classic
    Don’t let the arcade and gaming spirit in your husband die. You can revive that spirit by getting him as a gift, one of the true classics of gaming – the classic Nintendo Entertaining System. This game is sure to bring out the boy in your man again and show you a playful side of him that you never got to know. Don’t worry, he won’t be spending all his time playing the game alone. You can join too and create some lasting memories together.

  13. Couples Pillow Cases
  14. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Couples-Pillow-Cases
    This is a perfect gift to show your boyfriend just how much he means to you. These pillowcases come with cute drawings of characters expressing love to each other. It will serve as a daily reminder that the love you have on your one month anniversary will continue for a long time. The pillowcases are one of the first things you see when you wake in the morning and one of the last things to set eyes on before going to bed.

  15. Adventure Photo Book
  16. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Adventure-Photo-Book
    Are you looking for a gift that allows you to store memories of your weekend getaways? If so, then you should get your man an adventure book. The book comes with many pages that allow you to store memorable pictures. A cute idea for this book is to place all the pictures from your first date to your one month anniversary in it, to see how far you have come. If your man is the emotional type, then you should expect some waterworks when you show him this gift.

    For Her

  1. Picnic Backpack
  2. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Picnic-Backpack
    Imagine planning the perfect picnic date only to forget your knives and spoons at home. Well, you can avoid that heartache by getting a picnic backpack. The backpack comes with a lot of room to carry all that you need for the perfect picnic date. It is also waterproof so you do not have to worry about spoiling your picnic materials. Now you’ll be prepared to take her on a two-month anniversary brunch!

  3. What I Love About Us Journal
  4. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-What-I-Love-About-Us-Journal
    Journals help us remember the moments that our otherwise feeble minds will forget. This is perfect for a one-month anniversary gift because it will help your partner write down things she’ll never want to forget. This journal comes with a twist. While you can fill it out with feelings you want to express, it also comes with fill in the blank prompts that help you out when you feel stuck. These prompts will help you and your partner express the deepest admiration for each other.

  5. DIY Photo Gift Box
  6. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-DIY-Photo-Gift-Box
    You will be surprised and blown away by how much your wife or girlfriend will love this gift. This gift box comes with so many activities that help you express how much you love your partner. As you do this, you will see your woman’s heart swell in appreciation for you. The gift box is an amazing one-month anniversary gift. There are photo albums to fill with cherished photos of you and your girlfriend.

  7. Personalized Sign
  8. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Personalized-Sign
    Shouldn’t you have a personalized sign for you and your wife, to let everyone know just how much she means to you? This personalized sign as a gift is a thoughtful one. You can personalize it as you want and fill it with small details and inside jokes that your wife will find endearing.

  9. Gold Dipped Rose
  10. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Gold-Dipped-Rose
    What is the next best thing to real rose flowers? I’ll tell you. They are rose flowers dipped in gold. These flowers do not come with the sweet scent of real Roses, but they do last forever – a sign of how long you will love your wife. It might be only your one monthiversary together, but this gift shows how committed you are to the relationship.

  11. Hazel & Crème Gourmet Cookies
  12. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Hazel-Crème-Gourmet-Cookies
    You can never go wrong with gifting your wife some chocolates. Not just any kind of chocolates, you need gourmet chocolate cookies. These delightful cookies come is a nice box and are coated with different filling just for her pleasure – and yours if she is willing to share. Don’t bank on it though. What you can bank on is that this is a great way to celebrate one month together.

  13. Funny Relationship Game
  14. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Funny-Relationship-Game
    If you are low on inspiration on what to do to make your relationship more exciting, then you need this relationship game. Like all games, this one too is fun to play with your girlfriend or wife. It comes with many great ideas and blank spaces that you can fill in by yourself. Some of the ideas are simple to implement, while others might require a bit of planning. In all, this game is a fun and exciting way to spend quality time together.

  15. Wine Glass
  16. One-Month-Anniversary-Gifts-Wine-Glass
    This is one of the best gifts ever from a husband to a wife. If your wife loves wine, then you have to get her this gift. This wine glass has the ideal inscription for her, “Best Wife Ever”. The sentiment is beautiful, and it will surely thrill your wife. She’ll be able to use it for her girls night as her own personal wine tasting glass.

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