28 Notable Godparent Gifts to Cherish

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    Christenings are not only special days for the child, but also for the godparents who will give guidance and help them in their new faith. They can be seen as “second parents” and will be important figures in your kids future. Maybe you want to give them a thoughtful present during Christmas, or you need to ask them to be your child’s godparents. Here is a guide for godparents gifts to show them how much they mean to you and your family.

    Gifts for Godfather

  1. Godfather Picture Frame
  2. Godparent-Gifts-Godfather-Picture-Frame
    Need to buy a small present for a great godfather? Precious memories are great gifts. A picture is a great way to keep the remembrance of the Christening alive. Pair it with a beautifully crafted frame and you have a perfect present for the best godfather. This natural wood frame comes with a unique pattern made to be given to a unique person.

  3. Godfather Whiskey Glass
  4. Godparent-Gifts-Godfather-Whiskey-Glass
    One on the rocks? It’s time for a nice drink and some casual conversation. This godfather whiskey glass is perfect to enjoy that great scotch you’ve been saving for special occasions. The hand-etched design gives it a long-lasting touch of fun, for the movie fan who wants to feel like a boss. 

  5. Worlds Best Godfather T-Shirt
  6. Godparent-Gifts-Worlds-Best-Godfather-TShirt
    Who’s the world’s best godfather? Is it your uncle, your best friend, both of them? Your godfather is truly like a second father to your kids. Let them know how amazing they are with a fun novelty t-shirt. Comfortable and lightweight it makes for a unique Christmas or birthday gift. You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt, they will love it!

  7. Godfather Keychain
  8. Godparent-Gifts-Godfather-Keychain
    Looking for the perfect gift for your child’s godfather? Then choose something simple yet cute. This keychain is a great way to show appreciation to that blessed person. He can carry it with him every day as a reminder of the love his adorable godchild has for him.

  9. Wallet Insert Card
  10. Godparent-Gifts-Wallet-Insert-Card
    Want a small present for your child’s godfather? Simple yet meaningful is a great option. This card includes a very moving message for that godfather who’s dearly loved by his godchild. Made with stainless steel, it won’t change color or get rusty. The perfect gift he’ll be able to carry at all times.

  11. Docking Station
  12. Godparent-Gifts-Docking-Station
    The greatest way for the World’s Most Awesome God Father to keep everything organized. Made with high-quality wood, this docking station comes with fun and meaningful words. Convenient for the busy godfather who has to rush every morning, this station will help him keep all his daily gadgets at hand.

  13. Best Godfather Fishing Lure
  14. Godparent-Gifts-Best-Godfather-Fishing-Lure
    Does your godfather enjoy fishing? Want to show your love and gratitude to him? Then this is exactly the gift you must give him. Made with high-quality stainless steel, make your fisherman feel special by hooking him with this fishing lure.

  15. Cutting Board
  16. Godparent-Gifts-Cutting-Board
    Does your or your child’s godfather enjoy cooking? Then we got the perfect gift idea here. A bamboo cutting board with laser engraved wording, Godfather’s Kitchen. Ideal for Christmas, birthdays or just to show your appreciation.

  17. Funny Coffee Mug
  18. Godparent-Gifts-Funny-Coffee-Mug
    Is your godfather a camping enthusiast? He probably needs a unique mug to enjoy cold or hot beverages while on one of his trips. Fun and colorful, this stainless steel and white enamel mug is perfect for an outdoors person. It features a fun print that will never fade or lose its glow.

  19. Whiskey Decanter Set
  20. Godparent-Gifts-Whiskey-Decanter-Set
    Looking for gifts for your child’s godfather? Want to get something exquisite for him? This decanter is exactly what you’re looking for. It features an etched globe design with an antique bottle inside and comes with two matching glasses so you can share a drink with him.

  21. Personalized Money Clip
  22. Godparent-Gifts-Personalized-Money-Clip
    Godfathers are a blessing. You can get a simple yet meaningful gift for yours or your child’s here. Let him know how much you cherish him. This money clip can be stamped with a quote, a name, or any meaningful message you like.

  23. Novelty Godfather T-Shirt
  24. Godparent-Gifts-Novelty-Godparent-T-Shirt
    Time to show how much you love that blessed person. This is the gift for the incredible godfather who doesn’t take himself too seriously. A magical t-shirt for a magical godfather. Available in different sizes and colors, this Unicorn shirt is fun, versatile, and just as cool as your godfather is.

    Gifts for Godmother

  25. Godmother Picture Frame
  26. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Picture-Frame
    Don’t know what to gift to the loved godparents in your life? Choose this cute and sentimental picture frame. This picture frame features a quote that shows your godparents they are “a special token of love”. Pair it with a lovable picture and brighten up their days.

  27. Godmother Mug
  28. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Mug
    There’s no greater blessing than a godmother to look after you and guide you in life. Show your godmother how special she is. Frame a picture of a special moment in a beautiful frame, to cherish the moments for a lifetime. Display memories of your love and appreciation on an end table or on the wall. A perfect reminder of the blessing of a godmother.  

  29. Godmother Interlocking Necklace
  30. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Interlocking-Necklace
    Bless your Godmother every morning with a reminder of how outstanding she is with a mug engraved with that reminder. Every sip from the mug will uplift “the best Godmother ever!” No one is more deserving. Suitable for hot or cold beverages with a comfortably sized handle for every embrace. 

  31. Fairy Godmother Pillow Cover
  32. Godparent-Gifts-Fairy-Godmother-Pillow-Cover
    A necklace to celebrate two life paths, interlocked forever. Symbolized by interlocking sterling silver rings. Gift your adoring godmother with jewelry that symbolizes the circle of protection, love and unity in your lives. A gift that lays close to the heart, for a relationship that will never depart. A high-quality design and classic feel for every occasion and every attire. 

  33. Godmother Ornament
  34. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Ornament
    Looking for that perfect gift for a very special person? No greater honor falls to that other than a godmother. In fact, only the best friends get promoted to fairy godmother. They may not carry a wand to grant wishes, but having them in our lives,  is the truest form of magic. 

  35. Personalized Godchild Handprint Frame
  36. Godparent-Gifts-Personalized-Godchild-Handprint-Frame
    An ornament for your godmother this holiday season is one way to show your love and appreciation for her guidance. A little charm and dazzle go a long way.  Hanging from the tree with care,  a special crafted ornament to show off and share.  The title is one to be proud of,  a godmother, protector, friend and mentor.   

  37. Wine Glass Tumbler
  38. Godparent-Gifts-Wine-Glass-Tumbler
    There is no gift so cherished through time,  than a handprint design.  Hands touch everything we love, each handprint unique to one. To a godparent there is such a joy in a physical copy of the hands that have imprinted upon their hearts.  Make today and every day after special with this thoughtful handprint frame gift. Stamp your child’s prints on baptism day for the gift that will last a lifetime,  no matter how fast they grow.  

  39. Best Godmother Ever Shirt
  40. Godparent-Gifts-Best-Godmother-Ever-Shirt
    This beautiful wine glass tumbler will bring a smile to any Godmother’s face. It holds 12 ounces of their favorite drink, hot or cold, whether she is carrying coffee to the office or having a glass of wine by the campfire. Being sweat and shatterproof means it won’t sweat on essential documents on your desk, and it will hold up well in the chance it gets knocked over or dropped while she is playing with her Godchild. 

  41. Godmother Gift Box Set
  42. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Gift-Box-Set
    Any Godmother would fall in love with this beautiful t-shirt. Comfortable and perfect for any occasion, she will love showing off her adored title and looking stylish at the same time. This great Godmother’s gift is sure to be just as versatile and adored as she is. Giving this gift is not only a t-shirt but also giving bragging rights for the Best Godmother Ever. 

  43. Personalized Star Poster
  44. Godparent-Gifts-Personalized-Star-Poster
    Give the gift of an at-home spa with this beautiful gift set. She will love to pamper herself, relax in a hot bath with all the accessories, and even include a candle for ultimate relaxation—the perfect gift box for a special occasion or just to remind her how important she is. 

  45. Willow Tree Guardian
  46. Godparent-Gifts-Willow-Tree-Guardian
    Like freezing a moment in time, this customized star poster will show the night sky on whatever date you choose from whatever location you choose. A gentle and beautiful reminder of how much the day she accepted being Godmother means to you both. Freeze that moment and hang it on the wall to remind her how important she is. 

  47. Godmother Candle
  48. Godparent-Gifts-Godmother-Candle
    Willow Tree has a beautiful way of expressing feelings with their figurines, and this beautiful figurine will remind her of the day she held her Godchild for the first time and keep that moment forever. Hand-painted with a card enclosed that reads, “Love and protect thee, forever.” The Godmother in your life will love this for a lifetime. 

    Gifts for Godparents

  49. Becoming a Great Godparent
  50. Godparent-Gifts-Becoming-a-Great-Godparent
    Any Godmother is sure to love a customized candle. Her favorite fragrance will fill her home with a gorgeous scent that will remind her of her essential role and abundance of love. Made from soy wax and in a reusable glass jar, this is the gift that will keep on giving, and it’s good for the environment. She will love this beautiful scent and a lovely reminder.

  51. Will You be my Godparent Onesie
  52. Godparent-Gifts-Will-You-be-my-Godparent-Onesie
    Being a godparent is more important than most people think. Being a GOOD godparent is even more important. This book is the ideal gift for the aunt and uncle that have been chosen for this blessed responsibility. From how to be a good godparent and brief history of godparenting to suggested prayers and blessings, this book is the perfect guide for new godparents.

  53. Godparent Pint and Wine glass
  54. Godparent-Gifts-Godparent-Pint-and-Wine-glass
    Do you already know who’s going to be your child’s godparents? Are you looking for a way to ask them to be the special guests at the Christening? Pop the question to the lucky chosen by dressing your little one with this adorable onesie. How can they say no when your cute kid asks “will you be my godparents”? Comfortable and fun, your baby will look very cute in it. Just be ready to snap a few photos of your baby in the outfit with their new godparents.

  55. Godparent Picture Frame
  56. Godparent-Gifts-Godparent-Picture-Frame
    Collectible items make the best presents! The Godfather pint is a great way to show appreciation for a great movie while enjoying a refreshing beer. Stunning and truly unique, this pint is the ideal gift for a great godfather. The godmother also deserves the best gifts, the pint comes with a beautiful wine glass with The Godmother etched in frosted white.

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