33 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men That Will Make it an Epic Home

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    He’s finished all the heavy lifting and ready for some fun. It’s time to celebrate that new home with a housewarming party. Now that he’s got new digs, he could use a speaker to blast some sweet jams. Or beer glasses for his cupboard. Here is an epic list that’ll make the best housewarming gifts for men.

  1. Multitool Axe Hammer Plier
  2. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Multitool-Axe-Hammer-Plier
    Quick fixes around the house, backyard, and garage can all be solved with this single multi-functional hatchet. No need to dig through tool chests and cabinets for a hammer or pliers. Have this multitool readily accessible in a drawer ready to use. Simple and quick home improvements can be completed in no time!

  3. Coffee Espresso Maker
  4. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Coffee-Espresso-Maker
    The future called. They’re wondering how their modern futuristic italian coffee maker made it all the way back to this year. No extra equipment is required to make up to 6.7 fluid ounces of a rich, robust cup of espresso. No added waste disposing of K-Cups. No dripping coffee filters. No way he’ll be sending this back.

  5. Phone Docking Station
  6. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Phone-Docking-Station
    PThe ideal caddy to empty his pockets before bedtime. No more piles of junk on the nightstand. He’ll be able to keep everything organized and easy to find in the middle of the night. It is made of a thick ebony wood with a couple of trays for a wallet, coins, or airpods. Cut outs for both cables and Apple Watch wireless charging give it a clean look. 

  7. Vinyl Record Drink Coasters
  8. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Vinyl-Record-Drink-Coasters
    These retro coasters not only look rad, but they help protect coffee tables and surface tops from water rings. Get a blast from the past every time he sits down for a drink! This set of 6 coasters also includes rubber rings on the bottom to prevent them from sliding. 

  9. Whiskey Glass Stones Set
  10. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Whiskey-Glass-Stones-Set
    After grabbing the twist crafted bar glasses from the wooden box and adding the chilling stones from the freezer, he fills it with his favorite whiskey or scotch. As he takes his time leisurely sipping on his perfectly aged beverage, he can rest assured that the drink in his hand will not be watered down thanks to  the chilled stone rocks. The glass and stone set are the ideal housewarming gifts for men to enjoy their favorite whiskey after a long day at work, or while sitting down for a chat with a longtime friend. 

  11. BBQ Grill Tool Set
  12. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-BBQ-Grill-Tool-Set
    Does he need to flip that burger, rotate those corn on the cob, adjust the kebab, bast the whole chicken, and be able to clean the grill after all the cooking is done? All the tools he’ll ever need to grill come  conveniently stored in this aluminum case. And if he’s got all those things on the grill it must be one hell of a party. Can we get an invite? 

  13. Hanging Plant Terrarium
  14. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Hanging-Plant-Terrarium
    Add greenery to the home with these unique hanging plant terrariums. Decorate the house with a modern look using live plants. No need to deal with the hassle of soil again. Succulents or air plants fit perfectly and only need to be watered periodically. No green thumbs necessary. 

  15. Spicewalla Grill Seasoning
  16. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Spicewalla-Grill-Seasoning
    Meat, fire, and artificial flavors. Said no one describing a perfectly grilled steak. Ever. Each spice rub is made from small batches of fresh ingredients. Special care goes into roasting, grinding, and packing the ingredients to help maintain maximum flavor from plant and seed to his taste buds. He’ll appreciate this set of 6 rubs to help transform his bland steak or chicken into a grilled masterpiece of perfection. 

  17. Personalized Door Mat
  18. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Personalized-Door-Mat
    Maybe he goes by a single letter and is the head of a division helping James Bond thwart super villains. Or maybe he just wants to welcome guests to his home in a classy way. Grab this housewarming gift for the men that live mysterious lives, want people guessing what name goes with that letter, or just have a favorite letter in the alphabet. Customization to help guests locate the correct house, apartment, or condo, and durable fibers to help keep dirt out. 

  19. Crab Spoon Holder
  20. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Crab-Spoon-Holder
    Need a helping hand, or claw, to do the heavy lifting in the kitchen? After all of the food is gone from the housewarming party he’ll need to be cooking his own meals. Spoons will no longer be misplaced or laying in random places on the counter with this unique holder. The perfect housewarming gifts for men for whipping up delicious stews and soups.

  21. 80 Quart Cooler Beer Beverage Cart
  22. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-80-Quart-Cooler-Beer-Beverage-Cart
    Eliminate the need to run in and out of the house to grab drinks. While grilling and entertaining guests in the backyard, those thirst quenching craft beers and sodas are being chilled no more than a couple of feet away. The 80 quart insulating capacity ensures ampful space for all the ice and drinks he’ll need. Lockable swivel wheels allow for easy mobility and keep it in place on slight slopes. No outdoor activities or events are ever off-limits.

  23. Coffee Bean Grinder
  24. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Coffee-Bean-Grinder
    Enjoy freshly ground coffee every morning. Whether he’s particular about the specific size of his coffee grounds or just wants a way to quickly get his dose of morning caffeine, this grinder will be perfect for the job. No noisy machines and no time wasted cleaning afterward. Quiet while in use, and easy to clean. This bean mill is the perfect grinder to help jump start his mornings. 

  25. Smart Table Lamp
  26. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Smart-Table-Lamp
    Don’t be the friend that gives him dumb furniture. Connect this smart lamp through Wi-Fi and turn it on or off, dim, and change the light color from anywhere. He’ll have complete control of room lighting at the touch of his fingertips from an app. Or connect it to Alexa or Google Home to have it fully integrated with his smart home. 

  27. Nessie Colander
  28. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Nessie-Colander
    Who doesn’t want a mystical, prehistoric dinosaur swimming in their pot? The new menu for the foreseeable future? Anything he can cook using a colander and ladle. He’ll enjoy cooking with the Nessie colander so much he’ll have flashbacks to his childhood toys!

  29. Cactus Coaster
  30. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Cactus-Coaster
    As a new homeowner he’ll want to protect that beautiful wood coffee table or end table from water rings and hot coffee mugs. This coaster set will be an excellent addition to his home decor. After using them as coasters, he can personalize his new gift to create unique cactus designs.

  31. Beer Glass
  32. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Beer-Glass
    When you bring those limited edition craft beers to enjoy over a BBQ, he’ll need quality beer glasses to pour them into. This set of 4 german-made beer glasses are perfect to help enhance the hops aroma, and an excuse to drink a beer and eat some quality steaks. 

  33. Mail Key Organizer
  34. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Mail-Key-Organizer
    When he is rushing out the door because he’s running late, finding his keys, coat, and hat will be easy to find hanging next to the door. Walking the dog multiple times a day will no longer be a game of hide-and-seek for the leash.  Hanging in the hallway, it will be an excellent complement to his home decor. 

  35. Gourmet Coffee Box Set
  36. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Gourmet-Coffee-Box-Set
    Artisan roasted, small batched coffee done right. Wake up to this bold cup of joe knowing it is a single origin coffee. Whiskey barrel and rum barrel cask coffee from Sons of Liberty and Thomas Tew Rum distilleries give these aged coffee beans their unique taste profile. Who knew drinking whiskey was a morning energy booster.

  37. Gameboy Dry Erase Decal
  38. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Gameboy-Dry-Erase-Decal
    Turn the refrigerator into the ultimate original handheld gaming device. Flashback to the 90’s everytime he reaches for a meal or drink. Use dry erase whiteboard as a reminder for grocery lists or daily tasks. 

  39. Burger Press
  40. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Burger-Press
    Get perfectly shaped patties everytime. Better yet, take the patties up a level and stuff it with the finest cheddar cheese that can be found and every bite of that burger will be cheezy heaven. Don’t like having vegetables sticking out of the burger? Chop them up, put them inside the patty. Every bite into these stuffed patties are the housewarming gifts for men that keep giving.

  41. Adjustable LED Lights
  42. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Adjustable-LED-Lights
    Whether he’s in the basement game room or garage enjoying his sweet ride before taking it out for a spin, make sure he has the best lighting. Simply unscrew the old bulb out and screw this new superior light in. These LED lights provide 360 degrees of low heat brightness that’ll illuminate every inch of that room.

  43. Personalized Cutting Board
  44. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Personalized-Cutting-Board
    Perfectly cooked meals are works of art. Why not give him a beautiful canvas to work with? Don’t settle with cutting and preparing meals on a plain piece of dull wood. When he invites you over for a meal do you want to eat the Mona Lisa of meals or the finger painting of meals? Help him be inspired.

  45. Bonsai Tree Kit
  46. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Bonsai-Tree-Kit
    Give him everything he needs to grow his own conversation-starting bonsai trees. One of the ideal housewarming gifts for men to provide balance and zen to his life. Included is a moisture meter to ensure over or underwatering never happens. They will be great additions on the window seal or entryway table. 

  47. Bose Bluetooth Speaker
  48. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Bose-Bluetooth-Speaker
    What better way to enjoy his sweet digs than to blast his favorite playlist. Dirty hands cooking in the kitchen? Activate and control the speaker with voice command. Does he catch up on news in the shower or need upbeat jams poolside? No worries because it’s resistant to light splashes of water. A built in battery that holds up to a 12 hour charge will give hime hours indoors or outdoors access to the latest jams. 

  49. Craft Beer Jerky
  50. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Craft-Beer-Jerky
    Craft beer and steak, the main food groups for all men. This 3 pack craft beer jerky sampler won’t be sitting idle in his pantry for long. Marinated in craft beer for up to 48 hours, this snack will be sure to quench that thirst for beer and the munchies simultaneously.

  51. Kitchen Sponge Holder
  52. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Kitchen-Sponge-Holder
    Where else do you think he’ll be putting that damp kitchen sponge?

  53. Dresser Valet Tray
  54. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Dresser-Valet-Tray
    His watch collection will look very nice in this thoughtfully crafted valet tray. Watches and rings are displayed behind a glass lid display to protect from dust. There is more than enough space to place a phone to charge and all the other knick knacks in his pocket.

  55. Air Fryer
  56. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Air-Fryer
    Everyone knows using a microwave melts your brain. Why not get housewarming gifts for men that’ll not only save their lives but also make their food taste great. He can fit enough food in this 5.8 quart air fryer to feed 3-5 people and use less electricity while doing so. Stop asking yourself if you’re going to get this for him. Start asking him what kind of food he’ll cook for you now that you’ve saved his brain cells and electricity bill.

  57. Magnetic Spice Rack
  58. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Magnetic-Spice-Rack
    No need to search for the salt and pepper behind all of the other spices in the cabinet. Keep commonly used spices and seasonings easily accessible in a rack on the side of the fridge. Get that precious counter space back by placing the napkin roll on the rack to the side of the fridge.

  59. Santoku Knife
  60. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Santoku-Knife
    One thousand years of Japanese sword making techniques rolled into this amazing Santouku Knife. Using the tool of a professional chef allows any guy to create amazing meals at home, rivaling even the upper echelons of restaurants. Rectangular divots in it provide non-stick properties to allow ease of cutting and cleaning. Cooking knives are great housewarming gifts for men to add to their arsenal of kitchen tools.

  61. Outdoor Lighting
  62. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Outdoor-Lighting
    No more boring lights in a space intended to both relax and entertain. Ordinary pathway lamps barely provide visibility. This round LED lit ball provides true 360 degree lighting. Keep the party going after sunset. Place a few dimmable waterproof lights around the patio and pool to illuminate the area. 

  63. Bluetooth Sous Vide
  64. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Bluetooth-Sous-Vide
    A delivery service isn’t the only way to get perfectly cooked food from his phone. Use bluetooth to monitor and control the temperature, keeping all foods moist and flavorful. Precision cook using any pot or container. Thousands of free recipes via the app means never running out of dinner ideas.

  65. Blackout Curtains
  66. Housewarming-Gifts-for-Men-Blackout-Curtains
    The present that will give him the best sleep he’s ever had. Stay sound asleep all night, and all day. These premium blackout curtains make sure no amount of natural or man-made lights will wake him up in the middle of his sleep. So don’t worry. He’s not ignoring you. He’s just having some of the best sleep of his life. 

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