21 Fab & Cheap Bridesmaid Gifts Under $10 $20 and $50

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    You don’t need to spend a lot to find unique and thoughtful bridesmaid gifts. Your bride tribe has been there through thick and thin and you want to thank them for being there on your wedding day. We’ve got inexpensive gifts for your maid of honor and the rest of your bridal party. Here’s a guide of fantastic and cheap bridesmaid gifts they really want.

    Gifts Under $10

  1. Bridesmaid Compact Mirror
  2. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Bridesmaid-Compact-Mirror
    It’s important to have your compact mirror handy when you need to powder your nose or have a quick look at your teeth. It is custom made and useful for a night out. It’s lightweight and portable size makes it a good idea to have in every woman’s clutch bag. The mirror is an affordable and practical gift for your bridesmaids and maid of honor to use months after those makeup checks during your wedding day.

  3. Hand Cream
  4. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Hand-Cream
    Soft hands are a desirable quality for everyone. This floral-scented hand lotion gift set will keep your hands lush. It comes in this lovely travel-size box with 6pcs of hand cream enriched with glycerine and  Shea butter to moisturize your rough hands to make them even softer.  

  5. Bath Bomb Gift Set
  6. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Bath-Bomb-Gift-Set
    Moisturize your skin and improve your radiance with these moisturizing bath bombs! This fizzy bath bomb gift set is excellent for moisturizing dry skin and bringing out your glow. They are naturally handmade for you with vegan organic essential oils and natural scent. This is an affordable set that is perfect for everyone, you’ll certainly have a hard time getting out of your bath. 

  7. Notebook Journal
  8. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Notebook-Journal
    Bring more organization to your life by writing down your goals, jotting down information, or setting reminders, journaling is a great practice for you. This ruled 8.4″ x 6.25” journal is durable and made from premium thick paper. Journaling helps cultivate an optimistic lifestyle and it’s a vital self-developmental tool for you or anyone.

  9. Chesapeake Bay Scented Candle
  10. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Chesapeake-Bay-Scented-Candle
    If you love to maintain a calm atmosphere, this item is a must-have for you. Chesapeake Bay scented candles help bring balance and harmony to the air around you. It has a soothing scent that helps relieve stress and calm your nerves. You can use this lovely scented candle to maintain a serene atmosphere while meditating, exercising, or even on a romantic night. It also looks decorative which makes it something you can display in your home or office.

  11. Makeup Brushes Set
  12. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Makeup-Brushes-Set
    You know that nicely done eyebrows, eyeshadows, face highlighting, and contouring equals flawless makeup. So, when you have to do your makeup, use these makeup brushes to help you easily achieve your desired flawless look. This set contains 14 premium synthetic foundation, concealer, powder, and eyeshadow brushes. These brushes are so easy-to-use it’s something every makeup lover should have in their makeup kit. 

    Gifts Under $20

  13. Personalized Canvas Tote
  14. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Personalized-Canvas-Tote
    Step out in style with a fashionable tote bag personalized with your initial. It’s great as a personal gift for each bridesmaid. Having your initials imprinted on your bag will make you feel special whenever you carry it.

  15. Bachelorette Makeup Bag
  16. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Bachelorette-Makeup-Bag
    Hangover kit bag by night. Makeup bag by day. This makeup bag safe keeps your cosmetics and daily essentials in a convenient way you can easily carry along. These clutch pouches are readily customized for you and your bridesmaids which makes it suitable for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or wedding party. They are economical and gorgeous clutch bags, and every woman will love to own one!

  17. Jade Face Roller
  18. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Jade-Face-Roller
    Increase your facial game with this incredible easy-to-use beauty tool! This jade roller is an incredible face massager that helps you reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and fine lines. When you include this face massager in your beauty routine, it will give you a smooth, glamorous, and glowing face. A thoughtful but affordable present to give to the bride squad.

  19. Natural Soap Bar Set
  20. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Natural-Soap-Bar-Set
    Bring out your healthy glowing skin. Your dry or sensitive skin deserves to be pampered by an organically made vegan soap. Here’s a set of 6 natural soaps made with different unique flavors (passionfruit, sandalwood, cinnamon, plumeria, mango, and charcoal),  this set is very affordable and it’s perfect for your skin. The bars are nicely made with natural base oils to give you that smooth and supple skin you desire.

  21. Personalized Jewelry Tray
  22. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Personalized-Jewelry-Tray
    Elegantly organize your dresser or closet with personalized stylish jewelry dishes. They are perfect for your rings, wristwatches, keys, and wallet. This lovely tray is fashionable and perfect to keep small trinkets in. Your girlfriends will love that they’ve received a practical present they can use on the daily.

  23. One Line A Day: 5 Year Journal
  24. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-One-Line-A-Day-5-Year-Journal
    Having this “one line a day” 5-year journal helps you easily track and review your goals, thoughts, and memories. With this affordable classic-memory keeper, you can go back to your thoughts and feelings from any particular day over 5 years with a flip of a couple of pages. Your bridesmaids can revisit fond memories whenever they want.

  25. Silk Satin Pajamas
  26. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Silk-Satin-Pajamas
    Wearing comfortable nightwear helps you sleep more soundly. Apart from wearing this at night, this two-piece matching pajama is cute for indoor daily wearing and lounging. It’s a great gift for your bride tribe to take to the bachelorette party. After a long day and night of celebrations, the bridal shower party will appreciate comfortable sleep gowns to rest in. You can get one for yourself and even your mom, sister, or aunt!

  27. Under Eye Mask
  28. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Under-Eye-Mask
    You can maintain a bright look by using this incredible under-eye mask to enhance your facial routine. These anti-aging beauty products come in a pouch with 20 foil bags, each holding a pair of under-eye patches. They help reduce your wrinkles, dark eye circles, and that puffiness under your eyes.

    Gifts Under $50

  29. Jewelry Stand
  30. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Jewelry-Stand
    Keeping your necklaces in a box causes them to get tangled up with other jewelry. Sweat and moisture can cause your jewelry to change color or even dull their shine. This is why it’s important to keep your jewelry in a place they can receive a bit of airflow. The necklace hangers and jewelry tray makes it stylish to keep your jewelry on display in a decorative manner.

  31. Travel Cocktail Kit
  32. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Travel-Cocktail-Kit
    Enjoy cocktails in style with your premium cocktail kit wherever you are. This carry on vintage cocktail kit elevates your cocktail experience to give you the best cocktail concoctions you’ve ever made! You can make two top-shelf old-fashioned cocktails with all the ingredients contained in one cocktail set. Enjoy this elegant cocktail at your bridal shower, weekend getaway, or with anyone who loves to drink in style. Simply grab your choice of bourbon and mix it up!

  33. Cashmere Scarf
  34. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Cashmere-Scarf
    Lovely scarfs to style your favorite outfits for the winter season. These patterned scarfs are made from 100% cashmere to give you comfort and style. These scarfs are 65 inches wide and 12 inches long and big enough to protect you from cold during the winter. 

  35. Ari Heart Pendant Necklace
  36. Ari-Heart-Pendant-Necklace
    Necklaces are made to adorn your body, and even better when you own one that you can pair with almost any outfit. A simple and elegant necklace with an asymmetric design that will pair well with your clothes.

  37. Dark Chocolate Truffles
  38. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Dark-Chocolate-Truffles
    Have you ever met someone who hates chocolate? This delightful box has 12 decadent chocolate balls that are rich in taste to give you a satisfying experience. A perfect box for any chocolate lover. Sensational flavors like; salted caramel, Aztec spice, cinnamon, vanilla, and other exotic spices…It’s impossible for you not to love them all.

  39. Hand Painted Wine Glasses
  40. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Hand-Painted-Wine-Glasses
    Enjoy your wine in a special way with these wine glasses that exude elegance. This wine glass set is exquisite and one you’ll love to own if you’re a wine-glass enthusiast. A set is made of two wine glasses with gorgeous hand-painted art. An ideal set to add to your goblet collection.

  41. Spa Gift Box
  42. Cheap-Bridesmaid-Gifts-Spa-Gift-Box
    Whenever you feel stressed and need relaxation it may be time to spoil yourself with a spa treatment. This pretty box that contains lavender flavored products is everything you need for a sensational experience. One box contains; a lavender soap, bath salts, a bath bomb, and kaolin clay. These products are affordable, all-natural, and handcrafted to give your skin a top-notch treatment while relaxing your entire body.

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