27 Incredible Gifts for Your Brother in Law

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    Get a gift that’s as unique and cool as your brother-in-law. It’s the least you can do now that he’s stuck with your family. For. Life. Whether he’s a new addition to the family or a long time member, this awesome gift guide will be perfect for his 40th birthday, Christmas, father’s day, or any occasion. Here are ideas of the best gifts for your brother-in-law.

  1. Whiskey Decanter
  2. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Whiskey-Decanter
    Your brother-in-law will be the life of the next party giving shots to everyone. He’ll have to be quick on the draw with everyone wanting shot after shot. The set comes with 8 shot glasses, a dual holster, and two 7oz gun decanters. 

  3. Carbon Fiber Wallet
  4. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Carbon-Fiber-Wallet
    It’s obvious he’s really a nice guy and loves thieves so much he hands them a photocopy of his credit cards. He also loves having an outdated wallet crowding his jean pockets and sitting on one butt cheek because the wallet is so big and bulky. In case he’s not one of those gentlemen, make sure to grab this minimalist, RFID blocking, thief butt-kicking, high quality, carbon fiber wallet for his next gift.

  5. Magnetic Wristband
  6. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Magnetic-Wristband
    It’ll be like you’re lending him a hand when you’re not even there. The magnets and 2 small pockets around the wristband make sure he won’t lose those bolts and screws during his home improvement projects. He can work more safely and efficiently by not having to search for small objects in his pockets and toolbox. It also features a magnetic stick that can hold small objects up to 1.5 lbs. 

  7. Shaving Kit
  8. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Shaving-Kit
    Clean cut. Clean-shaven. Pristine look. The complete gift kit your brother-in-law needs to make sure he’s looking fresh from the salon. Save time, money, and still look badass afterward. All of his grooming needs are included in this kit: safety razor with 10 blades, razor stand, shaving brush, bowl, shaving soap, oil, and balm.

  9. Personalized Beer Glass
  10. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Personalized-Beer-Glass
    Everyone should have their go-to drinking glass. Give your brother-in-law a customized one for his favorite iced cold beer of the day. It holds 16oz of thirst-quenching liquid gold. Laser engrave his name or a thoughtful quote for a meaningful gift he’ll appreciate.

  11. Novelty Dress Socks
  12. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Novelty-Dress-Socks
    Business casual wear just got a bit more casual. Let some of his fun and quirky side shine at work or when he’s out on the town. His suit says, professional and working hard. His socks say, I’m dressed professionally, but I’m not boring. Choose from a few options of sock pairs that match his funky and quirky personality. 

  13. Game of Thrones Boardgame
  14. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Game-of-Thrones-Boardgame
    Unless he’s been living under a rock, your brother-in-law certainly has heard of one of the best TV series of all time, that is until the last season. Don’t worry. History can be rewritten under his reign. Grab this board game, gather 3-6 players, and prepare for an epic battle for the lands of Westeros.

  15. Fitbit Activity Tracker
  16. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Fitbit-Activity-Tracker
    Whether he wants to keep an eye on his overall health or he’s a health nut training for a marathon, this Fitbit fitness activity tracker is the perfect gift for him. He’ll be able to measure and track calories burned, miles ran, sleep cycles, get call and text notifications, and even teleport anywhere in the world. Okay, maybe not that last one, but it does have many other features and functions. 

  17. Personalized Golf Balls
  18. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Personalized-Golf-Balls
    Add a personal word or his name so he’ll be able to find his golf balls easily on the course. Of course, he always keeps it on the green and fairway so he’ll need an easy way to tell which ball is his. On the off chance that he finds himself in the rough with all those other pro golfers, his balls should be easily differentiated from the others. A total of 3 lines of text and 17 characters per line are available to give the most flexibility for customization.

  19. Compact Universal Travel Adapter
  20. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Compact-Universal-Travel-Adapter
    The least of his worries while traveling will be how he’ll be able to charge his electronic devices. From road warrior to casual family travel, this is one of the perfect gifts for your brother-in-law to have in his travel pack. Never be without power on his phone, tablet, smartwatch, and anything that uses a USB to charge. It is compatible with US/UK/EU/AUS plugs in over 200 countries and has 4 built-in USB ports.

  21. Echo Dot
  22. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Echo-Dot
    Transport his entire home to the future. Turn it into a smart home with this small and simple device. It can connect to his phone to play music, report the weather, set alarms, connect to other smart devices seamlessly. Using voice commands, turn on lights, and adjust the thermostat from the comfort of his sofa. It’s like having a personal assistant, band, weatherman, and news reporter all in one compact device.

  23. Gym Hand Grips
  24. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Gym-Hand-Grips
    The best part about CrossFit and lifting weights are seeing amazing results. The worst part? Hand calluses and blisters. These premium leather hand grips are a perfect fit and make being healthy more enjoyable. Leave the gym with ripped abs, not ripped hands.

  25. Bones Coffee Gift Set
  26. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Bones-Coffee-Gift-Set
    If he’s one of the casual coffee drinkers or coffee lovers he’ll appreciate these aromatic flavors. The small-batch craft coffee beans come ground or whole and are sealed in beautifully designed 4oz bags. This set comes in 5 unique flavors: maple bacon, strawberry cheesecake, s’morey time, highland grog, and Sinn-o-Bunn.

  27. Gaming Headset
  28. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Gaming-Headset
    One of the best gifts for brother-in-laws who wish to be able to level up their gameplay. Offering a 360-degree soundscape to hear which direction gunshots and footsteps are coming from. A noise-canceling mic is positioned to alert his teammates of enemies. Adjustable, lightweight, and soft memory foam pads will make long matches comfortable on his head and neck.

  29. Smart Plug
  30. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Smart-Plug
    Put away those tools. No need to call that expensive electrician. Anyone can make their dumb devices smart with this plug. Once plugged in and connected to the wifi, your brother-in-law can schedule and control that device from anywhere. He won’t ever have to rush home to turn off that light he left on. As long as he’s got a connection to the internet, he’ll be able to turn on and off appliances from across the house, or town. 

  31. Funny Cooking Apron
  32. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Funny-Cooking-Apron
    The perfect gift for your brother-in-law if he enjoys cooking up delicious meals. A funny quote for the cook who doesn’t always take everything seriously. Everyone will enjoy a laugh and he’ll be able to sit down at dinner without having grease or water splashes on his clothes.

  33. Outdoor Lawn Games
  34. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Outdoor-Lawn-Games
    This 2-in-1 bag and washer toss board combo is the ideal gift to entertain anywhere. Set it up out in the backyard, lay it out at the beach, or take it to a sports tailgating event. Keep score and see who can best the other in this game of accuracy.

  35. Whiskey Glasses
  36. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Whiskey-Glasses
    Gift your brother-in-law a fine set of 2 quality whiskey glasses. Or is it whisky? Either way, he’ll enjoy the taste of that exquisite scotch in this premium crafted glass. Or is it bourbon? 

  37. The Art of Mixology
  38. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-The-Art-of-Mixology
    He’s been saying he needs to read more books. This guide has over 200 easy to read recipes and photos included to make a drink for any occasion. Of all the gifts for your brother-in-law, this is the one you’ll want to make sure you’re there when he’s practicing his craft.

  39. Leather Gaming Chair
  40. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Leather Gaming Chair
    Work, play, and relax. Maybe he enjoys working, but his pastime is gaming. Of course, this will be the perfect present to help increase work efficiency. With up to a 180-degree recline and supporting cushions, he’ll be comfortable working and gaming for hours at a time, but mostly gaming.

  41. YETI Tumbler
  42. brother-in-law-yeti-tumbler
    Hot drinks in the summer and cold drinks in the winter are not what he would call a good idea for drinks during those seasons. Give him a personalized YETI tumbler to make sure drinks are as they should be, iced cold in the heat of summer and toasty warm in the winter. 

  43. Poker Set
  44. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Poker Set
    Poker nights just got an upgrade. Those countless nights winning will feel like gifts for your brother-in-law. The feel and weight of the clay chips make it feel like he’s in a fancy casino playing at the high rollers table. This set features 500 clay poker chips, 2 decks of playing cards, 5 red dice, and a dealer button. 

  45. Slip-on Shoes
  46. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Slip-on Shoes
    Everyday shoes for the everywhere man. These shoes are unbelievably comfortable, easy to take on and off, and are made of quality suede leather. They make working on his feet all day comfortable by adding support at the heel. He can go straight from work to a light hike in the late afternoon then a casual stroll through the neighborhood for date night, all in the same pair of shoes.

  47. Duffel Bag
  48. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Duffel Bag
    The best gift for your brother-in-law to carry his things on any outing. Whether he’s headed to the gym, needing a weekender bag, or using it as a carry-on for a week-long trip, he can pack them with him in this waterproof and tear-resistant bag. A ventilated side pocket can be used to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones. When not in use, it can fold to a size similar to a large tablet to be stored.

  49. Sunglasses
  50. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Sunglasses
    When he’s struggling with sun glare or out enjoying sunny activities, he’ll ideally have these sunglasses with him. Stylish, lightweight, and protective. Not only will he be able to see and protect his eyes in the bright sunshine, he’ll be doing it fashionably.

  51. Leather Ratchet Belt
  52. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Leather Ratchet Belt
    The custom-tailored accessory that should be a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. That awkward belt end that sticks out is a thing of the past. This belt buckle can be removed to allow him to cut the leather belt to a more fitting length. The ratchet buckle secures the belt in place, removing the need for those unsightly holes, gives him a clean and dapper look. 

  53. Fitness Planner
  54. Gifts-for-Brother-in-Law-Fitness Planner
    Is he into meeting and maintaining health and fitness milestones? Using a light and simple notebook to measure daily activities is the only way to manage what he wants out of his workouts. This fitness journal will show him his progress, plan his nutrition and workout for the week, and keep him on track to meet all of his fitness goals.

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