23 Top Hair Stylist Gifts to say Thanks!

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    Get amazing hair stylist gifts for the lovely lady who makes you look amazing! Say “thank you” by getting her something she can pamper herself with on her day off, or accessories to help make her job easier. Here is a list of hair stylist gifts.

  1. Hair Stylist Apron
  2. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Stylist Apron
    Hair stylists have many tools that they always use while cutting hair and it’s important to keep them close by. With this hair stylist apron, they would be able to keep their most valuable tools on them at all times! This high-quality apron has six large pockets. It is perfect for carrying tools, cell phones, and wallets. Your favorite hair stylist would be thrilled to use this for a lifetime.

  3. Funny Coffee Mug
  4. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Funny Coffee Mug
    Do you have a best friend hairstylist that always has a cup of coffee in their hand? A funny coffee mug is the perfect hairstylist gift! This coffee mug is unique with a blow dryer for a handle and a catchy saying on the front. The mug can hold up to 14 ounces of your friend’s favorite drink. They will be finding any excuse to show this mug off to friends, family, and coworkers!

  5. Hair Stylist Charm Bracelet
  6. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Stylist Charm Bracelet
    Bracelets are a one-of-a-kind, thoughtful piece of jewelry that shows anyone how much you care about them. If you have a special someone in your life that styles hair, it would be a great idea to add this hair stylist charm bracelet to their wardrobe! It is a wonderful hair stylist gift as it is adjustable and features five unique charms. This bracelet also comes in an adorable jewelry pouch!

  7. Hairdresser Keychain
  8. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hairdresser Keychain
    Are you looking to add a little something extra to your tip next time you get your hair done? Keychains are thoughtful gifts for hairdressers that shows just how much you appreciate their talents. The keychain has two stylish charms and a cute, catchy saying. She’ll be talking about how much they love their keychain to everyone they know!

  9. The Beauty Industry Survival Guide
  10. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-The Beauty Industry Survival Guide
    Do you have a relative that is graduating from cosmetology school? Set them up for success with “The Beauty Industry Survival Guide: A Salon Professional’s Handbook” by Tina Alberino. The book is described to contain valuable information that hairdresser may not have learned in school. You’ll be giving them a book full of useful lessons that they can apply to their career for years to come.

  11. Spa Gift Basket
  12. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Spa Gift Basket
    Your hair stylist wife is on her feet for most of her workday. While she loves her job, this can be exhausting and stressful for some days. Help her relax with a spa gift basket! Gift baskets are gifts for hairdressers that will make the stress of work melt away. This basket contains luxury items such as body scrub, massage oil, and so much more. She will feel like the queen she is by the end of the day!

  13. Hairdresser Decor
  14. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hairdresser Decor
    Is your hairstylist daughter moving out on her own for the first time? Treat her with this aesthetically pleasing hairdresser décor. The sign has a cute blow dryer and a quote that will make any guest smile. This hairstylist gift can be put in any room of the house and look perfect! Is she starting her first hairstylist job? This sign would also look great among her pictures and business cards at her booth!

  15. Hair Salon Clock
  16. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Salon Clock
    It’s important to make sure that they are keeping their appointments to a set amount of time, so they do not get backed up throughout the day. A stylish clock is just the thing they’ll need to keep them on track without having to look at their phone every few minutes. This hair salon clock features pictures of combs, scissors, a hairdryer, shampoo, and much more in place of the standard numbers on a clock.

  17. Hair Cutting Shears
  18. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Cutting Shears
    If you are looking for the perfect idea to give to your sister who is just starting out as a hairstylist, these hair cutting shears are great! Quality hair cutting shears are essential to a clean, attractive haircut. These shears are handmade, sharp, and are designed with comfort in mind. She’ll be using these shears every day at work, thankful for their high quality!

  19. Scissor Roll-Up Holder
  20. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Scissor Roll-Up Holder
    Often, hairdressers have more than one pair of scissors and many styles of combs in their tool kit. These tools can be hard to keep track of but with a scissor roll-up holder, they’ll never lose a tool again! If your hair stylist aunt is always complaining about misplacing her scissors, this holder would be a wonderful hair stylist gift to give her. It is made with high-quality materials and will always keep up to three pairs of scissors and many more tools organized!

  21. Hairdresser Ornament
  22. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hairdresser Ornament
    The holidays are a great time to show your appreciation to your hairdresser. Christmas ornaments are sweet, sentimental gifts for hairdressers that’ll make them smile for many years to come. Cathedral Art has created an ornament with a sweet saying that can be gifted as is or even paired with a bottle of wine. The design goes with any style or color of the tree, making it very versatile!

  23. Salon Scissors Rack
  24. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Salon Scissors Rack
    Does your hairstylist mom love modern décor? Add this salon scissors rack to her hair booth! The rack will hold all her favorite scissors and accessories. It features an adorable scissor design on the front of the holder. The inside of the holder has rubber bristles that clean and hold the scissors, so they are not falling all over the place. Your mom will love adding this holder to her booth décor!

  25. Stylist Sprayer
  26. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Stylist Sprayer
    Does your hair stylist ever complain about their hands hurting after spraying your hair down? This hair stylist gift is perfect to help avoid those aches and pains during a hair appointment. The stylist sprayer has an easy to use design and even has a 360-degree spraying option! The sprayer can wet down a large area at a time and it is refillable. They will never need another spray bottle again!

  27. Detangling Brush
  28. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Detangling Brush
    Is your hair stylist’s husband always trying out new hairdos on his daughter? But every time he brushes her hair, the brush gets caught in a tangle and hurts? You can prevent that pain by giving him this detangling brush! This hair stylist gift can be used on wet or dry hair and reduces the amount of hair that gets pulled out while brushing. Herr hair will be untangled, and her scalp will be pain-free after using this detangling brush!

  29. Crocs Classic Clog
  30. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Crocs Classic Clog
    Your best friend hairstylist is on their feet for hours on end at work. This can result in painful, sweaty feet that can make the workday uncomfortable. That can all be fixed with these Crocs Classic Clogs. They are easy to slip on and off, lightweight, made with materials that shed water, and can be worn both on the clock and off! Every hair stylist should have a pair of these Crocs in their closet.

  31. Hair Cutting Cape
  32. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Cutting Cape
    Very few things are worse than the feeling of your hair irritating your skin. This can be even more uncomfortable when you just got a hair cut and there are strands of your hair all over you and you cannot possibly get it all off. This situation can be avoided with a hair cutting cape. The hair cutting cape is lightweight, comfortable, and keeps loose strands from sticking to your clothes. It is a staple in any hair stylist’s tool kit!

  33. Hairstylist Tile Decor
  34. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hairstylist Tile Decor
    Your hair stylist wife has always done an amazing job with your hair. It is time to thank her for all those free haircuts with this beautiful tile décor! This hair stylist gift is the ideal size to be hung or displayed in any room of the house. It depicts all the tools they’ll use on clients’ hair and has a sweet quote that is bound to make her smile.

  35. Personalized Tote
  36. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Personalized Tote
    Nothing shows how much you appreciate a person quite like a personalized accessory. With this personalized tote, that hair stylist in your life will be able to feel the appreciation every time they pick it up. It has outside, mesh pockets perfect for their smaller tools, snacks, or even their personal items. They will be thrilled to have a bag that is unlike anyone else’s!

  37. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
  38. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
    You love your hair stylist and she makes you look amazing. As much as you would love to massage their feet every day after work, they would really benefit from a deep, heated foot massage. Massager machines are great hair stylist gifts that will provide them with as many foot massages as they can handle. There are different modes that allow them to choose how intense of a foot massage they need and is perfect for relaxing tired feet!

  39. Hair Stylist T-Shirt
  40. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hair Stylist T-Shirt
    We have all met a hair stylist that has an amazing sense of fashion. This T-shirt will help them show off that fashion sense both at work and on a night out. The shirt has slits cut on the short sleeves and has rhinestones that spell out “Hair Stylist”. There are also cute tools made from rhinestones! She’ll be excited to show off her new fashionable T-shirt.

  41. Funny Wine Glass
  42. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Funny Wine Glass
    Some days are good, some days are bad. But all days are better with a glass of wine at the end. So, when your hair stylist sister calls you crying about a difficult client, bring them over this funny wine glass! The glass can hold up to 10 ounces of her favorite wine and she can show you just how bad of a day she has had with the funny saying on the back!

  43. Hairstylist Charms
  44. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Hairstylist Charms
    Personalized jewelry is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. With these hairstylist charms, you can create the perfect hair stylist gifts! Not only can they be used to make jewelry, but they can be used to personalize almost anything such as keychains, backpacks, purses, and jacket zippers. You can glam up your hair stylist’s look with these charms to show them how much you care!

  45. Rolling Storage Cart
  46. Hair-Sytlist-Gifts-Rolling Storage Cart
    Sometimes, one table is not enough to hold all the tools and accessories that a hair stylist uses throughout the day. A storage rolling cart is just the thing a new hair stylist needs to make their workspace organized and efficient. It is made from high-quality materials, has five drawers, and features a fantastic tray on top to give them easy access to their most-used items.

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