18 Refreshing Dental Hygienist Gifts

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    Get practical and useful dental hygienist gifts for your favorite professional to use at home or the office. If the registered dental hygienist, or RDH, in your life loves their job they’ll likely appreciate gifts that will improve their smile or make others smile. From personalized funny gifts to practical gifts they can use everyday. Here is a list of dental hygienist gifts.

  1. Tooth Pot Planter
  2. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Tooth-Pot-Planter
    Every dentist office needs cute decorations to spruce up the environment. The perfect dental hygienist gifts to do just that are these tooth pot planters! These cute planters feature adorable faces on the front and will brighten up any office. They can be put on a windowsill, end table, desk, or any other surface that needs a pop of life. Any dental professional would love looking at these every day!

  3. Dental Hygiene Teeth Socks
  4. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Dental-Hygiene-Teeth-Socks
    Does your dental hygienist wife love to wear crazy socks no matter the occasion? Give her a pair that’ll go great with work! These dental hygiene teeth socks are especially great if she often works with kids because they’ll think they’re hilarious. The teeth are shown brushing and flossing, making them great for showing patients how fun taking care of your teeth can be.

  5. Because Patients Wine Glass
  6. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Because-Patients-Wine-Glass
    Is your mom a wine-crazed dental hygienist? She will love adding this “Because Patients” wine glass to her collection! This stemless wine glass can be filled with 15 ounces of her favorite wine. The wording on the front is beautifully printed with inks made for ceramic materials. Your mom will look forward to coming home and talking about her day at work with this wine glass in her hand.

  7. Dental Hygienist Keychain
  8. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Dental-Hygienist-Keychain
    Make your dad laugh every time he starts the car with a dental hygienist keychain! This super cute keychain reads “same spit, different day” and has toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a tooth attached to the ring. The high-quality materials that it’s made of will keep it looking new for a long time! Keychains are great dental hygienist gifts for people who love funny sayings and seem to already have everything.

  9. Funny T-Shirt
  10. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Funny-T-Shirt
    Need a great conversation starter about your profession? This funny t-shirt will do the trick! The teeth on the front are cracking a funny joke about having crowns on your teeth and it’ll get everyone in the group laughing. It’ll be a perfect segue into a conversation about how amazing your job as a dental hygienist is! Every dental hygienist needs this lightweight, comfortable, and humorous tee in their collection.

  11. Working Cap
  12. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Working-Cap
    Does your best friend complain about having to wear ugly, uncomfortable caps at work? Surprise her with these adorable working caps! The prints will promote healthy teeth care while keeping her hair out of her face while working. They even have buttons on the side to put a mask on to keep pressure off her ears. These caps are perfect for keeping her comfortable and sweat-free during a long shift at the dentist office.

  13. Tooth Fairy ID Badge Holder
  14. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Tooth-Fairy-ID-Badge-Holder
    Your daughter is starting her new job as a dental professional and you want to send her to work with something that’ll make her smile. This tooth fairy ID badge holder is practical and adorable! She’ll be thinking of you with this dental hygienist gift on her shirt every day. It has a retractable cord, making it easy for her to badge in or show off her name badge to patients. The cute tooth on the front will make patients young and old smile!

  15. Electric Toothbrush & Water Flosser
  16. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Electric-Toothbrush-Water-Flosser
    Being a registered dental hygienist, you know how important it is to keep your teeth clean from debris that builds up daily. You and your spouse can promote good teeth cleaning habits with an electric toothbrush and water flosser. It’s great for any person because there are seven different tips, a timer for perfect brushing, and adjustable water pressure. You’ll be able to feel and see the difference after using this toothbrush and flosser!

  17. Bib Holder Clips
  18. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Bib-Holder-Clips
    Have you noticed the bibs that you put on your patients always slip off during their appointment, causing them to get stuff on their shirt? Bib holder clips can solve that problem in a sinch. They’re colorful and high-quality clips, making them durable for multiple uses! Your patients will be happy to see this addition to your supplies next time they come in for a visit!

  19. Teeth Notebook Journal
  20. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Teeth-Notebook-Journal
    Is your son going to school to be a dental hygienist and you want a way to show your support? Dental hygienist gifts to jot down ideas and memories are perfect for students! A teeth notebook journal is great for taking notes, is small enough to fit in any school bag they use, and will always remind them how amazing they are! They may even keep this notebook to reference long past their graduation date!

  21. Cute Bento Lunch Box
  22. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Cute-Bento-Lunch-Box
    Taking lunch can be tricky to do when you have containers that frequently leak in your car or fridge. A cute bento lunch box will prevent that spillage during your commute to the dentist office. You’ll be able to bring foods to work such as soups and sauces without spills! In addition to the durable, 3-tier food container, you’ll also get a delightful insulated bag to carry your lunch around!

  23. BeKind Scented Candles
  24. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-BeKind-Scented-Candles
    Dental hygienists can sometimes have difficulty relaxing after a long day at work. Make it easier for them with BeKind scented candles. A dental hygienist gift like this is perfect because there are a variety of scents to choose from and they’re adorable enough to be in any room of the house or office! They’ll get around 18 hours to burn each candle and can store them in the cute box!

  25. Toothbrush Sanitizer Holder
  26. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Toothbrush-Sanitizer-Holder
    You know how much build up can occur on a toothbrush and want a way to sanitize your family’s at home. Toothbrush sanitizer holders are great to have in each bathroom and can hold up to 5 toothbrushes! The toothbrushes will be sanitized in 6 minutes and restore your peace of mind. Not only that, but you can keep your toothpaste neat and tidy with the attached squeezer and holder! Your toothbrushes will be as clean as the tools in your dentist office!

  27. V-Neck Scrubs
  28. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-V-Neck-Scrubs
    Comfort and practicality are two of the most important aspects of work attire. If your girlfriend is struggling to find the perfect fit, she needs these V-neck scrubs! Scrubs are fantastic dental hygienist gifts because she’ll feel fashionable with the V-neck but still have plenty of pockets for her supplies. They’re made with high-quality materials that will last a long time and will keep your girlfriend, or GF, comfortable during long shifts.

  29. Bamboo Charcoal Floss
  30. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Bamboo-Charcoal-Floss
    Are you looking for a way to add more sustainable supplies into your dentist office? Floss is usually one of those things that’s overlooked when thinking about the environment. Bamboo charcoal floss is a great alternative to your typical dental floss. It comes in a glass container that can be reused, making your waste footprint even smaller. The floss is strong and coated with plant-based wax, allowing you to clean any patient’s teeth sustainably!

  31. Funny Dental Coffee Mug
  32. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Funny-Dental-Coffee-Mug
    A funny dental coffee mug is always the right choice when trying to decide on dental hygienist gifts. This adorable mug would be great for your dad that drinks coffee every morning before work, or your best friend that unwinds with a cup of tea each night. Any dental hygienist will laugh and show off the adorable pictures of teeth printed all around the mug!

  33. Teeth Whitening Kit
  34. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Teeth-Whitening-Kit
    Does your dental hygienist daughter rave about the new teeth whitening technology and always tells you about how she can’t wait to get her hands on it? Put her ahead of the game with this teeth whitening kit! The kit whitens teeth with LED lights and can be used on even the most sensitive of teeth. Your daughter will be thrilled to try out her dental hygienist gift!

  35. Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
  36. Dental-Hygienist-Gifts-Activated-Charcoal-Toothpaste
    Is your boyfriend always trying to push natural, eco-friendly products into the dentist office? Give him a natural dental hygienist gift to use at home! Activated charcoal toothpaste is all the rage because of its excellent teeth whitening abilities and natural ingredients. It still provides minty breath and makes teeth squeaky clean. He’ll be able to prove just how powerful natural products can be after using this activated charcoal toothpaste!

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