20 Unique Cubicle Gifts for the Practical Office

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    Get cubicle gifts to keep the workspace tidy yet personalized. They’ve got to go in every day and sit at a desk for hours on end. Make it the most comfortable and meaningful space with these ideas for their desk. From practical desk accessories to unique footrests to help their circulation. Here is a list of cubicle gifts.

  1. Mini Crock-Pot
  2. Cubicle-Gifts-Mini-Crock-Pot
    Does your microwave at work always have a line of people waiting to use it during your lunch break? Don’t waste your time waiting in line when you can use a mini Crock-Pot in your cubicle instead. These cubicle gifts can hold your favorite lunch and easily warm it up to your desired temperature. There’s no need to worry about someone walking by and burning themselves on it since the outside of the Crock-Pot stays cool!

  3. Clip on Security Mirror
  4. Cubicle-Gifts-Clip-on-Security-Mirror
    Does your husband like to be able to see when someone walks up on him so he’s not startled? This may bother him if he works in a cubicle with his computer against a wall. Mirror cubicle gifts will make him feel safer at work. The clip-on security mirror has a heavy-duty clip that can be attached to a wide variety of surfaces. It can be adjusted to any angle your husband desires and he‘ll never have to worry about what is going on behind him at work again!

  5. Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger
  6. Cubicle-Gifts-Desk-Lamp-with-Wireless-Charger
    Sometimes your mom stays late at work in the office. She’s always complaining that she needs a lamp at her desk to read paperwork more clearly after hours. Help brighten her cubicle with a desk lamp with a wireless charger! She’ll even be able to adjust the brightness and color of the lamp. A cubicle gift that improves her work performance and makes sure her phone stays charged throughout the day is one she’ll truly be grateful for.

  7. Computer Privacy Screen
  8. Cubicle-Gifts-Computer-Privacy-Screen
    Do you assign important, private projects to your employees and don’t want others to be able to see the confidential information? Set each of your employees’ cubicle computers up with a computer privacy screen! The filter is removable in case you need to put it on a new computer or need to show a colleague a spreadsheet from your screen. Your employees will be able to see what they are working on right in front of them but employees walking by won’t be able to peek over their shoulders!

  9. Coffe Mug Warmer Set
  10. Cubicle-Gifts-Coffe-Mug-Warmer-Set
    If your dad is a coffee drinker that always lets his coffee get cold when he is doing a project at work, mug warmers are the cubicle gifts for him! The coffee mug warmer set comes with a mug that matches the warmer, but your dad can still use his favorite mug you got him for Father’s Day! The great thing about this mug warmer is that he won’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off. The warmer turns off automatically when there’s nothing on it and turns back on when he sets his mug down!

  11. Tape Dispenser
  12. Cubicle-Gifts-Tape-Dispenser
    Do you have a coworker that is always talking about how much they love their record player? A tape dispenser in the shape of a retro record player is the perfect cubicle gift for them! Tape is one of the most-used office supplies at work so why not make it fun? The weighted base on this tape dispenser makes tearing off a piece of tape a breeze. Your coworker will be thrilled to have a tape dispenser record player at work with them!

  13. Bento Lunch Box
  14. Cubicle-Gifts-Bento-Lunch-Box
    Sticking to healthy eating or a diet can be extremely tough at work. Everyone around you is ordering from a restaurant and you forgot to make your lunch again. Remedy this problem with a bento lunch box. A lunch box like this is perfect for meal prepping and contains everything you need to eat your lunch in your office cube. It is easy to plan a whole week’s worth of lunches when you have these cubicle gifts to keep you organized and motivated!

  15. Mini Fridge
  16. Cubicle-Gifts-Mini-Fridge
    Do you notice your drinks and snacks coming up missing when you leave them in the staff fridge? Keep your drinks and snacks safe with a mini-fridge in your cubicle. Cubicle gift ideas for storing your favorite pops, water bottles, and small snacks can give you the energy needed to push through those long afternoons. One of the unique features of this mini fridge is the warming setting! If you need to keep something warm, just adjust the setting and it will heat up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit!

  17. Note Dispenser
  18. Cubicle-Gifts-Note-Dispenser
    Your best friend is a photo editor and works in an office setting but she is dying to get behind the camera one day. Keep her dreams alive with cubicle gift ideas shaped like a camera! This office gift is a cute and thoughtful way to show her how much you believe in her dreams. She’ll be able to jot down her ideas in an instant with these post-it notes readily available!

  19. Bodum French Press
  20. Cubicle-Gifts-Bodum-French-Press
    Having to go to the break room to get coffee only to discover someone drank the rest of the less than stellar coffee is an annoyance that can be easily avoided by keeping your own Bodum french press in your cubicle. All you need to do is add coffee grounds and hot water. Your own batch of coffee can be done in four minutes and tastes more flavorful than coffee from a coffee pot!

  21. Foot Rest
  22. Cubicle-Gifts-Foot-Rest
    Do you notice your wife being bothered by her legs and hips hurting from sitting at work too long? Footrests are cubicle gifts that help relieve those aches and pains. The benefits of using a soft footrest are improved circulation, comfort, and more support to her legs and feet while sitting. Her workday will flow much easier with a memory foam footrest.

  23. Desktop Note Roller
  24. Cubicle-Gifts-Desktop-Note-Roller
    You want your employees to be able to write their thoughts down on a project freely without worrying about searching around for a piece of paper. This desk accessory is a perfect way to give that to all your employees! It holds a roll of paper long enough for many note-taking sessions and looks stylish in their cubicle!

  25. Balance Ball Chair
  26. Cubicle-Gifts-Balance-Ball-Chair
    It is hard to get exercise when you work in a cubicle most of your day and have a busy life outside of work. With this unique balancing chair, you’ll be able to get more exercise than you would in a normal desk chair. After using this work chair, you may notice that you even have less back pain and improved posture! Your productivity during work will be heightened by the amazing movements you’ll make on this chair!

  27. Desk Organizer
  28. Cubicle-Gifts-Desk-Organizer
    Organization is key to a productive workday. Too much clutter can distract someone from their job and that wouldn’t be good for business. Keep your employees organized with a desk organizer! They’ll have enough room for office items in their cube such as pens, paper clips, their phone, post-it notes, and much more. The office space will be tidier than ever before!

  29. Leather Desk Pad Protector
  30. Cubicle-Gifts-Leather-Desk-Pad-Protector
    You just started a job in an office where you get your very own cubicle and are looking for ways to spice up your space. A good desk pad is just the thing you need to add some pop of color to your desk. This is a durable, waterproof pad that’ll keep your laptop from slipping around as you work. Your desk will stay in great condition since it also protects the desk from heat and ink ruining the top!

  31. Desktop Sticky Note Holder
  32. Cubicle-Gifts-Desktop-Sticky-Note-Holder
    Are you looking for a way to show your son your support of his new office job while keeping him organized? This office accessory gift can hold pictures of his girlfriend on one side and important work notes on the other. A cubicle gift should be personalized and useful and this holder does both! It even can hold a pack of sticky notes on the bottom!

  33. Artificial Succulent Office Decor
  34. Cubicle-Gifts-Artificial-Succulent-Office-Decor
    Your coworker is obsessed with succulents and you are starting to take a liking to the way her cubicle looks with them on her desk. Start off with this office decor gift set idea to brighten your workspace! They are the perfect size for a cubicle and have sweet sayings on the front to keep you motivated throughout the day. You will feel great looking at these beauties during work!

  35. YETI Stainless Steel Mug
  36. Cubicle-Gifts-YETI-Stainless-Steel-Mug
    Drinking cold coffee that’s supposed to be hot can really put a damper on your mood. Send your wife to work with a YETI mug that’ll keep her daily fuel warm for hours while she works in her cubicle. These insulated mugs are great cubicle gifts because of their compact size and sweatproof technology, keeping her desk dry throughout the day!

  37. AirPods Pro Bluetooth Headphone
  38. Cubicle-Gifts-AirPods-Pro-Bluetooth-Headphone
    It can be really distracting to hear people talking while you’re in your cubicle trying to finish a big project that’s due in an hour. With noise-canceling headphones, you’ll be able to focus on your work and not even have to worry about annoying cords getting caught as you reach for files. These are great to block out noise but still allow you to hear your boss trying to start a conversation with you!

  39. Foot Hammock
  40. Cubicle-Gifts-Foot-Hammock
    No one likes it when their legs and hips start aching because of sitting down all day. If you notice you’re having pains and circulation problems, you may benefit from having your feet elevated while you work in your cubicle. This unique foot hammock will keep your feet and legs comfortable and will remind you of a relaxing vacation. It’s also adjustable, making it perfect for people of any height!

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