19 Thoughtful Retirement Gifts for Mom

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    Get her gifts that will make her excited for her last day of work. Your mom will soon have lots of time on her hands. She’s worked a long and successful career and deserves to be pampered and enjoy this new part of her life. Get her meaningful gifts to track her travel, or things to challenge her mind. Here is a list of retirement gifts for mom.

  1. Travel Journal
  2. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Travel Journal
    Exploring the world can be as simple as setting a relaxing weekend trip to the beach or as exhilarating as exploring the Himalayas, but the one that’s common between both is that you have to be organized. This minimalistic journal can help you do just that: keep a track of all your to-do lists, your expenses, and your itinerary, all in one place. 

  3. Personalized Bookmark
  4. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Personalized Bookmark
    How many times have you found yourself flipping through pages, scanning your brain trying to recall where you left off in a certain book? Well, this handcrafted personalized wooden bookmark has your name on it. You don’t have to worry about forgetting which page you were on while making your reading experience uniquely your own.  

  5. Travel Map: World & United States
  6. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Travel Map World  United States
    Most people spend their lives in one place because they have commitments. But after retirement, they can do what they wish. If your mother is one such person then encourage her to tap into her adventurous side and experience the world by gifting her this unique travel map. She can scratch-off each country she visits to keep track of her travels! 

  7. Retirement Wish Jar
  8. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Retirement Wish Jar
    Most of us traverse through life foregoing our dreams and desires in pursuit of a professional career. When retirement comes around, we finally have time dedicated to ourselves. That’s where this wish jar comes in handy: have coworkers and friends jot down all the projects and adventures you wish to undertake after retirement.

  9. Garden Tools Set
  10. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Garden Tools Set
    Humans are destroying the planet, a record place since the industrialization era, but we also have the incredible ability to heal the planet and rebuild our soil. This heavy-duty gardening kit comes with 49 unique tools that can be used to plant the seeds for a hobby that leaves a lasting positive impact, long after the season has ended. 

  11. Retirement Wine Glass
  12. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Retirement Wine Glass
    The ending of a long and successful career is something to celebrate, after all that hard work, it’s time to unwind. What better way to take the edge off than a glass of exquisitely aged wine. That’s why, if you’re looking for a retirement gift for mom, you can’t get better than this hand-painted wine glass, which can be used as tableware or home decor.  

  13. Spa Gift Basket
  14. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Spa Gift Basket
    Self-care is important for a multitude of reasons: it allows you to reset mentally and physically while improving your mood and better positioning you for social interactions through enhanced self-confidence. If you’re looking for the perfect retirement gift for mom, then this is it! This all-inclusive gift basket has an assortment of shampoos, soaps, and lotions that will give your mother the at-home spa treatment she deserves!

  15. Audible Book Subscription
  16. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Audible Book Subscription
    George R.R. Martin once said: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads lives only one”. That statement rings of truth, yet in today’s fast-paced society finding time to read can be challenging. This retirement gift for mom fixes that problem: with an Audible subscription, your loved one can consume multiple books at their desired pace!

  17. 100 Drives, 5,00 Ideas
  18. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-100 Drives 5,000 Ideas
    Travel is one of the best ways to reconnect and rediscover parts of yourself that you lost during the hustle and bustle of daily life. If someone you love is closing in on retirement, then this tour guide booklet is a gift they would enjoy. Mapping the United States and Canada, this informative guide is the perfect companion for someone wanting to wander into the wilderness to explore life. 

  19. Funny Retirement Mug
  20. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Funny Retirement Mug
    What better way to celebrate a long and meaningful career than with a tasteful piece of memorabilia that makes you smile each time you look at it. If your parents enjoy a loving relationship and appreciate banter, then this is the retirement gift you’re looking for. Place it in the living room, on the bedside table, or use it as a wake-me-up coffee mug!

  21. Jewelry
  22. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Jewelry
    With the availability of high tech gadgets and the internet, the world has gone digital and so have our gift choices. But sometimes, going back to classics is a good way to stand out, and what says class like jewelry. Blending fashion with elegance, this Ari pendant is the chic retirement gift for mom that you’re looking for! 

  23. Art Kit
  24. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Art Kit
    Retirement can bring with it the eventual declining challenges to our cognitive abilities, that’s why finding novel ways to stimulate your brain should be a priority. This versatile 149-piece art set will keep you productively engaged while refining your coordination and motor skills through projects that allow you to express yourself in the most creative ways possible. 

  25. Life is in the Transitions
  26. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Life is in the Transitions
    The end of one phase of life can be exciting, exhilarating yet challenging and daunting at the same time. In this poignant book, the author gives insightful suggestions to everyone that is trying to navigate the waters of life-altering change, making it the perfect retirement gift for mom on her last day of work.

  27. Day of the Week Clock
  28. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Day of the Week Clock
    Have you ever looked at a clock and wondered what day it was? With this gift, you can answer just that. A truly novel item, this unique perspective is perfect for someone who values living with the day to day big picture in mind, time management and appreciates a good laugh. With its mahogany wood exterior, this is a stylish addition to your home decor. 

  29. Recipe Box
  30. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Recipe Box
    Healthy eating is the cornerstone of living an active life, and recipes help ensure that the same ingredients and quantities are used each time. Most people just memorize their cooking secrets, but for the more organized retired mom, this recipe box is perfect. Use its multiple compartments to hold everything from your phone to your notes, accessing it all from the comfort of your countertop.

  31. Facial Skincare
  32. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Facial Skincare
    Over cleansing of the skin using harsh chemicals can set off your protein-lipid balance, damaging your skin and making you more susceptible to acne inducing bacterial infections. That’s why it’s important to use a cleanser that maintains the PH balance on your skin even after daily use. This silicon-free, vitamin C packed serum will help you do just that!  

  33. Indoor Plant
  34. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Indoor Plant
    A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology stated that on top of absorbing carbon dioxide, indoor plants can help lower cortisol levels and reduce stress. So, brighten up your decor and add ambiance to your living space with this blooming anthurium, the perfect retirement gift for mom.

  35. Pajama Sleepwear
  36. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Pajama Sleepwear
    In his book, “Power of Sleep” Mathew Walker outlines the restorative and rejuvenating properties of a well-balanced sleeping routine. Among his many tips to utilize comfortable clothing to induce an undisturbed slumber. This V-neck nightgown made of a soft and breathable blend will help you in dozing off as soon as you’re in bed!

  37. Retirement Wine Bottle Labels
  38. Retirement-Gifts-for-Mom-Retirement Wine Bottle Labels
    Retirement parties are among some of the most memorable events of an individual’s life because they celebrate a lifetime of dedication and accomplishments. And the perfect party deserves the perfect present!  This pack of six waterproof retirement stickers can be slapped onto wine bottles and have your guests chuckling at your mom’s retirement party. 

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