16 Loving Valentine for Coworker Appreciation

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    Get chocolates to satisfy their sweet tooth, or a practical coffee mug to show your coworkers you love being around them. February 14th doesn’t have to be for lovers. It can be a day to give thank you gifts for Valentine for your coworker that you appreciate every day! Here is a list of gifts for Valentine for coworker friends.

  1. M&M Milk Chocolate MINIS
  2. Valentine-for-Coworker-M&M-Milk-Chocolate-MINIS
    If you’re looking for a way to surprise your coworkers this Valentine’s Day, M&M Milk Chocolate MINIS is guaranteed to make their day! This pack of 24 tubes filled with mini M&Ms is convenient and tasty. They can easily be displayed for all of them to grab or tied up with a pretty ribbon and a special note to show each coworker how much they mean to you!

  3. Scented Soy Candle
  4. Valentine-for-Coworker-Scented-Soy-Candle
    If you don’t know what to get your female coworkers for Valentine’s Day, get them a scented soy candle! Everyone could always use a candle, and will they love the beautiful containers that the wax was poured in. Each candle lasts about 15 hours and is all-natural. The variety of scents in each box will allow you to make each valentine for your coworkers special without a lot of effort.

  5. Valentines Day Stress Hearts
  6. Valentine-for-Coworker-Valentines-Day-Stress-Hearts
    Do you and your coworkers work in a fast-paced, stressful environment? Give them away to relax with Valentine’s Day stress hearts! These Valentines for coworkers are small enough to fit in their pocket or purse for convenient use throughout the day. The smiley face on the front and cute heart shape will make them smile every time they use it, bringing more happiness into the workplace!

  7. Funny Coffee Mug
  8. Valentine-for-Coworker-Funny-Coffee-Mug
    Is there a male coworker at your job that is always cracking jokes? Give them a joke for Valentine’s Day that they’ll love looking at every day with this funny coffee mug! The cup reads “World’s Okayest Co-worker”. They’ll love it because they’ll know, in reality, they’re the best coworker you’ve ever had! It can hold 11 ounces of their favorite drink, making it the perfect size to get them through a long day.

  9. Starbucks Gift Cards
  10. Valentine-for-Coworker-Starbucks-Gift-Cards
    Everyone loves Starbucks because of its unique flavors, variety of beverages, and ability to buy enough caffeine to get them through a long workday. Gift each of your coworker’s energy with Starbucks Gift Cards! This Valentine for coworkers is perfect because they’ll be able to pick out exactly what want. The gift card can be tucked in a card or bag, or even attached to a holiday tag for extra cheer.

  11. Best Work Wife Mug
  12. Valentine-for-Coworker-Best-Work-Wife-Mug
    Do you have a female coworker that you click with like nobody else? One that you go to about everything and always has your back? Get her a “Best Work Wife” Mug for Valentine’s Day! It can be filled up with 11 ounces of coffee, tea, or anything other drink she likes. Your work wife could even display it on her desk filled with pen and pencils. She’ll truly know how much you appreciate her with this mug.

  13. Valentine’s Day Fresh Flowers
  14. Valentine-for-Coworker-Valentine's-Day-Fresh-Flowers
    Do you have an extra special female coworker that deserves to know how much she is cared for? Surprise her with Valentine’s Day Fresh Flowers displayed in a cute vase! You’re able to leave her a note with the message option, making it even more personal. The amazing thing about this Valentine for a coworker is that they’re fresh flowers shipped as buds, so they look fresh and beautiful when your coworker receives them!

  15. Novelty Socks
  16. Valentine-for-Coworker-Novelty-Socks
    We all have that coworker that loves fuzzy, comfortable, crazy socks. Make them happy for Valentine’s Day with these unique novelty socks. These adorable socks have a funny, non-slip script on the bottom that will make them smile every time they wear them. The soft, fuzziness makes these socks perfect for a cold winter day. You could put these in a wine gift basket or gift it as is!

  17. The Cravory: Freshly Baked Cookies
  18. Valentine-for-Coworker-The-Cravory-Freshly-Baked-Cookies
    Male coworkers always seem to know when there are cookies in the office and devour them all at first sight. Treat them with “The Cravory”’s freshly baked cookies for Valentine’s Day! This valentine for coworkers is filled with a variety of mouth-watering flavors like “red velvet” and “lemon bar”. The cookies are fresh and wrapped individually to preserve the quality of each cookie during delivery.

  19. Personalized Hershey’s Kiss
  20. Valentine-for-Coworker-Personalized-Hershey's-Kiss
    If you have a lot of coworkers to buy for this Valentine’s Day but still want some personalization involved, personalized Hershey’s kisses are just the thing you need! You’re able to choose the colors and message that you want on the bottom of each Hershey’s kiss. Tell your coworkers what a great job they’re all doing or send them some positive words for encouragement. They’ll all be thrilled with your gesture!

  21. Personalized Leather Lanyard
  22. Valentine-for-Coworker-Personalized-Leather-Lanyard
    Are you looking for a personalized gift for a male coworker this Valentine’s Day? Your coworker would love to have a personalized leather lanyard to keep track of his work keys. The lanyard could read his name, initials, or even a nickname! It’s thick enough to be sturdy but not too thick to where it would be uncomfortable or get in the way. Your coworker will never get his keys mixed up with anyone else with this attractive lanyard attached!

  23. Custom Teddy Bear
  24. Valentine-for-Coworker-Custom-Teddy-Bear
    A soft, cuddly custom teddy bear is a sweet Valentine for a coworker that they’ll be able to treasure forever. You could customize the bear’s shirt to say an inside joke, a positive encouragement, or even their name! The bear is the perfect size to fit on your coworker’s desk or shelf at home. It’s adorable and a great reminder of how much they mean to you!

  25. Yearly Planner Journal
  26. Valentine-for-Coworker-Yearly-Planner-Journal
    In many jobs, the organization is the main key to success. Give each of your coworkers a boost of success for Valentine’s Day with a yearly planner journal. This gorgeous planner is undated and has a variety of pages such as vision boards, monthly and weekly spreads, and goal pages. Your coworkers will love the flexibility, organization, and customization this planner provides them throughout the year!

  27. Heart Bath Bomb
  28. Valentine-for-Coworker
    If your female coworkers need a way to relax after a long day at work, treat them to a heart bath bomb. This Valentine for coworkers is filled with fruity scents and shea butter to make them feel their best. The heart bath bomb is designed to enhance and soften the bath taker’s skin while filling the room with relaxing, pleasant scents. Your coworkers will be thrilled to add these to their nightly routine!

  29. Valentines Day Cards
  30. Valentine-for-Coworker-Valentines-Day-Cards
    Go sweet but simple this Valentine’s Day with Valentine’s Day Cards. A Valentine for coworkers doesn’t get more nostalgic than these! The set is filled with donuts, ice cream, and more. They’re extra special with their “scratch and sniff” feature on each card and you’re able to write a note on the back for personalization. Your workers will love comparing cards and scents with each other throughout the workday!

  31. Personalized Custom Stationary
  32. Valentine-for-Coworker-Personalized-Custom-Stationary
    Bring snail mail back to life for your coworkers this Valentine’s Day with this irresistible personalized custom stationery. You’re able to pick out color and text for the top of the paper, giving you the ability to make this set perfect for each recipient. The set even includes custom-colored envelopes for your coworkers to send their letters out in! They will love being able to surprise their loved ones with personalized letters throughout the year!

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