16 Gifts for Truck Drivers: The IDEAL Care Package

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    They spend hundreds of days sleeping in their truck and thousands of miles away from friends and family. Send your favorite trucker a care package of goodies to remind them of home or to keep them entertained on the long drive. Here is a list of gifts for truck drivers.

  1. Satellite Radio
  2. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Satellite-Radio
    Life behind the wheel can be pretty stressful, and we all know a simple solution to relieve that tension is music. Gift them something to cheer up their mood during long drives. They’ll have access to all of their favorite stations across the entire United States.

  3. Lockbox
  4. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Lockbox
    Make the job easier for your friend by gifting him a password-protected waterproof vault to secure his belongings while he is on the go. The driver often has to take with him some security equipment that he can now stay safely in his small, almost weightless organizer for business. And if he happens to drop it somewhere in the water, it will float! It comes with manual keys if they forget their password.

  5. YETI Tumbler
  6. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-YETI-Tumbler
    Spending hours on the road you’ll just want to quench your thirst. Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. You’ll be able to make more headway stopping less frequently for ice to keep your drink cold. Give your favorite truck driver a personalized YETI tumbler to make sure drinks are as they should be.

  7. Gel Seat Cushion
  8. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Gel-Seat-Cushion
    Extended sitting hours yield painful havoc for a driver. Why not use a comfortable gel seat cushion designed to improve blood circulation, diminish lower back pain, and adjust to a comfortably cool body temperature? Arrive at your destination more refreshed and without any sweat stains. 

  9. Everlit First Aid Kit
  10. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Everlit-First-Aid-Kit
    The thing every single person should have in his car, let alone someone whose job is driving. The Everlit Survival First Aid Kit. This kit accommodates almost everything he will need in an accident or minor injury, which isn’t uncommon when on the road. Before his injury turns terrible and becomes infected or before help arrives, he can tend to himself. Show your friend that you care about their safety and gift them this bag to make them understand that precaution is a must, and this will come very handy when in need.

  11. Snack Basket
  12. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Snack-Basket
    It’s always good to munch on something, a perfect gift for a foodie. The care crate offers cookies, nuts, candies, and much more for grown-ups. A delicious way to keep yourself fed and delighted when going on a road trip.

  13. Mini Fridge
  14. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Mini-Fridge
    Everyone wants to carry drinks and snacks for the drive. Still, many people can’t as these things require favorable conditions. How about gifting a minifridge to ease the journey? Cooluli minifridge is a portable fridge that comes with a digital thermostat, making it easy to use. This fridge comes with multiple benefits and can also contain medications like insulin for a long journey.

  15. Portable Cooler
  16. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-YETI-Portable-Cooler
    A portable cooler is one of the primary objects when it comes to long journeys. And when it comes to long trips, who else would want it the most than a truck driver. YETI’s portable cooler comes with cold cell insulation that keeps the drinks cold for a longer time. The cooler is leakproof and can accommodate up to 12 cans, which gives this product an extra plus. The wide opening of the cooler provides easy accessibility and keeps the drivers hydrated throughout the journey. 

  17. Electric Blanket
  18. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Electric-Blanket
    Winter can bring extremely cold weather and sleeping in your truck can be uncomfortably chilly. An electric heated blanket can help with these subzero temperatures. This electric blanket’s double layer flannel and remote control system will keep you warm all night so you’ll be well-rested for the next day’s grueling journey.

  19. Audible Membership
  20. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-audible
    Listening to the same playlist over and over can be boring while driving. How about updating the playlist with thousands of new audiobooks and podcasts for the journey. The audible membership is the best audio entertainment and covers all in one app. Make their trek enjoyable by presenting them with this gateway to entertainment. 

  21. Sunglasses
  22. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Sunglasses
    When it comes to driving, protecting your eyes from the sun is very important. A slight mistake can end up in serious injuries. Polarized sunglasses can be beneficial for truck drivers. Whether it’s the high-intensity rays directly from the sun or reflection from the opposite car, sunglasses are essential to keeping your eyes on the road. 

  23. Bluetooth Headset
  24. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Bluetooth-Headset
    Using a mobile phone while driving can be risky. This Bluetooth headset offers hands-free access and is compatible with Siri and Google voice assistant. It comes with a comfortable air hook that you won’t even notice on your all-day trips. Many states like New York only allow the use of a headset when worn on one ear, making this product compatible with some state’s laws. 

  25. Truck Mattress
  26. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Truck-Mattress
    Are you able to comfortably sleep on long drives? This luxurious truck mattress will make you forget you’re even a road warrior. It consists of high-density foam that provides a feeling of comfort to tired drivers. Give your beloved truck driver the comfort of home on the road.

  27. EDC Tactical Wallet
  28. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-EDC-Tactical-Wallet
    Everyone wants to keep accessories organized, especially when leaving for a long journey. This everyday carry wallet is made with carbon fiber and can easily secure 12 cards in place. It features a key holder and multitool card, which can function as a bottle opener, ruler, hex keys, etc. The wallet also comes in a premium gift box, which is ready for gift giving!

  29. Storage Clipboard Planner
  30. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Storage-Clipboard-Planner
    A two-compartment clipboard that can easily store documents in an internal storage area. The plastic clipboard planner also comes with a separate compartment for pens and pencils. On unsteady roads, this clipboard planner keeps documents, pens, and pencils secure in one place. Gift this helpful planner to your loved one and help them keep important documents secure.                                 

  31. Car Power Inverter
  32. Gifts-for-Truck-Drivers-Car-Power-Inverter
    Charging multiple devices in a vehicle can be difficult. Car power inverters solve this problem by providing multiple ports for charging. From laptops and phones to digital cameras, this power inverter can facilitate multiple devices. It comes with a cigarette lighter plug, which makes it vehicle-friendly and easy to use.

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