23 Must-Have Gifts for Welders they Can’t Live Without

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    When looking for gifts for welders you’ll want something they can use every day and that can keep them safe. Welders go through equipment and clothes as quickly as they receive them. With such physical and demanding work don’t forget about getting meaningful gifts that’ll pamper your favorite welder. Here is a list of gifts for welders.

  1. Welders All-In-One Gear Backpack
  2. Gifts-for-Welders-Welders-All-In-One-Gear-Backpack
    Your husband is a welder, and he is always complaining about misplacing his tools and helmet. This gift for welders is just what he needs! An all-in-one backpack makes carrying the essential work gear around a breeze. The backpack is made with high-quality materials and has a removable feature that can carry a helmet. The straps are made with extreme comfort in mind by evenly balancing the weight on both shoulders!

  3. Welding Helmet
  4. Gifts-for-Welders-Welding-Helmet
    Safety is the top priority for welders. So, if your daughter just got her first job as a welder, she is going to need this welding helmet! This gift for welders provides safety and has different viewing options on the built-in LCD screens. With the improved technology in this welding helmet, your daughter will be able to see her tasks with extreme clarity. She will never need another welding helmet again!

  5. Leather Welding Cape with Sleeves
  6. Gifts-for-Welders-Leather-Welding-Cape-with-Sleeves
    Welding can be a dangerous job with sparks flying everywhere and hot pieces of metal all around. If you have a loved one that is coming home from work with burns or holes in their shirt, equip them with this leather welding cape with sleeves. The material provides a strong layer of protection against heat and sparks. No need to worry about them having a hard time moving around in this as it is designed with movement and comfort in mind.

  7. Welding Heat Resistant TIG & MIG Gloves
  8. Gifts-for-Welders-Welding-Heat-Resistant-TIG-MIG-Gloves
    Your mom has been welding for years and has always complained about how bad the gloves are at work. With these welding heat resistant TIG & MIG gloves, you won’t have to worry about her hands and forearms being burnt at work! The gloves have four individual layers that are made to protect welders from heat and burns. These are the ultimate safety gloves for welders!

  9. Funny Welding T-Shirt
  10. Gifts-for-Welders-Funny-Welding-T-Shirt
    Are you looking to surprise your funny, welder uncle? A funny welding t-shirt is a perfect gift for welders! This t-shirt is unisex and has a printed tag on the inside instead of the normal itchy tag, making it even more comfortable! The catchy saying on the front is bound to make any of his coworkers laugh and will bring a smile to his face every time he wears it.

  11. Welding Cap
  12. Gifts-for-Welders-Welding-Cap
    Comfort is especially important for welders while they are on the job. If they are not comfortable, they will be distracted from their job and not work as efficiently. Avoid that from happening with your welders with this welding cap. The cap is designed with durability and comfort in mind. Your welders will not be distracted from work because of uncomfortable welding caps ever again!

  13. Helmet Liner
  14. Gifts-for-Welders-Helmet-Liner
    Sometimes, you take your welding helmet off at work, and you are drenched in sweat. This is uncomfortable and inconvenient but can be avoided with a helmet liner. This helmet liner is very lightweight and keeps the sweat off your head. One of the best things about this liner is the extra cooling feature. With just a few steps, the helmet liner can keep you cool on a scorching hot day in the summer!

  15. Gag Gift Coffee Mug
  16. Gifts-for-Welders-Gag-Gift-Coffee-Mug
    Do you have a sarcastic welder for a best friend? A gag gift coffee mug is bound to brighten their day! This coffee mug can hold up to 11 ounces of your friend’s favorite beverage and has a large handle, making it easy to carry. It can be used in the microwave, so they know it is okay to set it down on a job and drink it later. The sarcastic saying on the front will make them smile every morning!

  17. 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
  18. Gifts-for-Welders-50-Amp-Plasma-Cutter
    Looking to add a high-quality new tool to your welding collection? This multipurpose 50 Amp Plasma Cutter will meet many of your needs. It is portable and can do a multitude of different tasks such as arc and TIG welding along with plasma cutting. The 50 Amp Plasma Cutter can cut through and weld almost any type of metal you can think of making it one of the most versatile tools in your workshop!

  19. Beer Chiller Sticks
  20. Gifts-for-Welders-Beer-Chiller-Sticks
    After a long day of working as a welder, your brother-in-law likes to come home and drink ice cold beer. The problem is that he likes to savor his beer and it always gets warm halfway through the drink. Beer chiller sticks solve that problem and make his evenings after work much more enjoyable! This gift for welders can fit in almost any type of beer bottle and will keep his beer cold and tasty until the end!

  21. Magnetic TIG Torch Holder
  22. Gifts-for-Welders-Magnetic-TIG-Torch-Holder
    Keeping your TIG torch off other pieces of metal and surfaces while you are working is important. That can be hard to do if you are trying to use more than one tool on a project at a time. With a Magnetic TIG Torch Holder, you will not ever have to worry about putting your TIG torch down again! It can hold a variety of TIG torches and can be attached to many metal surfaces.

  23. Steel-Toe Work Boots
  24. Gifts-for-Welders-Steel-Toe-Work-Boots
    You just started a new welding job and are looking for the best boots to keep your feet protected on the job. These steel-toe work boots by Timberland PRO are made with high-quality, durable materials that keep your feet comfortable during long workdays. They have many qualities that make these boots very safe such as non-slip features and a tough steel toe, protecting you from falls and drops.

  25. Pen Flashlight
  26. Gifts-for-Welders-Pen-Flashlight
    Sometimes, welders are working on a project with areas that are difficult to see because of the lighting. This could lead to mistakes or your welders missing an important area on their project. You can fix that by equipping each of your welders with a pen flashlight! This pen is incredibly bright and small enough to fit in almost any pocket. Your welders will be happy to have such a helpful tool on them at all times!

  27. Adjustable Angle Welding Magnet
  28. Gifts-for-Welders-Adjustable-Angle-Welding-Magnet
    It can be extremely difficult to weld metal together when the pieces are moving around. But with an adjustable angle welding magnet, you will have an extra hand to keep those welds exactly where you want them to be. The magnet can be adjusted to a 200-degree angle and both sides of the tool are magnetic! The materials used to make this magnet are strong and durable, making this a tool that will last you a lifetime!

  29. Welding Hoodie
  30. Gifts-for-Welders-Welding-Hoodie
    Finding that perfect hoodie for your welder husband can be hard. Maybe he only likes neutral colors or does not like comical saying on his clothing. This welding hoodie is the perfect gift for welders like your husband! The hoodie features an American flag with the word “welder”. It can be worn for almost any occasion and is a great hoodie to keep your welder warm.

  31. Magnetic Digital Level
  32. Gifts-for-Welders-Magnetic-Digital-Level
    Manual levels are a thing of the past with this magnetic digital level! This level has features that your typical level does not have. You can attach this level to most metal surfaces to get accurate measurements in tricky spaces. It can also set your desired angle and measure relative angles. With the high-quality display screen, you will even be able to read the measurements in low-light areas!

  33. Welding Pliers
  34. Gifts-for-Welders-Welding-Pliers
    A good welding project is only as good as the welding pliers that are used. So, if you notice your project could have been slightly better, it may be time to upgrade to these high-quality pair of welding pliers. The plier handles are designed for comfort with grips and a tension spring that can be removed. You will be excited to show your coworkers just how great these are compared to your other ones!

  35. Heat Resistant Bib Apron
  36. Gifts-for-Welders-Heat-Resistant-Bib-Apron
    Nobody wants to come home from a long day at work with burns and holes in their clothes. That is why it is important to have thick, spark resistant gear for your welders. This heavy-duty heat resistant bib will keep your welders safe and happy at work. Not only will it keep your workers protected well, but it also is handy because it has three pockets that can be used for tools or their personal belongings!

  37. Full Back Massager
  38. Gifts-for-Welders-Full-Back-Massager
    Is your welder wife complaining about back and shoulder pain after work? A great gift for welders is this full back massager by Comfier. The massager will work her whole back with the heat, rotation, and vibration functions. It has adjustable heads that will suit any body type. If she is particularly sore in a certain area, it can even be used solely on the target area of the back. Your wife will be more relaxed and comfortable will this full back massager!

  39. Chipping Hammer
  40. Gifts-for-Welders-Chipping-Hammer
    Having tools that will last a lifetime is an important thing to consider when you are building up your welding tool kit for the first time. This chipping hammer is made to be durable and long-lasting. With the quality grip, you will notice a huge difference in the amount of shock this chipping hammer absorbs during use. This will be the chipping hammer you will pass down through the generations!

  41. Funny Welding Stickers
  42. Gifts-for-Welders-Funny-Welding-Stickers
    Does your brother search through sticker bins looking for welding stickers to add to his toolbox every time you go to the mall? Put a halt to his search with this funny welding stickers mega pack! This pack comes with over 50 stickers that can be placed on a variety of surfaces such as his toolbox, vehicle, water bottle, and even his helmet! Each sticker will have him and all his coworkers laughing at work!

  43. Locking Jaw Pliers
  44. Gifts-for-Welders-Locking-Jaw-Pliers
    Strong, long-lasting tools are essential for welders. If you find yourself struggling to keep your pieces of metal together with your current weak clamps, try these locking jaw pliers by Strong Hand Tools! They are adjustable and feature V-pads that can be used on a variety of shapes. These locking jaw pliers are powerful, durable, and will soon become your go-to tool in the workshop!

  45. Flame Resistant Work Shirt
  46. Gifts-for-Welders-Flame-Resistant-Work-Shirt
    Are you worried about your son catching his shirt on fire at his new welding job? Ease your mind with a flame-resistant work shirt made by Wrangler. This gift for welders is comfortable and keeps welders safe from burns and sparks. The shirt buttons up so it is fashionable and easy to take off after a long workday. There are nifty pockets on the front of the shirt that will also keep their precious belongings safe from fire!

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