9 LOVEABLE Toys that Start with L

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    Scouring the internet for the perfect gift for each child and be frustrating and time-consuming. End your search and get fun meaningful gifts that’ll keep your kiddos occupied for hours! Whether it’s a gift going under the Christmas tree or one to be handed out at a birthday, they’ll be wide-eyed when they unwrap this present. Here is a list of toys that start with L.

  1. LEGO City Fire Station
  2. Toys-that-Start-with-L-LEGO-City-Fire-Station
    There are 86 Lego bricks for every person on Earth, imagine that! Legos are creative and imaginative toys that help children craft their own adventures. Legos are evidently popular across the globe. Turn your child into a hero as they build a firehouse, put out flames using a toy extinguisher, and rescue cats from trees like a real-life fireman. 

  3. Lightning McQueen Quad Ride On
  4. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Lightning-McQueen-Quad-Ride-On
    Take playtime to the next level, by gearing up with this toy that starts with an L.  This electric quad rider for toddlers accelerates at the push of a button, but is a perfect balance of fun and safety, cruising up to a maximum speed of 1.5MPH. Traction tires ensure that your child has a safe ride while feeling like Lightning McQueen!

  5. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship
  6. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Little-Tikes-Anchors-Away-Pirate-Ship
    The earliest documented pirates can be traced back to the 14th century BC, yet the idea of being a pirate just seems to fit in today’s modern-day play. This realistic pirate ship replica comes with interactive features such as water cannons, anchors, and a steering wheel so your little one can truly enjoy their plundering escapades. 

  7. Little People Animal Farm Playset
  8. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Little-People-Animal-Farm-Playset
    At the budding age of two, toddlers need to be constantly stimulated to make sure they are being engaged and entertained in the right way. One of the best techniques to keep them busy is with open-ended toys that let them create playful scenarios. This toy that begins with the letter L is perfect for just that: a farm set that introduces your child to sounds, math phrases, and much more!

  9. Leaf Bubble Blower Toy
  10. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Leaf-Bubble-Blower-Toy
    If imitation is the greatest form of flattery then our children are our biggest admirers. The habits that we instill within them at an early age can decide the trajectory they take later in life. With this toy that beginning with an L, you can turn everyday chores into bonding experiences: watch them blow bubbles while you blow leaves.

  11. LeapFrong Ice Cream Cart
  12. Toys-that-Start-with-L-LeapFrong-Ice-Cream-Cart
    Interactive learning is an educational approach that mixes social learning with technology, it provides a more interactive experience for our young ones, making sure whatever concepts they pick up, stick long term. Mix playtime with education with this letter L toy. This battery-powered ice cream cart will help build memory through a series of listed instructions that your kiddos can follow.

  13. LeapFrog LeapReader System
  14. Toys-that-Start-with-L-LeapFrog-LeapReader-System
    Most children begin to read by the age of 6, but even if your child is an early reader, consistent practice is needed to make sure they don’t get left behind in class. With this interactive book set from Leapfrog, you can sound out words, teach the correct pronunciation of vowels, and vocalize entire stories. Gift your child the habit of reading with this toy that starts with an L.

  15. Learning Resources Cash Register
  16. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Learning-Resources-Cash-Register
    You can be spending a lot of time teaching your children math and science, but they’ll need a place to practice if you want them to retain it. This toy that starts with an L helps you do just that! Complete with pretend bills and coins, have your child put their mental math and counting skills to the test with this learning cash register. 

  17. Learn & Climb Science Kit
  18. Toys-that-Start-with-L-Learn-Climb-Science-Kit
    It can be seen that multisensory learning takes into account that different children learn in different ways. Some are visual learners and do better with pictures than mere words. Others are more sensory and need to physically interact with their material. This toy science kit caters to each type of learning preference! With over 50 tools in their armory, children have access to 60 experiments that will develop their hands-on skills!

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