17 AMAZING Gifts that Start with A

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    If you’re going through the alphabet for gift ideas, welcome to our list of gifts that start with F. You’ll find a guide for birthdays, white elephant exchanges, secret Santas, and all other gifting occasions. Gifts beginning with an F can be used for family nights, or for a relaxing night alone. Here is a list of gifts that start with F.

  1. Alice in Wonderland Book
  2. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Alice-in-Wonderland-Book
    The book is a surreal experience for your kids with gorgeous illustrations, bright colors, and catchy yet easily comprehensible words. Have fun while accompanying the Orange Cat, Blue Caterpillar, and the Queen of Red Hearts on their journey. This is one of the best-selling series by Jennifer Adams that solely focuses on providing a captivating way to introduce your babies to the world of classics. 

  3. Astronaut Backpack
  4. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Astronaut-Backpack
    A multipurpose bag designed to fit all your astronaut related gear where the top compartment is dedicated for a suit or boots, the bottom compartment accommodates your space helmet while the side pockets are for your tools. Fulfill your child’s dream job with this backpack of gifts that start with A and watch them blast off on a wild imaginative journey. 

  5. August Smart Lock Pro
  6. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-August-Smart-Lock-Pro
    It’s a smarter way to lock and unlock the door without juggling your keys, kids, and groceries. It’s a simple DIY job to attach the lock to your existing deadbolt without replacing it. You can easily integrate the lock with Alexa to keep you aware of who entered and exited your home. Lock and unlock your door with just a tap, and don’t worry about forgetting keys.

  7. Animal Toys
  8. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Animal-Toys
    This animal accessory bucket lets your kids play farmer with the help of 40 animals such as horses, cows, roosters, sheep, and plenty of other barn animals. Your kid would have fun setting up an entire farm with the help of accessories included, such as fences & trees. Farm animals are great gifts that start with A to teach your children about the alphabet and animals. 

  9. Auntiesaurus T-Shirt
  10. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Auntiesaurus-T-Shirt
    One tee for all moods & occasions. Get a gifts for your aunt to let her know she’s awesome. She’ll be comfortable wearing the Auntiesaurus t-shirt. The hilarious tees are handy for a birthday gift or a gift for the Christmas holiday to be worn throughout the year.

  11. Funny Apron
  12. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Funny-Apron
    It is a good quality & fun gift for anyone who loves humor as much as cooking. Perfectly cool choice of gift for Thanksgiving, a camping trip, or anytime you’re behind a grill or stove. It’s a gift that begins with the letter A that’ll protect your clothes from grease and food. Remove the apron when finished at the stove to go straight from cooking to eating in seconds.

  13. Airpods
  14. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Airpods
    The fast-charging case will keep your AirPods up and running whenever needed. Apple AirPods are automatically on and connect seamlessly after the initial one-tap setup. If you love indulging in the high-quality sound experience while hardly running out of battery these are a must. They’re low-profile so you’ll forget you even have them in.

  15. Adidas Shoes
  16. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Adidas-Shoes
    A great pair of slip-ons that are sleek everyday casual shoes to wear. These comfy shoes have a sock-like design that hugs the foot and delivers stability while the plush midsole and outside cushioning makes each step tension free. Adidas are gifts that start with an A that your joints and shins will appreciate.

  17. AeroGarden Indoor Garden
  18. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-AeroGarden-Indoor-Garden
    Have you ever yearned for freshly picked veggies for your salad? Or perhaps your sandwich is craving organically grown basil grown in your kitchen garden. The indoor garden allows you to grow fresh herbs & veggies year-round. You could grow 6 plants up to 12 inches tall with no soil and no water. All the fresh yumminess and no mess. 

  19. Air Fryer
  20. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Air-Fryer
    A convenient and smart way to prepare meals in your kitchen. The air fryer will come transfixed with a digital touchscreen that includes 11 presets for a seamless cooking experience. Monitor from your couch through your WiFi using your mobile device. Over 100 original recipes available on the Vesync app automatically adjust cooking based on the recipe selected. A gift that starts with A but ends in healthy eating!

  21. Anker Portable Charger
  22. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Anker-Portable-Charger
    Anker’s exclusive ultra-high capacity portable charger features a battery suitable for charging your iPhone more than 5 times, almost 5 full charges for Samsung Galaxy S10, and over 2 and a half charges for an iPad Mini. If you’ve got a travel buddy or a cross country truck driver, you’ll be able to charge two devices at the same time. 

  23. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser
  24. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Aromatherapy-Oil-Diffuser
    Indulge your mind, body, and soul in a rejuvenating experience that’s stress-relieving and mood lighting. Have the aroma of your choice defuse into the air with essential oils. Once filled, the gorgeous looking vase-like structure provides a soothing environment for 13 hours of blissful relaxation and revitalization.

  25. Awake Caffeinated Chocolate
  26. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Awake-Caffeinated-Chocolate
    The caffeine boosts by Awake are a great alternative to satisfy your instant cup of coffee cravings. Increase energy while providing great focus with gluten-free chocolates. The scrumptious chocolate bites come in 4 flavors, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. Get the energy from a cup of coffee with the enjoyment of a chocolate dessert. 

  27. Azul Board Game
  28. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Azul-Board-Game
    The vibrant colored board game encourages you to return to Portugal, build a summer pavilion in the honor of the royal family, and become the most talented artisan just like King Manuel. Azul: Summer Pavilion lasts six rounds, and in each round, players draft tiles, then place them on their player board to score points. 2 to 4 players can play the game, and the average playtime is 30-45 minutes. 

  29. Advent Calendar for Christmas
  30. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Advent-Calendar-for-Christmas
    A vibrant calendar hanging designed especially for Christmas with 24 pockets imprinted with trees and faces. Encourage your kids to find candies each day until Xmas arrives. That would make the occasion worth the wait! The advent calendar for the holidays makes the anticipation a rather fun experience. Great ways to have your kids participate while eagerly waiting for Santa to fill their socks with gifts. 

  31. Airplane Toys
  32. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Airplane-Toys
    The mega set of 12 colorful airplanes is a suitable gift for your kids to indulge in harmless playtime. A perfect boost to their imagination! A variety of detailed toy models included such as jets, fighter planes, helicopters, bombers, gliders, and more. An exhilarating experience of pulling the planes back smoothly and letting them fly freely. Teach them about the first letter in the alphabet in a fun way with these gifts that start with A. 

  33. Axe for Outdoor Camping
  34. Gifts-That-Start-with -A-Axe-for-Outdoor-Camping
    Don’t forget this multifunctional axe on your next adventure. It’ll be handy in basic survival functions such as chopping, cutting, make a fire, etc. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and the same applies to this super flexible axe. It is a quality addition to your outdoor adventure kit. The axe’s foldable function and compact size make it suitable for outdoorsy activities such as hiking, trekking, or camping.

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