10 UNIQUE Toys that Start with U

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    Musical toys, outdoor playsets, and flying gadgets are perfect for toys that start with U. If you’re little one is headed off to a school show and tell or an alphabet themed birthday party, we’ve got the ideal guide to help find the toy for them! Here is the list of toys that start with U.

  1. Umbrella over Activity Picnic Table
  2. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Umbrella-over-Activity-Picnic-Table
    Toys starting with U that combine a sandbox, a water activity tub, and a picnic table create a day full of fun indeed! Spend a day in the shade building sandcastles and sailing toy boats with the  Umbrella over Activity Picnic Table. When it’s time for lunch or a well-deserved hard-at-play and learning snack, place the tabletop piece over the san and water play tubs. Spending time outside reading and doing your homework never looked more inspiring and relaxing!

  3. Unicorn Robot Pet
  4. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Unicorn-Robot-Pet
    Have the most magical playtime with toys that start with U. Have fun with the Unicorn Robot Pet. This hand-motion-activated mythical horse with the horn prances, sits, and dances at your command. Teach your special new pet some unique tricks too! Put on your favorite song and watch Unicorn explore your room. Every day is a new adventure. Unicorn’s eyes light up, and when you talk, the Unicorn neighs back! Give your Unicorn a yummy interactive treat, and let the fun begin!

  5. UFO Drone
  6. Toys-That-Start-with-U-UFO-Drone
    Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? Your neighbors might start to consider they’re being watched by other beings when they see your UFO Drone lift off from your backyard. Place the flying saucer in the palm of your hand and toss it into the air. Use hand commands or a remote controller to make the UFO change directions, spin 360 degrees, and hover. Turn on the flashing lights for a spectacular glowing out-of-this-world nighttime show.

  7. Ukulele Toy for Kids
  8. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Ukulele-Toy-for-Kids
    Music is one of the most stimulating sounds your child connects with during every stage of development. Gift your little music lover an iconic letter U toy. Give a Ukulele Toy for Kids and watch them learn meaningful sensory responses to musical notes, learning patterns, and creating songs! Born in the state of Hawaii, the Ukulele, pronounced “oo-koo-lay-lay,” means “jumping flea” in the Hawaiian language. It became popular as early as 1915. This kids version of the Ukulele takes its inspiration from an extraordinary group of Nickelodeon canine crime fighters and will surely make you smile as you make music.

  9. Utility Tool Belt for Kids
  10. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Utility-Tool-Belt-for-Kids
    Do you like to fix things, problem-solve, or help mom and dad with their DIY projects? Strap on the Utility Tool Belt for Kids, and discover your inner craftsman. What can you do with the hammer? Do you need to take measurements of your dolls and toys? How do nuts and bolts fit together? With your Utility Tool Belt for Kids, you’ll learn how to fix, build, and solve everyday problems. When you’re done helping dad with the plumbing and working with mom in the sewing room and need a snack, store all of your tools on the built-in belt loops! 

  11. Ursula Funko Pop!
  12. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Ursula-Funko-Pop
    Mermaids beware, a villainous sea witch is looking for beautiful singing voices. Her eel companions are lurking in the corral, searching sunken pirate ships and causing trouble under the sea. If you’re a collector of vinyl figurines and a fan of the extraordinary animated movie about a girl looking for her place in the world, then you need to add Ursula Funko Pop! To your collection. It’s worth adding Ursula to your Toys that start with the letter U!

  13. Umizoomi Plush Doll
  14. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Umizoomi-Plush-Doll
    When it’s time for Toys starting with U that help toddlers with math, look no further than the Umizoomi Team. When you play with Millie, Geo, and Bot, members of the problem-solving Umizoomi Team, you can learn to count, run a sequence, discover shapes and patterns, and understand the importance of measurements and equalities. Bot has a special belly screen to help you make calls and do math. Milli loves songs about solving problems and taking measurements. Geo enjoys shapes and builds objects like houses and cars. You’re always learning when you play with an Umizoomi Plush Doll.

  15. Uncle Milton Moon in My Room
  16. Toys-That-Start-with-U-Uncle-Milton-Moon-in-My-Room
    Looking for space and science Toys that start with a U? If you love to look out at the vastness of space and are drawn to that ball of rock that orbits the earth, and is responsible for gravity and the ocean tides, then you’re a fan of the moon! Do you ever wonder why the moon cycles through the month from new to half to full? Hang an Uncle Milton Moon in My Room realistic moon on your bedroom wall, and you can control and discover all the secrets of the lunar phases. Match what’s going on outside in the galaxy to your Uncle Milton Moon in My Room inside. This moon makes toys that start with U ultra-cool, and a great night light too!

  17. UNO Showdown Card Game
  18. Toys-That-Start-with-U-UNO-Showdown-Card-Game
    Get ready for the ultimate game of wit and strategy. Introducing the UNO Showdown Card Game. Toys beginning with U make you think of the Uno card game of yesteryear. Things have changed. Uno just got a supercharged makeover. Just like the fun of a classic UNO game, race through the pickup pile, matching and discarding like cards by color or number. When a special SHOWDOWN card appears in the pickup deck, the UNO Showdown Supercharged card launcher swings into action. Push the card launching pedal at just the right moment and watch everybody panic and duck to get out of the way. Be the first to push the pedal; send the cards flying in your opponent’s direction! The unexpected excitement of this classic card game will have you playing, laughing, and strategizing for many fun-filled hours!

  19. uKloo Game
  20. Toys-That-Start-with-U-uKloo-Game
    Who doesn’t love toys that begin with U that take little ones on a challenging treasure hunt? Get ready to improve your reading skills while you search the house for clues to reveal a surprise. uKloo lets mom or dad hide cards in lots of easy or hard to find places in the house. Then go on a room-by-room adventure by reading the cards. Reference the special card guide if you get stuck and need a little encouragement. The name of the game is reading and discovering when you play the uKloo Game. Maybe mom will hide a card under toys that start with U!

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