14 POPULAR Toys that Start with P

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    We can help you with a list of toys that start with P for that alphabet themed occasion. Whether your little tike is needing a toy for show and tell or you’re wanting to get them a special present for their birthday, discovery toys or action figures can be just the toys! Here is a list of toys that start with P.

  1. Pop Up Pirate
  2. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Pop-Up-Pirate
    Avast ye, and All hand Hoy! It’s time for some Pop Up Pirate fun. Press the pirate down inside the barrel to his shoulders. Pass out an equal number of swords to each player. Take turns inserting the blades into the sides of the barrel. But beware as you heave-ho! One wrong push of the sword into the barrel sends the pirate flying out of the top! Whoever has the most swords left wins! Every time you play, the barrel slot that makes the pirate pop changes! Yo ho ho, you’re going to have more than a barrel of fun with this pirate!

  3. Pirate Treasure Dig Kit
  4. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Pirate-Treasure-Dig-Kit
    If you’re a little pirate or adventurer and on the hunt for rubies, diamonds, and precious gems, discover the Pirate Treasure Dig Kit! Open the treasure kit, and grab your real-life excavation tools. Next, choose a pirate-themed clay block. Carefully scrape, dig, and brush away the clay. Who knows what secret, beautiful treasures and relics will appear. Something tells me you might strike gold? I’ve heard a tale of the discovery of some rare pirate booty in this kit. Get digging, matey!

  5. Princess Dress Up Trunk
  6. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Princess-Dress-Up-Trunk
    Fill up your playtime exploring faraway lands, spending time visiting with your woodland friends in enchanted forests, visiting mysterious castles, and meeting charming princes. Discover your inner princess with this perfect collection of dresses, jewelry, and accessories. The Princess Dress Up Trunk introduces you to four world-famous princesses to ever grace the imagination. Will you go under the sea, look for adventure beyond your quiet village, be fairest of them all, or go to the ball? Remember to be home by midnight!

  7. Panda Bear Family
  8. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Panda-Bear-Family
    Mama Panda is a nurse. Papa Panda builds bamboo fences. Brother and sister Panda love to sing, dance, and perform. Put them all together, and you’ve got the fantastic, charming, and wholesome Panda Bear Family! Each Panda comes with a beautifully detailed outfit. Poseable and picture ready! You’ll love spending endless playtime hours creating stories, conversations, and taking the Panda Bear Family on adventures.

  9. Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Playset
  10. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Peppa-Pigs-Princess-Castle-Playset
    She’s a little bit bossy but loves to make others laugh when she snorts. Playing in the mud is her favorite thing to do, and she loves hanging out with her friends. The Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Playset is a tri-fold extravaganza. Stop by for a visit. You’re always welcome! Play in the beautiful enchanted world of Peppa Pig. Peppa lives in a castle built for a princess! Have tea in the massive dining room, admire yourself in the full-length mirror, and jump up and down on the big princess-sized bed, sit on the throne and discover all the goodies in Peppa’s treasure chest. You won’t want to leave the castle after a fun day with Peppa!

  11. Penguin Dancing Toy
  12. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Penguin-Dancing-Toy
    Dancing, learning, and playing just got way more fun. With the Penguin Dancing Toy, your child can sing songs, hear stories, and learn from the cutest interactive penguin on the planet! This happy penguin moves around the room and plays happy songs, and when it bumps into the furniture, it automatically changes direction. You can spend hours learning fun, new things. Penguin will ask you to press a button on its belly and then ask you interesting questions. Penguin has eyes that blink, a beak that moves, and wings that flap. Laugh along and dance to the fun songs. Discover a new playtime friend with this bright and happy penguin! 

  13. PAW Patrol Word Book
  14. Toys-That-Start-with-P-PAW-Patrol-Word-Book
    Red Alert! Get to headquarters immediately. Kittens are planning to attack! It’s a good thing you have your trusted friends to help save the day. Get into all the fun activities and learning with the PAW Patrol Word Book. As you read along with the exciting story, you’ll hear amazing sound effects and music. These famous pups will ask you to join some mighty challenges as the adventure unfolds. Are you ready to go on patrol to learn new words and sounds? The PAW Patrol Word Book is an afternoon filled with adventures.  

  15. Play-Doh Play & Store Table
  16. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Play-Doh-Play-Store-Table
    When it’s time for arts-and-crafts, bust out the Play-Doh Play’ n Store Table for endless hours of colorful and creative fun. Make a snowman, teddy bear, airplane, ice cream cone, spaghetti; you name it, Play-Doh has limitless possibilities. Roll the playdough flat and use the specially shaped cutters to make animals and holiday shapes. Use the fun collection of tools to scoop, cut, and press the generous quantity of colorful Play-Dough into the unique shape maker! After a day of creating, store everything in the cool portable artist’s workshop table.

  17. PJ Masks PJ Seeker
  18. Toys-That-Start-with-P-PJ-Masks-PJ-Seeker
    Please put on your pajamas, superhero; it’s time for a mission! ‘In the night, you’ll save the day,” when you play with PJ Masks, PJ Seeker! Fight crime and catch the bad guys with your superpowers. Patrol the city into the wee hours. Drive around in the custom combination cabin-trailer-crane cruiser. When the Nighttime Villains escape into narrow alleyways, separate the cruiser into four smaller vehicles to fit into the tightest spaces. Shoot disks to disable vehicles, then lock up enemies inside the magnetic, inescapable cage. Hoist the cage onto the cruiser’s upper deck; then it’s off to headquarters to make a phone call to the local authorities. All in a night’s work!

  19. Present Pets
  20. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Present-Pets
    Present Pets let you bring all the excitement of a new puppy home, without the potty training and late-night whining. When you receive your new puppy, unwrap the outer layer. Pull the gift tab on the top of the box and stand back. Get ready to discover your new puppy! Watch the box shake. Listen for the puppy to bark! Suddenly, paw print-shaped holes appear, and the middle of the box cracks open. She’s unboxing herself! Congratulations, you have a new pet. Play interactive bark and repeat games; scratch her belly, pat her head, and watch your new four-legged friend respond with over 100 sounds and actions!

  21. Porcupine Pop Game
  22. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Porcupine-Pop-Game
    Never make an animal that carries around their own “darts” angry. Porcupines shake and rattle their dart-like quills in defense. Never make a porcupine mad because they’ll shoot them at you. The Porcupine Pop Game is fun-filled action, suspense, lots of laughs, and shooting quills! Take turns rolling the numbered dice. Press down on the porcupine’s nose the number of times indicated on the die. Cross your fingers and lean back. Will you be the one to make this porcupine’s quills pop? The last person standing is the winner!

  23. Pots and Pans Playset
  24. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Pots-and-Pans-Playset
    The great thing about food is that it lets you explore with your senses, plan delicious menus, and grab your apron and chef’s hat. The Pots and Pans Playset contains an extensive collection of kid-sized, real-life play cooking utensils, well-crafted pots, pans, and more! Cut the play vegetables on the chopping board, and hear authentic kitchen sounds. Make a delicious soup. If spaghetti is your favorite, you’ve got pots to cook the sauce and the meat. There is even a way to drain the pasta! Got a sweet tooth? Bake a cake! Find your playtime chef skills, and get in your play kitchen and get cooking with your imagination.

  25. PLAYMOBIL Police Headquarters
  26. Toys-That-Start-with-P-PLAYMOBIL-Police-Headquarters
    Do the right thing, and help reduce crime in your city with the PLAYMOBIL Police Headquarters! Grab your badge and a set of handcuffs, then report to the command center for your job duties. One day, you’ll process the new inmates, take photos, and fingerprints. Other days, you’ll walk the hallways and keep the bad guys where they belong – in their cells. Ensure all the beds are made and the cells are clean and mopped before any prisoners go to the mess hall for breakfast. After a long day protecting your city, don’t forget to report back to the command center and leave a report on the computer.

  27. Puppy Pet Care Carrier
  28. Toys-That-Start-with-P-Puppy-Pet-Care-Carrier
    It’s time for some roleplay fun and talking stories with the animals! Playtime with your plush pet puppy is only the beginning of the fun. Open the Puppy Pet Care Carrier and discover a world of learning. Use your imagination and take your pet puppy on fun adventures. Buttons on the pet carrier light up and help you learn numbers, shapes, and letters. Sing-along with your favorite songs or listen and repeat up to 60 phrases and sounds. There are even some hidden surprises! The full set of accessories also lets you pamper and feed your particular puppy.

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