10 JAW-DROPPING Toys that Start with J

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    Get toys that are memorable and fun for that favorite child in your life. Whether going to a birthday party, show and tell or just because they did exceptionally well all school year, make sure you’re getting them something they can’t wait to show their friends. This list guide of toys is so fun you might find yourself in line for a turn! Here is a list of toys that start with J.

  1. Jack in the Bus
  2. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jack-in-the-Bus
    This Jack in the Bus toy will be your little one’s favorite interactive toy. They will love the durable tin box and the plush pigeon surprise. While they spin, they will hear a long-time favorite song, “Wheels On The Bus,” and their new friend will surprise them and make them erupt with laughter.

  3. Justice League Toy Bin
  4. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Justice-League-Toy-Bin
    Parents and children alike will love this toy organizer. With durable and safe bins, they will organize their letter J toys while still keeping them accessible. The shelf itself is sturdy and built of solid wood, to ensure no matter how many toys, this organizer safely holds them all.

  5. Jaguar Ride on Car
  6. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jaguar-Ride-on-Car
    This Jaguar kids ride on car will light up the eyes of children of all ages. With doors that open and seat belts, your kid is safe while he or she is having the time of their life cruising in the J toy. A plugin MP3 player gives them their favorite songs while they cruise, and you are comforted with a remote that can control the car if needed. It’s one of your kiddo’s toys that start with J that’ll even make parents jealous.

  7. Jacks
  8. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jacks
    Grandparents and children alike would love the gift of Jacks. This classic game has and continues to bring smiles to faces and assist children with valuable skill development, like counting, hand and eye coordination, and following directions. Children will even love to perfect their skills by playing alone. They’ll be so focused you’ll be surprised to hear them yell with joy when they’ve completed the game.

  9. Jurassic World Colossal T-Rex
  10. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jurassic-World-Colossal-T-Rex
    This realistic toy beginning with the letter J will quickly become a boy’s best friend. Extensive and extremely detailed, this T-Rex can swallow up small toys and destroy toy cities. A hatch in its stomach allows you to open it to retrieve the toys so the fun can continue. This dinosaur is sure to bring joy and excitement to any little boy’s special day!

  11. Jet to the Rescue Gift Pack
  12. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jet-to-the-Rescue-Gift-Pack
    Your Paw Patrol lover will adore this gift pack. The true metal figures are collectibles, but they have working wheels and can be an essential part of your child’s rescue mission. A quick call to Skye, Marshall, and the team and they’ll be rolling into your child’s imagination as their favorite Paw Patrol goes racing to the rescue.

  13. Jewelry Making Kit
  14. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jewelry-Making-Kit
    Little girls will adore making jewelry with this fabulous set. It’s a great way to express their artistic ability and give them the chance to make gifts for those they love. With several different designs and options, kids can turn any table into a jewelry creation area of their own. This DIY set comes with lots of options and designs, so they’re free to let their imagination go wild.

  15. Jellies Creation Kit
  16. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jellies-Creation-Kit
    Any child would be excited to create their favorite toy. With jelly creation kit toys beginning with J, they can make their very own jelly figurines and use their imagination to create their very own friend! With adorable faces and crazy hairstyle options, your child will fall in love with the idea of making their jelly toy!

  17. Jump Rope
  18. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jump-Rope
    This letter J toy is perfect for kids of all sizes; fully adjustable, you can make it the ideal fit for everyone. Young children and teenagers alike will enjoy the fun games and songs included. It is easy to implement counting, memory, and so much more into this fun activity. Not only will they have a blast, they’ll be getting exercise as well!

  19. Jellycat Bashful Monkey
  20. Toys-that-Start-with-J-Jellycat-Bashful-Monkey
    This adorable monkey is a great baby shower gift for the soon to be baby to snuggle with. Soft and suitable for newborns looking for toys that start with J to comfort them in their cribs. Any child will love its friendly face and soft touch. Plush toys are a long time favorite and will be a precious companion for the little one in the many years to come.

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