11 INCREDIBLE Toys that Start with I

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    Make sure to get toys that will challenge them and they can’t wait to take to show and tell. Get cute toys for newborn infants and educational fun toys for the soon to be teenagers. Your toy will be the one all the kids want to open first! Here is a list of toys that start with I.

  1. Ice Cream Lollies Playset
  2. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Ice-Cream-Lollies-Playset
    If your child has a playtime kitchen or simply loves a sweet summer ice cream treat, then dessert toys that start with I are a welcome addition! Your child can use their imagination and pretend to be an ice cream vendor. They’ll be at their unique ice cream shop passing around colorful one-of-a-kind realistic popsicles and frozen confections to their friends. Role-play adventures never looked so sweet and delicious.

  3. Ink Stamps: Animals
  4. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Ink-Stamps-Animals
    If a day at the zoo or aquarium learning about animals sounds fun, this ink playset brings over 38 animals to the craft table for the young budding artist in the family. Line the craft table with paper, organize the stamps and create fun scenes. They can be on safari, enjoying a day at home with the cat and dog, or a visit to the neighbor’s farm. A rainbow of colors are included to let your kiddos show off their understanding of animals while using their creative side!

  5. I Love Rainbows Craft Kit
  6. Toys-that-Start-with-I-I-Love-Rainbows-Craft-Kit
    Craft kit toys that start with I bring the magic of the meteorological phenomenon of colors to life! This DIY kit is so cool, your child can spend hours making unique jewelry, a pinata, decorations for the bedroom, and more! Brighten up the day, crafting with the colors of the rainbow. They’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face.

  7. iPlay Construction Vehicles
  8. Toys-that-Start-with-I-iPlay-Construction-Vehicles
    Open the storage box of the letter I vehicle set and unleash endless construction possibilities. This set includes everything imaginable that you would discover when visiting a construction site. Set a perimeter, draw a design for your building or highway, then get busy with an impressive collection of trucks, tractors, and even a crane. Your child will create successful and impressive construction projects that’ll make the New York skyline seem boring.

  9. Imagination Patterns
  10. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Imagination-Patterns
    The Imagination Patterns playset is amazing! Open the suitcase style box to reveal tons of colorful magnetic shapes. Shuffle the deck of included cards. Create the images that appear on each card, then write down the name of each object you create. Remove the shapes, erase the words, and pick a new card! Once you’ve mastered all of the cool designs, spend time being creative making your own unique patterns or scenes, or mix and match the designs on the cards which tell your own unique story.

  11. Iron Man Assembler Gear
  12. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Iron-Man-Assembler-Gear
    When Iron Man arrives on the scene, Marvel’s biggest hero has a lot of fun techy gadgets to thwart the enemy. This toy beginning with the letter I lets you connect individual pieces and create several different styles of Tony Stark-approved blasters. Once assembled, attach the blaster to your wrist and unleash the power of a mighty sword, or load the blaster with darts to blast your way through an impenetrable fortress. What ultimate power blaster will you create to defeat the enemy?

  13. Infant Moosical Beads
  14. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Infant-Moosical-Beads
    Your baby will be entertained for hours with this soft plush present starting with I. This colorful cow is fun to snuggle with, but the real fun comes pressing the buttons and listening to the music. Babies can feel the different fabrics: smooth, furry, and satiny. When different shapes on this cute cow are pressed, lights flash, and music plays. Teach your baby songs, shapes, how to count, and even some sounds. This toy is so entertaining, your baby won’t want to put it down!

  15. Inflatable Bounce House
  16. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Inflatable-Bounce-House
    A birthday party in the backyard isn’t complete until everybody is laughing and jumping and playing on the slide of an Inflatable Bounce House. Save on the rental and delivery fees and have an inflatable bounce house for every special occasion. It’ll be sure to give your kid brownie points at those summer afternoon parties with the neighborhood kids! Safety features keep the little ones from bouncing out of the house, which is perfect since bouncing inside this durable castle all afternoon is where the kids want to be!  

  17. Interactive Globe
  18. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Interactive-Globe
    Grab your passport and get ready for an international adventure. This updated version of the mounted sphere used by explorers and mountaineers for centuries goes high tech! The Interactive Globe lets you download an app then scan geographical locations anywhere on the planet with your device. Learn about indigenous animals and cultures from the convenience of the playroom. Set off to visit faraway places and discover famous monuments. Take quizzes! And don’t forget to stamp their passport after each visit!

  19. Icons of the Realms: Monster Pack
  20. Toys-that-Start-with-I-Icons-of-the-Realms-Monster-Pack
    If you’re a fan of roleplay and fantasy game campaigns, this pack of toys that start with I doesn’t disappoint. These gnarly monsters are ready to duel. Add them to an existing D&D collection to strengthen your son’s forces or start a new battle force. The power of these monsters is mighty! Battle never looked better with these truly menacing monsters and goblins.

  21. IQ BUILDER: STEM learning
  22. Toys-that-Start-with-I-IQ-BUILDER-STEM-learning
    The IQ BUILDER is the ultimate in imaginative play and creativity. This pack of letter I toys features over 150 different shapes and connectors. Lay out and examine the colorful pieces. Have your children try to create different animals or vehicles, or challenge them to build their own unique three-dimensional objects. While they’re creating, they’re also learning about the importance of math, engineering, physics, and geometry. They won’t even realize the whole time they’re having fun they’re actually learning! When creation time is over, pack everything back into the handy carrying case and take the learning with them!

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