9 Treasured Paper Anniversary Gifts for Him

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    The traditional paper anniversary gift for your husband is perfect to celebrate your first year as an official legal couple. Get your hubby romantic gifts that he’ll love and you’ll also secretly enjoy, like favor coupons! Or you can level up his man cave decor with an epic cartoon look-a-like. Here is a list of paper anniversary gifts for him.

  1. Custom Cartoon Portrait
  2. Custom-Cartoon-Portrait
    Your love story is beautiful, one of a kind, and deserves to be shown off in a way that expresses how much a hero you and your husband are in each other’s eyes. The entire family, or just yourselves, can be customized in a way that captures how you’re there for each other every single day. A superhero cartoon portrait is a perfect paper anniversary gift to remind you both of how strong and powerful your relationship, or family, is at all times.

  3. Franklin Barbecue Smoking Cookbook
  4. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Him-Franklin-Barbecue-Smoking-Cookbook
    Tried and true paper anniversary gifts for him are ones that you know that he’ll definitely use and will benefit you, too, when he uses them. Every time he pulls out this barbecue smoking cookbook to whip up a delicious dinner, he’ll be thinking about the special occasion that brought you two together for life. Anniversary gift ideas like these are perfect for pairing with other gifts to create a thoughtful, themed gift basket!

  5. 1st Anniversary Newspaper Poster
  6. 1st-Anniversary-Newspaper-Poster
    When thinking about 1st anniversary gift ideas, you should consider one that commemorates your special day and gives him a chance to review your year together. This poster can be filled with the events that have happened in your marriage so far and even a little synopsis on something you’re both looking forward to in the next year. It’s a great paper anniversary gift that can be updated every year or used to look back on that important time together.

  7. Love Coupons for Him
  8. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Him-Love-Coupons-for-Him
    Coupons are a way to give your husband things that he really loves (back rubs, date night, a gift customized to his liking) on more than one day a year. You two will be able to spend your 1st anniversary enjoying each other’s presence and then spend the next year being more intentional with your time together. He’ll be able to redeem his coupons at an ideal time for him that’ll end up being a more special occasion than without this coupon book!

  9. Wedding Paper Book Gift
  10. Wedding-Paper-Book-Gift
    Anniversary gift ideas that are small, but extremely thoughtful are ones that you should definitely consider when shopping for paper anniversary gifts for him. A wedding paper book is a cute gift for him to put on his desk or nightstand. The gift is small enough that he can move it around to his liking and won’t be too big to display in a work office or take up his whole desk.

  11. Origami Paper Clock
  12. Origami-Paper-Clock
    If you’re looking for anniversary gift ideas that are unique and decorative, an origami paper clock is a great option to consider giving him. The neutral colors of the paper and typed words are perfect for hanging up in any room of the house and go along great with any theme. He’ll love the originality and versatility of this clock so much that he may keep it all to himself for his home or work office!

  13. A Year of Us: A Couples Journal
  14. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Him-A-Year-of-Us-A-Couples-Journal
    Sometimes, one of the hardest things for couples to maintain the longer they’re together is good, productive communication. Your 1st year together was filled with getting to know each other as a married couple, but this next year should focus on building communication with a couple’s journal. You and your husband can use the prompts to talk about hard topics, or maybe just things you never thought to talk about before now!

  15. Explosion Photo Album Box
  16. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Him-Explosion-Photo-Album-Box
    Your 1st wedding anniversary should be a day of reflection with your husband on the time you’ve spent together. Filling an explosion box with nothing but pictures of the good times, and maybe a special gift in the middle will give you a chance to relive your wedding day, the day you became a family, or any other milestone in your journey as a happy couple so far. The box can be opened every year to reflect on how much has changed and how far you’ve both come together.

  17. Custom Cufflinks with Wedding Vows
  18. Custom-Cufflinks-with-Wedding-Vows
    Wedding vows are a promise to one another to help each other grow and be there during the good times and bad. Your one-year anniversary is a great time to think about those vows and maybe find a way to remind yourselves every day of the promises made to one another. Custom cufflinks are the perfect gift to remind him that’ll you’ll always be there for each other, no matter what lies ahead.

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