9 Tenderhearted Paper Anniversary Gifts for Her

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    The first wedding anniversary gift should be a special one. If you’re going the traditional route, we’ve got the ideal list of paper 1st anniversary gifts for your wife! From memorable to presents you can enjoy together, start the first of many marriage anniversaries to come off on the right foot! Here is a list of paper anniversary gifts for her.

  1. Custom Constellation Star Map
  2. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Custom-Constellation-Star-Map
    Your 1st anniversary should be filled with reflections on special moments in your relationship with your incredible wife. Presenting her with a beautiful custom constellation star map that captures the most important day of your lives will strike up conversations between you two about your special day, how far you’ve both come, and the love that has grown every day since then. Hanging it in a place you both pass by often will ensure daily reflection and gratitude of your marriage.

  3. Paper Rose
  4. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Paper-Rose
    Anniversary gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive for them to be precious and meaningful. A paper rose to have as a centerpiece during date night dinners is perfect for making your moments together more romantic and special. This paper gift represents undying love, as the rose will never perish. Having the rose around in years to come, during both good times and bad, will remind you both of your memories and unwavering, loving marriage.

  5. Love Language: Card Game
  6. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Love-Language:-Card-Game
    No matter how long you and your wife have been married, there are always going to be questions that haven’t been asked and things that can be learned about one another. A love language card game is a thoughtful gift idea for your 1st anniversary because you’ll have plenty of time ahead of you to go through each conversation thoroughly, building a deeper connection with each other. It’s a fantastic way to disconnect from your devices during date nights and spend time focusing on the thing that matters most to you, your marriage.

  7. Digital “Paper” Books
  8. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Digital-Paper-Books
    Giving your wife a way to relax after stressful days may be one of the best things you could give her for your 1st anniversary. Life can be hectic sometimes, especially if you have kids, full-time jobs, and a million other commitments throughout the day. Anniversary gifts are a perfect excuse to show your wife how much you appreciate everything she does. Allowing her to lay back and relax with digital “paper” books could be just the way to do that. She can easily get lost in any book she desires with a simple touch of a button and unwinds with ease.

  9. Journal Notebook
  10. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Journal-Notebook
    A journal notebook filled to the brim of empty pages for your wife to write stories and reflections on your love and marriage is an amazing paper anniversary gift idea. She’ll be able to write about the trips you both take, the moments you made her laugh like no other, the way you guys pulled through really tough times while supporting each other, and so much more. Anniversary gifts like these will allow your wife an opportunity to reflect and express herself every single day, making her and your marriage stronger.

  11. Tickets to a Show
  12. Tickets-to-a-Show
    Life can pass us by in the blink of an eye with all the commitments that every person has nowadays. Your 1st wedding anniversary gift should allow you and your wife a break from the hecticness of everyday life and a chance to connect with each other outside of the house. Tickets to a concert, comedian, or theater production will be a fun date night that you’ll be raving about for years to come.

  13. Origami Paper Pups
  14. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Origami-Paper-Pups
    Taking moments to reach the fun, silly sides of ourselves and break away from adult responsibilities can be extremely difficult. While you’re looking around for paper anniversary gifts for her, consider making origami paper pups part of your anniversary agenda to help you both relax and have fun in a different way. Anniversary gifts that break you guys from your regular date night routine will spark more joy and laughter throughout the evening.

  15. Letters to my Love
  16. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Letters-to-my-Love
    There’s no easier paper anniversary gift idea than letters to your love. Write out how much your love has grown since your wedding date, reflect on how you’ve both stood true to your wedding vows, and recap the memories you’ve made together in the past year. She’ll be able to hold letters you write her close and read them through times of hardship. There’s nothing more romantic than anniversary gifts expressing your deepest feelings for her in a beautiful handwritten letter.

  17. Scratch the World Travel Map
  18. Paper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Scratch-the-World-Travel-Map
    Paper anniversary gifts for her can be a way to document and reflect on all the breathtaking moments you two have shared. This can be especially true if you both love to explore your marriage in different parts of the world. Having a gorgeous travel map on your wall that you can scratch off after each adventure is a great way to think about memories made in other countries and plan where you and your wife should go next. Anniversary gifts should reflect on time spent together and a map is a perfect way to do that.

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