10 YES Gifts that Start with Y

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    The gift you’re looking for is one they’ll appreciate for their hobby, fun, or is useful. If you’re looking for gifts starting with the 25th letter of the alphabet for your kids, friend, or significant other, we’ve got the curated guide for you! Here is a list of gifts that start with Y.

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yoga Mat
    We know what immense benefits yoga can bring to one’s health. Gift this yoga mat to your best friend and help them follow a healthy routine. Built with a nonslip texture, this yoga mat provides a safe space to keep your footing and stay focused on your form.

  3. YETI Rambler
  4. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-YETI Rambler
    Assembled with double-wall insulation, this rambler can maintain the temperature of the liquid from breakfast to dinner. Unlike other bottles, you’ll get what you expect with the YETI Rambler. If you put ice and water in, hours later you’ll still have an ice-cold drink. Not a lukewarm bottle of water. Give this useful gift to your friend who loves hiking and keep them hydrated on the trail. 

  5. Yarn Kit
  6. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yarn Kit
    This winter ask your grandma to knit a beautiful handmade sweater for you with this yarn kit that is packed with bright and beautiful colors. With 100% acrylic yarn, this kit is a perfect gift for people who love handmade products. They’ll enjoy knitting the occasional ideal gift for Christmas and anniversary.

  7. YAHTZEE National Parks
  8. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-YAHTZEE National Parks
    Yahtzee National Park Edition is a perfect way to turn a boring journey into the most enjoyable one. Each dice features a number and a national park of America, adding a national park theme to the traditional game. Roll across America’s national park treasure with this fantastic edition of Yahtzee. 

  9. Yumbox Bento for Kids
  10. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yumbox Bento for Kids
    Yumbox Bento lunch box is one of the few amazing gifts for kids that start with Y. Built with a secure leak-proof design, this lunch box doesn’t spill food in a kid’s backpack. The colorful compartments with fun illustrations keep the food organized and fresh. Your kids will feel like they’re playing and won’t even realize they’re eating those veggies! 

  11. Yard Games
  12. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yard Games
    Make your party amusing by whipping this yard game out for the bbq. For adults or kids, this ladder toss game is a fun way to enjoy a competitive game to pass the time waiting for those delicious steaks to finish. Get your neighbor an entertaining gift beginning with the letter Y for his next bbq get together.

  13. Yellow Wristlet
  14. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yellow Wristlet
    Women with a bold sense of style would appreciate this yellow wristlet. It’s a compact fashion piece that’ll carry everything she needs. Inside this stylish little gift starting with Y are slots for her phone, credit cards, and space for some makeup. Gift this great wristlet to your trendy girlfriend and enjoy a lighter item that you’ll end up carrying. 

  15. Yogurt Maker
  16. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Yogurt Maker
    Make healthy homemade yogurt with this unique yogurt maker and skip traditional techniques requiring more time and effort. This modern designed yogurt maker comes with a timer to make sure every batch comes out smooth and tart. Just set the timer to get up to two days of consistent, controlled cook time. Bring this modern designed yogurt maker to welcome your brother-in-law to his new home to help him cook well and be well.

  17. YONEX Badminton Racquet
  18. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-YONEX Badminton Racquet
    Gift a Yonex badminton racket to your excited little badminton player and help in taking your son’s game one step further. These rackets are gifts that start with Y that are widely known throughout the sport to be one of the best companies for rackets. The racquet’s ultra-light build makes it a perfect gift for people beginners and intermediate players alike. 

  19. Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil
  20. Gifts-that-Start-with-Y-Ylang Ylang and Ginger Massage Oil
    Pamper yourself in this luxurious formula of ginger oil infused with collagen and stem cell, a perfect blend to cure all the day’s stress. An application of the silky-smooth oil will help in the relaxation of the deep tissues. Apply it to your skin and enjoy the rejuvenating experience that’ll relax your muscles or soreness.

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