12 VIBRANT Gifts that Start with V

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    Get good and unique gifts that start with the 22nd letter in the alphabet. You can get personalized jewelry, aromatic candles, or fun toys that start with the letter V. If you have a hard time visualize the perfect gift we’re here to help. Here is a list of gifts that start with V.

  1. Letter V Necklace
  2. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Letter-V-Necklace
    It would be personalized and thoughtful to mention the letter V initial necklace while discussing gifts that start with V. Present this meaningful gift to your girlfriend if her name begins with a V. Announce to the world that she is yours and you are hers. The minimalist piece will allow her to wear it with any outfit and for all occasions. 

  3. Versace for Men
  4. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Versace-for-Men
    When it comes to perfumes, what else can be better than buying Versace for your hubby. He’ll be lucky to get such an aromatic gift that starts with V. Off to a party or headed to a regular day at work, Versace Eau Franchise will make a positive impression on anyone within a whiffs distance. Present this lovely V gift to the man of your life. 

  5. Vegetable Spiralizer
  6. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vegetable-Spiralizer
    Ever wondered how those fancy restaurants come up with perfect spirals of carrots and cucumbers? A vegetable spiralizer is the answer. Vegetable spiralizer help create beautiful strings of noodles from almost any vegetable. It’s perfect for anyone that’s on a Paleo diet or just looking to add veggies to more meals.

  7. Vacuum Cleaner
  8. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vacuum-Cleaner
    Many women enjoy a tidy home. What they don’t enjoy is carrying around that heavy brick of a vacuum that doesn’t end up cleaning any surface. Engineered for deep cleaning, this vacuum cleaner has powerful suction and is light enough to easily maneuver with one hand. Literally a best V gift for housewives who love a clean house. 

  9. Virtual Reality Headset
  10. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Virtual-Reality-Headset
    Put on these virtual reality headsets and transport yourself to the Jurrasic period from the comfort of your living room. Completely wireless, gameplay on this jaw-dropping gadget has amazing detail that will make you feel as if you’re standing right in the middle of a battlefield. Whether being used for educational or entertainment, get ready to spend hours mesmerized by such an innovative device. 

  11. Vase Set by Nilos
  12. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vase-Set-by-Nilos
    Create a rustic feel to your home decor with this vase set. Grab your choice of live or artificial plants to add some nature to your space. These glass vases would look stunning with a few LED lights to provide a pleasant hue to your plants. Set these versatile sets of vases to your home or office corner to freshen up the space. 

  13. Volcanic Clay Mask
  14. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Volcanic-Clay-Mask
    A volcanic clay mask absorbs excess oils from the skin and clears pores to help prevent acne. The unique formula derives ingredients from solidified lava extracted from volcanic eruptions. It’s a great addition to a woman’s beauty routine. A perfect gift for the girl who prefers natural extracts in her beauty products.

  15. Vanilla + Sprinkles Scented Candle
  16. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vanilla-Sprinkles-Scented-Candle
    Candle lights can turn the plainest of rooms into a magical space. This vanilla sprinkles candle has a lovely smell and will be a pleasant smell for any occasion. If your sweetheart is into vanilla, this soy blend candle can be the best fit for the night.

  17. Vulli Sophie la Girafe
  18. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vulli-Sophie-la-Girafe
    This natural rubber giraffe teether will do wonders for your fussy infant. Sophie’s soft texture gives babies relief from the pains of incoming teeth. They’ll be able to munch on the entire toy to soothe their aching gums. This child-friendly teether is small in size and thus a perfect fit for a child’s hand. This wonderful toy that starts with V is a blessing for your babies sore gums. 

  19. Vanity Mirror
  20. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vanity-Mirror
    Get amazing lighting and all the angles you’ll need from this setup. The small footprint of the mirror will give you plenty of space to spread out your beauty products for your morning routine. If your girlfriend, sister, or aunt loves wearing makeup and loves trying those beauty techniques she’ll be very pleased with this gift.

  21. Vintage Portable Record Player
  22. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-Vintage-Portable-Record-Player
    Gift this vintage player to your hipster friend with that large collection of vinyl records. It comes in a vintage suitcase that can be carried to any outing for a unique way to play some smooth jams. Surprise your boyfriend with a special brunch picnic with amazing ambient music. No speakers or other equipment are required to play it. 

  23. VTech Activity Desk
  24. Gifts-that-Start-with-V-VTech-Activity-Desk
    Spur your kid’s interactive mind with this touch activity desk that’ll keep them engaged for hours. The station will have your children having so much fun they won’t believe it’s educational. The desk also features the ability to transform into an easel and chalkboard. It’s a plus for this product that starts with V.

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