19 SPECIAL Gifts that Start with S

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    Gifts that start with S should be thoughtful, practical, and unique. Get your friends, family, and coworkers things they’ll be able to use every day and remember you when they see it. Help them relax with a candle or make them laugh with a funny present. Here is a list of gifts that start with S.

  1. Sweater
  2. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Sweater
    Keeping warm while looking great can be a bit of a challenge when the winter months come around and you’re searching for something fashionable yet cozy. The soft material of this gift that starts with an S, will hug your frame, making sure you look stylish and retain heat at the same time!

  3. Snack Dispenser
  4. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Snack-Dispenser
    We all know someone that can’t keep their hands off munchies. Perfect in your home office for late-night work sessions or on your countertop for casual get-togethers. This dispenser works as a dry food holder and can contain anything from nuts and cereal to granola and candy. This is one item you definitely need to add to your kitchen armory. 

  5. Pizza Socks
  6. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Pizza-Socks
    This gift that begins with letter S is the perfect pick-me-up for food lovers. Its exceptional pizza-box-shaped packaging makes for a great gag gift when given to your best friend. These colorful and original socks can become a statement piece for those looking to add a little spice to their attire. 

  7. Letter S Necklace
  8. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Letter-S-Necklace
    Gifts that are given with meaning are the best kind. What better way to show your girlfriend she’s on your mind than with a personalized necklace with her initials on it. Intricately designed and elegantly crafted, this scratch-free chain is made of durable metal that will retain its shine throughout the years.

  9. Spa Skin Care Gift Set
  10. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Spa-Skin-Care-Gift-Set
    The women in our lives are superheroes, but once in a while, even superheroes need a break. Give the gift of self-care to your mother, wife, or daughter with this spa skincare set. This collection of soaps and essential oils will rejuvenate your loved one while making your special lady feel exceptionally pampered. 

  11. Scented Candles
  12. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Scented-Candles
    Our sense of smell is linked to the emotional center of our brains. We know our body releases feel-good chemicals when it identifies a soothing smell. That makes scented candles the perfect gift to give your aunt for a little relaxation in her life. This all-natural exotic fragrance is sure to calm her down.  

  13. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  14. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Stainless-Steel-Water-Bottle
    Dehydration can cause headaches and dizziness. That’s what makes this stainless steel water container a must-have on your next hiking or outdoor activity. This bottle ensures that your liquid hot or cold retains its temperature for up to half a day. Don’t get stuck in the middle of a trail, the heat of the sun beating on your back, and without your essential liquid lifeline.

  15. Satin Pillow Case
  16. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Satin-Pillow-Case
    Haircare is often termed as vanity, but it can have a direct correlation with an individual’s self-worth. That’s why, taking care of oneself should be an absolute priority, and with this satin pillow case you can do just that. Perfect for people whose hair is prone to damage, this pillow case cushions hair and protects it from breaking without compromising the quality of your sleep. Get a comfortable nights rest and get up looking amazing!

  17. Shoe Rack
  18. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Shoe-Rack
    The average man can own up to 12 pairs of shoes. Adding a member to your household and you’ll be at 24. Next thing you know, you’ll be opening a closet to an avalanche of shoes! Most households don’t have designated areas for shoes and that’s where this gift that starts with an S comes in. This artisan cube-shaped shoe rack can organize 16 shoes and can be ideal for his new bachelor pad.

  19. Skateboard Cruiser
  20. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Skateboard-Cruiser
    Cruisers are gifts that start with S designed with adventure seekers in mind. Made of a premium maple wood base, its lightweight nature makes it portable and easy to carry around. Your son can take it for a stroll along the beach or to get around campus. If he wants to make his commute exciting, then this is definitely what he’ll need! 

  21. Star Wars Waffle Maker
  22. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Star-Wars-Waffle-Maker
    Looking for a gift that mixes breakfast with your favorite outer space sagas? Then no need to look at galaxies far, far away: this kitchen gadget embosses the impression of a Death Star onto heavenly thick waffles. Introduce your kids to one of the most amazing movie franchises of all time. This waffle maker makes every meal a treat.

  23. Sleeping Pad
  24. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Sleeping-Pad
    It doesn’t matter how big of an adventurer you are, no one wants to sleep on cold rocks and rough terrain after a long day of bird watching. As the temperature drops at night, significant heat can be lost laying in contact with the ground. With this thick, tear-resistant, and portable sleeping bag you won’t have to worry sleepless nights under the stars again. When outdoors, simply inflate it and make camp to recharge for the next day’s excursions.  

  25. Smart Sweets
  26. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Smart-Sweets
    The mind is a powerful thing, but once addicted to unhealthy eating habits it can be hard to change them. That’s where this gift with an S comes in handy. Smart Sweets offer you the chance to enjoy the same flavor and experience as regular candy without any of the negative side effects. 

  27. Smart Plug for Outdoors
  28. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Smart-Plug-for-Outdoors
    Smart plugs are gifts beginning with a letter S that are perfect solutions to your outdoor power issues. This water-proof smart plug can be managed wirelessly through an app on your phone. Easily turn individual sockets on and off without needing to go out each time. Frigid temperatures and heavy rains can prevent you from going outside, or if you’re away from the house, this gadget is a must-have to be able to remotely control your exterior lights. 

  29. Snack Box Care Package
  30. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Snack-Box-Care-Package
    Looking for something to gift your best friend and not sure what to do, then look no further: This 50 piece care package is made up of an assortment of different snacks and munchies that are sure to satisfy even the most refined palate and satiate the strongest of appetites. Don’t let long distances prevent you from letting your buddies know you appreciate them.

  31. Solar Outdoor Lights
  32. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Solar-Outdoor-Lights
    We all have an outdoor area in our houses where we could use a little more light. This motion-sensing water-proof light is the ideal addition to your porch, garage, garden fence, or attic. The motion sensors will illuminate your property at the slightest of movement. Keep any pesky rodents or questionable people from getting too close to your home.

  33. Sweet and Spicy Tea
  34. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Sweet-and-Spicy-Tea
    Drinking a healthy amount of tea is associated with lower cardiac issues because most herbal teas contain antioxidants that reduce free radicals in our bodies. But drinking traditional teas can get boring. The solution to that is this unique blend of sweet and spicy tea. Serve cold or hot and savor the natural combination of cinnamon and orange twist. 

  35. Squatty Potty Porta
  36. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Squatty-Potty-Porta
    Sitting on a toilet in the traditional fashion causes your intestines to tangle, limiting the flow of waste from your body effectively. This doctor-recommended squatty stool is the solution to just that. Simply place it next to your toilet, elevate your feet and open your colon for a healthier and relaxing bathroom experience. It’s a fun gift everyone will be fighting over at your white elephant party.

  37. Sriracha Keychain Gift Pack
  38. Gifts-that-Start-with-S-Sriracha-Keychain-Gift-Pack
    For sriracha lovers, a better gift doesn’t exist. Fill this leak-proof keychain with Sriracha and take it with you wherever you go. Whether it’s on a road trip, family dinners, your local restaurant, or even the park. Wherever you need to add a little spice to your life, you can!

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