12 LEGENDARY Gifts that Start with L

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    From personalized to practical. Beginning with the letter L. We’ve got what you’re looking for in the 12th letter in the alphabet. If your friends or family members want a themed white elephant or secret Santa we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of gifts that start with L.

  1. Letter L Necklace
  2. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Letter-L-Necklace
    If you’re looking for a unique gift that’s a blend between elegance and a personal touch, then this necklace is ideal for your loved one whose name begins with an “L”. This delicate laser engraved piece of jewelry is the perfect statement piece for any outfit your significant other wants to compliment.

  3. Levitating Speaker
  4. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Levitating-Speaker
    This particular gift that starts with the letter L, will appeal to the geek in you. If you or someone you know appreciates technology and is a fan of music, then this sleek levitating speaker with its bold arcs and vibrant green stripes are a no-brainer. It not only functions as a Bluetooth speaker but a phone charging dock as well.

  5. LEGOs
  6. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-LEGOs
    If you’re looking for a timeless gift for your tinkering tots, then look no further: these multi-colored building blocks will unearth a creative spark in whoever uses them. Packaged in a convenient plastic box, these blocks come with a manual of ideas to get you started on your role-playing journey.

  7. Laminator
  8. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Laminator
    If you’re tired of spills and stains on your precious documents, this handy device uses thermal technology to protect paper documents in a sheet of spill-safe plastic. It comes with two heat settings and a compact design. Not your traditional gift starting with the letter L, but definitely worth it for a colleague or a coworker.

  9. LED Letter L
  10. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-LED-Letter-L
    Literally, in the shape of an L, this is a go-to decoration item for your daughter, mother, or wife whose name starts with the same letter. This wall lamp can be switched on and off via a wireless remote and can even be hung on the wall. It the perfect statement piece for a wedding, a birthday, or background for your VLOG.

  11. Llama Llama Red Pajama
  12. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Llama-Llama-Red-Pajama
    The story of the Llama in red pajamas is the perfect present to spend time with your kids to read as a bedtime story. Book titled gifts that start with the letter L remain timeless in nature. Your children’s children will be able to enjoy the same stories their parents did. This is an interesting read for kiddos between the ages of 2-8 because of its unique take on nightly rituals. This bedtime rhyme is sure to keep your little one engaged and intrigued.

  13. Locket (Owl)
  14. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Locket-Owl
    The owl has always been the symbol of wisdom and so this simple yet stylish piece of jewelry is the perfect present for a thoughtful friend. This owl gift has a small base that can be engraved to make it more personalized, and you can also add a photo into the locket to make it a truly memorable keepsake.

  15. Lantern
  16. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Lantern
    It’s the middle of the night and you’re out camping, stuck without light and nowhere to go. That would be the case if you didn’t have this gadget that starts with the letter L. Rechargeable lanterns are a basic necessity for your outdoor survival equipment kit. Be it hikes, runs, or camping trips, this tool comes in handy as the sun begins to set.

  17. Laptop Docking Station
  18. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Laptop-Docking-Station
    Are you a budding entrepreneur working diligently on a project where you’ve got to work on multiple applications and windows at the same time? Having multiple screens is a plus because it makes it easier to navigate and organized your data. Whether stock trading, extensive coding, or professional gaming, this docking station allows you to seamlessly project your laptop screen to multiple monitors at once!

  19. Laser Tag
  20. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Laser-Tag
    When your young ones are out in the yard and they’re looking to expend some pent up energy, having something fun to do is a must. That’s where this gift beginning with an L comes in handy: watch your kids jump around in enjoyment as they tag each other with infrared lasers and act our their favorite action scenes

  21. Leather Crafting Tools
  22. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Leather-Crafting-Tools
    If your hubby has made a hobby out of leather crafting, then you can’t get them a better gift than this leather crafting tool kit. This kit contains premium tools for both casual beginners and advanced craftsmen of the trade. Buy it for your husband, father, or brother who loves to tinker with leather.

  23. Lingerie for Women
  24. Gifts-That-Start-with-L-Lingerie-for-Women
    Out of all the gifts that begin with L, for certain occasions like Valentine’s day and anniversaries, you can’t go wrong with lingerie. Put on a two-piece nightwear that isn’t only comfortable, but can be playful attire to spice up your love life.

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