23 Bona Fide Gifts for Law Students

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    Whether you’re just a law student starting 1L or studying for the bar exam on the last leg to becoming an attorney, make sure you’ve got the gear to help you succeed. A book of haikus and stress relief balls are a few good gift ideas to help you keep your cool in between study groups. Find things every law student needs in our guide of gifts for law students.

  1. Leather Briefcase for Women
  2. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Leather-Briefcase-for-Women
    They say dress for the job you want. The picture of a successful attorney has a professional briefcase in hand. You might not want to be the first one in the courtroom. The judge might mistake you for the plaintiff’s attorney from that prestigious law firm. 

  3. Messenger Bag for Men
  4. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Messenger-Bag-for-Men
    Look the part when you’re walking into that law internship interview. Let your dedication and organization show when meeting with the partners of the firm. It features many compartments and space for your laptop, tablet, notebooks, and portfolio to make sure you’re prepared for those important meetings and lectures.

  5. How to be (Sort of) Happy in Law School
  6. Gifts-for-Law-Students-How-to-be-Sort-of-Happy-in-Law-School
    Law school isn’t like any other school. It gets complex along the way and you may need to be inspired to continue your quest. Kathryne M. Young has made it easy for law students to feel comfortable with the rigors of law school. With all the pressure in school, you have to stay motivated, the best way to do so is to get Kathryne’s book.

  7. Page Holder
  8. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Page-Holder
    This book page holder will help you study with ease and at the same time maintain the good condition of your book. Make every reading experience a memorable one. Get into a good position, use your book page holder, and let the words of your book captivate you. Take your mind off of your cramped hand to focus on your study material. If you’re pre-law you’ll have more books to keep open. Reserve your strength.

  9. Funny Stress Balls
  10. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Funny-Stress-Balls
    You write a lot. You read a lot. You definitely stress a lot. Keep these stress balls nearby as motivation and unwinding some of that stress. When you’re in 2L, or the second year of law school, and want to quit, the future lawyer in you will thank you for having these to keep you going.

  11. Legal Decision Maker
  12. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Legal-Decision-Maker
    Lawyering is hard. Some days you just need a break. Get your future lawyer this gag gift to help them out in the courtroom. 

  13. Law Themed Fridge Magnets
  14. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Law-Themed-Fridge-Magnets
    These fridge magnets for law students won’t help you pass the bar, but they’ll help you sound like a legal professional when reminding your roommates to clean the dishes. With up to 200 themed legal jargon, you’ll be well equipped for any law-related activities.

  15. Air Fryer
  16. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Air-Fryer
     Your busy schedule as a law student makes it difficult for you to grab a meal or make a meal on your own, how you like it, and when you want it. This air fryer is a must-have kitchen gift to ease your meal prep. Crispy fried foods don’t always have to be unhealthy and come from a drive-through. 

  17. Daily Planner
  18. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Daily-Planner
    Focus and motivation are major factors to being a successful law student aiming to complete courses with excellent grades. A planner is the perfect accessory to keep you on track to graduate on time. Jot down important dates, make a to-do list, highlight landmark cases, and keep an eye on that graduation date. 

  19. iPad Pro
  20. Gifts-for-Law-Students-iPad-Pro
    Do you want to be able to type up pages of your research paper anytime and anywhere? Do you want to jot down notes right on top of the files set from your professor? The Ipad Pro is the powerhouse that’ll help you do just that. Include an Apple Pencil and these will be the best gifts for law students who want a minimalist setup.

  21. Haikus for Law Students
  22. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Haikus-for-Law-Students
    When you’re in law school studying for midterms, case books usually don’t make you laugh. Grab this book of haikus to help you relax and lighten the mood a bit. It’s also a great stocking stuff to spread humor to the rest of your classmates.

  23. Clip-On Reading Light
  24. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Clip-On-Reading-Light
    Late nights and all-nighters will start to be the norm. Keep your roommate happily asleep and get some reading in. If you’ve got one of those movie-style libraries they like to keep poorly lite, this book light will be a relief.

  25. Bose QuietComfort 35
  26. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Bose-QuietComfort-35
    These noise-canceling headphones will help you concentrate even in the noisiest of places. You can customize the noise-canceling effects to make sure you can hear the things you choose to hear. Sometimes you need complete silence, and at other times you may need to hear what’s going on in your environment.

  27. Caffeine Chocolate
  28. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Caffeine-Chocolate
    For those times you’ve run out of your home brewed coffee and can’t get to your favorite coffee shop. Throw these in your briefcase for emergency energy boosts. When you’ve got to run to a meeting, don’t be that law student that meets up with attorneys covered in coffee. Pull these out of your briefcase on your way from the office to the courthouse for a quick pick-me-up.

  29. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
  30. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Keurig-K-Mini-Coffee-Maker
    As a law student, you’ll need this brewing system designed to brew a cup of coffee anywhere. You’ve got to shove your face in a book. Why not do it from under a tree in a field? Portable, adaptable, very effective, and easy to use. When you want to give yourself a coffee treat anywhere, this is exactly what you use to do it. 

  31. Laptop Backpack
  32. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Laptop-Backpack
     Being a law student is enough mental stress. Give your arms a rest and grab a comfortable stylish backpack to traverse campus. With comfortable shoulder straps, this backpack is the perfect gift for comfort and utility. Water repellent material will keep your laptop and books dry as you walk through some light rain. You’ll need all of your study material if you want to tip the scales in your favor.

  33. Double Ended Highlighter
  34. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Double-Ended-Highlighter
    All of those days you’ve spent in kindergarten on your coloring book have paid off. You’re now qualified to color the crap out of your textbooks. Now you’ll be thanking your teacher for helping you color inside the lines. Coloring in books was more fun when there were pictures.

  35. YETI Rambler
  36. Gifts-for-Law-Students-YETI-Rambler
    That coffee you left home with, hot or cold, will remain at the same temperature all day. If you’re going to pass the bar you’re going to need drinks to stay the perfect temperature for hours on end. When you’re pulling your hair out trying to remember case studies, you’ll always have comfort in knowing the tumbler holding fuel that keeps you going will always be there for you.

  37. Business Card Holder
  38. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Business-Card-Holder
    Growing a list of contacts is very important. This accessory gift will help you stay prepared to hand out crisp business cards at a moment’s notice. Each new contact is a prospective client. You don’t want to hand them a bent dirty card from the bottom of your bag.

  39. Lap Desk
  40. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Lap-Desk
    Your comfort as a law student is an important ingredient to your success. This multipurpose lap desk will carry your laptop, phone, pen, tablet, and mouse. Everything in one place. You can use it on your bed or table. This is a great gift to help you keep organized and study anywhere.

  41. Novelty Coffee Mug
  42. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Novelty-Coffee-Mug
    Identify yourself as a (almost) lawyer wherever you are. It will be a fun mug for you to carry around and use in school or at home. It’s a perfect gift for law students getting ready to sit for the bar exam. 

  43. Personalized Pen
  44. Gifts-for-Law-Students-Personalized-Pen
    Give your daughter or son customized pens with their name and duly earned title after they’ve passed the bar. There will be many opportunities to sign contracts and documents to review. Personalized pens are thoughtful gifts to remind them of the hard work and intensity that went into their education.

  45. The Man in the Arena Quote Canvas
  46. Gifts-for-Law-Students-The-Man-in-the-Arena-Quote-Canvas
    This motivational quote from President Roosevelt is a good graduation gift. It will keep you motivated and fuel your passion, dreams, and ambition. Every morning you’ll see this quote and know what’s important is to know where you are going. Everything is going to fall into place.

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