57 Funny Coffee Mugs: The ULTIMATE list

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    We’ll help you get creative with your custom gag gifts for white elephant parties, graduation presents, or office parties. Be the talk of the office with a mug and funny sayings to break up the monotony of office work. Just make sure the boss is cool with the adult friendly novelty gifts. For everyone that’s got an awesome boss or sarcastic friend, here is the ultimate list of funny coffee mugs that’ll make anyone chuckle.

  1. Tie Knots Mug
  2. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Tie-Knots-Mug
    Learn how to tie eight different knots during your leisurely hours when you are on a break and sipping on your favorite hot or cold beverage. Whether you are a sailor, own a boat, or a good scout, this mug will make you an expert in tying all the basic and classic knots required to score good marks.

  3. Crossword Mug
  4. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Crossword-Mug
    A unique and innovative mug to gift your loved ones or your colleague who is fond of crosswords and puzzles. The mug comes with a pencil and clues to the first crossword. You can easily wash off the previously solved crossword and online to get a new crossword puzzle!

  5. Ben Franklin Mug
  6. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Ben-Franklin-Mug
    Celebrate this Founder’s Day by recreating the famous experiment by Benjamin Franklin which lead to the continued works on electricity and inventing his lightning rod. Benjamin was curious and wanted to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightning and hence his famous kite experiment. Do similar experiments with your tea bag and mug, except without the dangers of getting electrocuted.

  7. Lazy Sloth Mug
  8. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Lazy-Sloth-Mug
    Declare your lazy day in style and say out loud that today is the day when you refuse to do anything else but lounge around. Get this funny mug and in no time it will be your favorite mug for breaks or a mug perfect after a tiring day at work.

  9. Spew Profanity Mug
  10. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Spew-Profanity-Mug
    No better mug clearly states that you are the boss lady. Start your day boldly with a strong cup of black coffee that speaks your mind. Let your early morning speak and shape your day, while you take a seat and take pride in being yourself.

  11. Have a Nice Day Mug
  12. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Have-a-Nice-Day-Mug
    A really funny and cheerful mug but at the same time, it also speaks out loud without screaming on top of your lungs how you feel. The mug holds 14 ounces of coffee, hot chocolate, or any other drink which you like and is dishwasher safe.

  13. Build on Brick Mug
  14. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Build-on-Brick-Mug
    This mug is perfect for anyone who likes to like to put things together, as it brings out the child hidden in every individual. Watch your kids develop their cognitive skills and imaginative power while they drink their milk and hot chocolate. The mug is a perfect gift for your colleague or your kid at home. The creative edge that the mug provides ensures that your child gulps down the milk without creating any fuss. The mug is a popular choice for gifting ideas for the office, Christmas, or even birthdays.

  15. Eeffoc Mug
  16. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Eeffoc-Mug
    If sarcasm is the language you speak, then this mug is your perfect partner. Begin your day with the perfect message by sipping out of a mug that speaks your mind. So now you can sip your favorite drink blissfully, without being bothered until you’ve had your caffeine. Share happiness and spread laughter with a few co-workers to begin your day.

  17. Don’t Speak Mug
  18. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Don't-Speak-Mug
    Let your cup of joe signal when you’re ready to start your day. Humor is a great way to begin the morning. After you’ve had enough time and caffeine to wake up.

  19. Donut Mug
  20. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Donut-Mug
    The doughnut shape funny coffee mug is a real keeper. Gift yourself this unique and funny coffee mug and laugh during the gloomy days, while you sip your favorite drink from the mug which brightens your day. The funny doughnut coffee mug is microwave safe so you can heat your coffee laze around taking a break from work.

  21. Patient Mug
  22. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Patient-Mug
    Searching for a gift for a doctor, dentist, or nurse? Your search ends with this unique coffee mug and wine glass gift set. It’s only so hilarious because it’s true. It is something that will instantly bring a smile to their face. Or this funny gift set is an excellent gifting option if you want to thank your physician who took care of you when you were sick.

  23. Favorite Child Mug
  24. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Favorite-Child-Mug
    This coffee mug is a wonderful gifting idea for your parents and grandparents for mother’s or father’s day. Our parents and grandparents hold a special place in our lives and they must know how much they mean to you. See the wide smile appear on their face every time they sit for a cup of coffee while remembering you and thinking about days when you were younger.

  25. MMO Mug
  26. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-MMO-Mug
    What can be better than sipping coffee from a brand new ceramic coffee mug that describes the love you have for coffee? Nothing, absolutely nothing! Gift yourself this legendary coffee mug that perfectly states the quality and importance of your gear. Now you’re ready for the day’s quests.

  27. Mario Bros Mug
  28. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Mario-Bros-Mug
    Inspired by the first video game of the 1980s, Super Mario Brothers, this color-changing mug makes for an excellent gifting idea for the loved one in your life who is addicted to playing retro games. Or the one in your family who is obsessed with Mario will be delighted to have this mug as a present. Be it a gift from Secret Santa, stocking stuffer, or any other occasion to mark a celebration, this mug will be a part of their unique collection.

  29. Unicorn Fart Mug
  30. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Unicorn-Fart-Mug
    Kickstart your day with a jolt with this unique unicorn fart mug. The handle of the mug is the most interesting part of the mug with rainbows and clouds. The mug holds 20 oz. of your favorite drink, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Let your imagination run wild and bring out your creative side while you sip your drink from this fun and quirky mug.

  31. Couple Mug
  32. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Couple-Mug
    Change your cranky mood to a quirky and fun mood every morning with this beautiful color changing cartoon couples mug. This is one of those special mugs which you can gift your boyfriend or husband for his office desk. The cat lovers will also find this mug extremely adorable. If any of your colleagues owns a pet cat or is a cat lover, gift them this unique heat changing mug.

  33. Kissing Cat Mug
  34. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Kissing-Cat-Mug
    Thinking of a small gift for valentine’s day or a simple yet sweet anniversary gift? End your search with these kissing cats coffee mug set. The couple tea ceramic cup set is unique and makes a romantic gift for your special loved one for your anniversary, engagement, wedding, or valentine’s day. Express your love in the most adorable and cutest way.

  35. Kissing Mug
  36. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Kissing-Mug
    The uniquely crafted mug set for couples is one of a kind and makes the perfect gift for couples. Gift your favorite couple with this quirky and stylish mug set and add more to their love. Or gift this lovable mug set to your better half and see them smile shyly every time you both are together, sipping your favorite drinks in the morning or evening.

  37. Photographer Mug
  38. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Photographer Mug
    A mug specially crafted for that important person in your life who is brilliant in taking perfect selfie photographs. That is, perfect if they’re trying to keep faces out of the photos. If your father, mother, brother, sister, or anyone in your life who has a hobby and inclination towards photography, this mug is perfect as a gift for them. Encourage them with this unique mug and see them smile.

  39. Giraffe Mug
  40. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Giraffe Mug
    Looking for a gift to present someone who loves safari animals? This giraffe mug is perfect for them. It will also look great on a teacher’s desk. Students will love the fun decor on their favorite teacher’s desk.

  41. Pink Narwhal Mug
  42. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Pink Narwhal Mug
    Gift this cute mug to that sweet friend in your group and see them glow with happiness. Or this mug is also perfect for the colleague with a love for sea creatures. Gift this pink unicorn of the sea mug to your daughter, niece, or sister and they will keep remembering you for bringing a smile on their face.

  43. Unicorn Mug
  44. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Unicorn Mug
    Now, the most amazing gift idea is here for your daughter. Be it their birthday or a congratulatory gift for a job well done, this handcrafted and hand-painted mug is going to make them smile. It also features a free coaster.

  45. Cactus Mug
  46. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Cactus Mug
    Have a housewarming invitation and thinking about what to gift your new neighbor on the block? This unique cactus mug will welcome them into your squad. The 3D flower detail at the top of the handles makes the mug all the more adorable.

  47. Cute Cat Mug
  48. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Cute Cat Mug
    The cute cat mug is not only cute but makes the perfect gift for the cat-loving lady in your life. The cat pattern printed on the mug is new, trendy, and adorable that makes every cat lover fall in love with the mug at first sight. The mug also comes with a cute stainless spoon in the shape of a cat paw sticking out of the cup. It can also be a good idea to give the mug on their pet cat’s birthday!

  49. T-Rex Mug
  50. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-T-Rex-Mug
    Are you obsessed with dinosaurs? Or is there a future little paleontologist in your family who is amazed by the creatures that once existed? Give this to your child and distract them with the unique 3D shape T-Rex dinosaur while they gulp down their milk. The mug is a hilarious adornment of those “terrible lizards” and can even make for a perfect pot for a small plant by your bedside table.

  51. Star Wars Mug
  52. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Star-Wars-Mug
    Watch 13 Lightsabers appear magically, or with the force, including the classics from Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth, Luke Skywalker, Vader, and a few more, as you pour in your favorite hot beverage, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. The mug is interesting and makes a perfect gift for the die-hard fans of Star Wars.

  53. Penguin Mug
  54. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Penguin-Mug
    With the holiday season around the corner, it is time to gift the loved ones of your life something special and it should be a remembrance of your love. There’s nothing better than curling up in a warm blanket next to your favorite person, with an adorable penguin cup of joe, and watching your traditional holiday movie. And the best part, the mug comes with a lid and a spoon, so whenever you are not sipping you can keep it covered.

  55. Black Cat Mug
  56. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Black-Cat-Mug
    Aside from the coffee actually inside the mug, a coffee mug is the next best gift for a coffee lover. A special lid with cell phone holders makes the coffee mug all the more epic. You’ll be able to have your cat in your lap, drink your coffee in your cat cup, and have your cat cup hold your phone while you enjoy those amusing cat videos!

  57. I Got Your Back Mug
  58. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-I-Got-Your-Back-Mug
    Bring a smile to the face of your best friend by gifting them a funny black ceramic mug which will brighten up any gloomy day. When they’ve got a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere and don’t know how to change the flat, let them know you’ve always got their back. Also, the print on both sides brings joy to left-handers.

  59. Ganster as F*ck Mug
  60. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Ganster-as-F*ck-Mug
    The perfect addition to your best girlfriend’s cupboard. She’s your OG and as sweet as can be, but get on her bad side and she can be gangster as f*ck.

  61. Bob Ross Mug
  62. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Bob-Ross-Mug
    Sometimes one needs the right inspiration to kickstart their day. Pour in your coffee and see an inspiring painting of Bob Ross appear in the background. The perfect mug for the artist in you, or your artist friend.

  63. Star Trek Mug
  64. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Star-Trek-Mug
    The best mug for all Star Trek lovers and fans, this mug makes an excellent gift. If you are obsessed with Star Trek gift yourself this magical mug where Uhura, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are energized and beamed onto the Planet’s surface as you start pouring in your favorite hot brew.

  65. Shark Mug
  66. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Shark-Mug
    A magical mug that turns a happy and peaceful ocean into a scary one. For all of the Shark Week fanatics out there. The hot beverage will reveal the dangers lurking around beneath the calm and quiet depths of the ocean.

  67. Battery Mug
  68. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Battery-Mug
    For every one that runs on a strong cup of coffee, this cup will let them know when they’re running low and will need a recharge. You’ll start to slow down and need a boost mid-day. Grab your cup and fuel up for the final push before you can leave the office to go home.

  69. Panda Mug
  70. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Panda-Mug
    Finally, a mug that will add happiness and joy to your gloomy mornings and brighten your cranky mood with a cute 3D animal. Find a cute and adorable little ceramic figurine in your mug looking up at you as you drink your coffee. The cute cartoon figurine inside the mug makes children also happy and thrilled as they gracefully drink their milk.

  71. Father’s Day Mug
  72. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Father's-Day-Mug
    An excellent choice of present for your father, on this Father’s Day. The hilarious message on the mug is going to bring not only a smile but your father might just laugh hard enough and prove why he deserves the title of “World’s Best Farter”.

  73. Beauty and The Beast Mug
  74. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Beauty-and-The-Beast-Mug
    Everyone loves the Disney classic fairy tales, be it an adult or a child. Gift this beautiful aesthetically appealing cup to your child or colleague and see them smile every time they sip their favorite drink from the mug. The Beauty and the Beast chipped mug with gold foil is the ultimate teacup.

  75. Graduation Mug
  76. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Graduation-Mug
    Wondering what to gift your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse on their graduation day? Your search for a congratulatory gift ends here with this comical mug. They’ve worked and stressed all those years and it’s paid off. The mug will be a reminder that it’s finally over and they can breathe a sigh of relief and pride.

  77. Girlfriend is Hotter Mug
  78. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Girlfriend-is-Hotter-Mug
    Hand your boyfriend a mug that will serve as a constant remembrance of you, as they sip coffee in the morning or during their break. A perfect gag gift for your boyfriend on their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary.

  79. Can’t Adult Mug
  80. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Can't-Adult-Mug
    Ideal on days when you can’t handle the pressure and stress. The message on the mug is witty enough to make anyone smile, whether you are in the office or at your home. Everyone is feeling it, but you’ll be one to wear it proudly on your coffee cup.

  81. Sloffee Mug
  82. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Sloffee-Mug
    The coffee mug to make all of your co-workers chuckle. Early in the mornings, everyone in the office can be as slow as a sloth. Your sloffee will turn into the mascot of the office. Even if it’s a cup of crappy office coffee, at least it’s got the caffeine kick to give everyone energy to smile like the sloth on your cup.

  83. Middle Finger Panda Mug
  84. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Middle-Finger-Panda-Mug
    The funny coffee mug with a mischievous panda pointing out its middle finger is not only hilarious but straight to the point. Gift your dear friends with this unique coffee mug and watch them smile at the sight of it. The mug is also ideal for lovers of cute pandas.

  85. Literature Mug
  86. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Literature-Mug
    The ultimate mug for classical literature fans. You’ll have a blast with this mug if you appreciate fine theater. Shakespeare in glasses is an awesome look and he would agree with the play on words.

  87. Toilet Mug
  88. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Toilet-Mug
    A humorous toilet mug with poop inside is surely an awesome gift for the ones in your life who laugh out loud rolling on the floor at every potty joke. Whether it is your co-worker or for your collection, this hilarious toilet mug with potty inside will surely make anyone laugh. The mug holds 10 ounces of your favorite beverage and helps you laugh out whenever you feel stressed.

  89. Jock Strap Mug
  90. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Jock-Strap-Mug
    Kickstart your day hilariously with this underwear shaped coffee mug and enjoy a jolly mood throughout the day. The funny coffee mug in the shape of underwear makes it an awesome novelty gift. The mug is ideal whenever you need a good dosage of laughter and a great addition for your jock friends. It is also a must-have in your office for a stressful day when a burst of good laughter is all you need.

  91. Engineer Mug
  92. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Engineer-Mug
    A perfect mug to gift your favorite engineer friend or any family member who is always out looking to solve a problem. The high-quality white ceramic and the best quality ink keeps the mug shining for a long time. This funny cup is ideal as a gag gift for a white elephant party.

  93. Personalized Perscription Mug
  94. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Personalized-Perscription-Mug
    Now finally a prescription mug for all the coffee nerds out there, who love sipping coffee throughout the day. A personalized mug for that coffee drinker in your life that’s going to be a pharmacist.

  95. Marriage Mug
  96. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Marriage-Mug
    Impress your fiancé, wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend with this witty mug. The mug makes the cutest gifting idea for couples who are about to marry or as an anniversary present. The vibrant red color, the quirky line imprinted and the superior quality of ceramic stoneware ensure that the mug lats forever and is classy.

  97. Bacon and Eggs Mug
  98. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Bacon-and-Eggs-Mug
    A mug for that lovely couple in your group that loves to start their mornings together. whenever they need to relax or are taking a break from work. The imprint of the coffee mug is also permanent, ensuring that the couples coffee mug set remains new and shining for a long time. The mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or any other day when you feel like showing your love.

  99. Morning People Mug
  100. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Morning-People-Mug
    The unique and quirky design of the coffee mug is an ice breaker and perfect to laugh over your morning tea or coffee. The high-quality stoneware ceramic coffee mug resists chipping and scratches keeping it new forever. The conversation-starting mug brings a smile to the face of every cat lover who loves sipping coffee.

  101. Camera Lens Mug
  102. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Camera-Lens-Mug
    Early morning photoshoots tend to be hectic especially if you wake up late. And the last thing anyone would want is spilling their coffee because the lid popped open. A favorite mug for all photographers is one that matches their lifestyle and has a lid to protect themselves from unwanted spills. This is the ideal secret Santa gift for the family member that’s a photographer.

  103. Avacado Mug
  104. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Avacado-Mug
    The gag gift with a funny descriptive onliner and illustration will put your girlfriend in good spirits. Gift this vibrant mug to your girlfriend or boyfriend to see them burst with laughter. The mug can also double as a sorry gift if for some reason you fought with your beloved.

  105. Hamburger Mug
  106. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Hamburger-Mug
    The novelty cheeseburger mug is every food lover’s favorite, especially those who love gorging on cheeseburgers. The oversized cheeseburger mug is perfect to break your morning blues with your favorite hot beverage. The mug is bound to make your coworkers jealous as it sits on your office desk.

  107. Cat with Spoon Mug
  108. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Cat-with-Spoon-Mug
    The super cute and adorable 3D coffee cat mug comes in a new, trendy standing posture with an equally cute fish stirring spoon. The mug has the heart of every cat lover and makes a perfect Christmas white elephant gift. Surprise the cat-loving lovelies in your life by gifting them this unique cat mug or even better on the birthday of their loving pet cat.

  109. Nintendo Mug
  110. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Nintendo-Mug
    Retro gamers and fans, both, are fascinated by classic gaming systems. The Nintendo can be seen as the original and OG system that kick-started the craze. This Nintendo NES Coffee Mug with a controller for a handle is a prized possession that’ll make all of your coworkers jealous. Add this to your collection of collectible mugs and sip your comforting warm beverage with joy. A perfect gift for gamers and kids of the 80s.

  111. Poop Mug
  112. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Poop-Mug
    There’s so much to say about this hilarious emoji coffee mug. It’s an awesome novelty mug that isn’t only for adults. A coffee poop emoji mug is the perfect white elephant gift in a world where communication is dominated by GIFs and MEMEs.

  113. Game Over Mug
  114. Funny-Coffee-Mugs-Game-Over-Mug
    Are you a 1990s kid obsessed with video games? Gift this awesome mug with a game controller handle and relive your childhood every time you want to start your mornings right. The mug is also an excellent gifting idea for the ones who you know are obsessed with video games. Be it as a birthday present for your college roommate or your office colleague, this mug will surely have you reminiscing about pastimes.

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