9 Warm Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Her

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    Pamper her with a personalized, traditional cotton anniversary gift. It’s been the best 2 years with your wife you can ask for. Show her how much you love her with a custom present to remind her of her wedding day. Here is a list of cotton anniversary gifts for her.

  1. Personalized Cotton Throw Blanket
  2. Personalized-Cotton-Throw-Blanket
    A traditional second anniversary gift is one made of cotton. What better time than now to upgrade the cozy factor with a personalized cotton throw blanket. Snuggle up together and feel the love beneath this beautiful blanket embroidered with your wedding day date and last name. It might only be your second year of marriage, but your wife will cherish this gift forever.

  3. Personalized Vows or First Song Cotton Canvas
  4. Cotton-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Personalized-Vows-or-First-Song-Cotton-Canvas
    Every time your song comes on, your heart skips a beat as you remember dancing together on your wedding day or singing along in the car. Check off the cotton anniversary gift this year and never forget a word of your couples song, with the lyrics beautifully inscribed on cotton fabric. Another anniversary gift idea for this would be to have your wedding vows printed. Frame and hang for years of joyous memories together.

  5. Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
  6. Cotton-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Egyptian-Cotton-Bed-Sheets
    If you are looking for cotton anniversary gifts for her this year on your second wedding anniversary that will last, look no further than these pure Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets. Spend hours together snuggled up with your wife under the most comfortable cotton sheets that make you both never want to leave the bed. You will both sleep better and wake up refreshed on these high quality sheets.

  7. Cotton Table Cloth
  8. Cotton-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Cotton-Table-Cloth
    The second wedding anniversary has finally arrived after a successful start to your life and marriage. Together you’ve invested in your home and future. A smart anniversary gift idea is one that serves multiple purposes. Protect the investment you’ve made in your table and get a cotton based gift for the traditional second wedding anniversary. The cotton fabric brings style and comfort to the home. She will be sure to love the cozy feel it brings to your space. It is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye.

  9. Custom State String Art
  10. Custom-State-String-Art
    The second year of marriage is celebrated with a cotton based gift. You want to find something more than a stuffed bear as a gift made of cotton. Get creative with this one of a kind custom State String Art. This is a unique and thoughtful choice for a cotton anniversary gift. Impress her and brighten up the home decor. Home is where the heart is and v this gift hits it right on the nail.

  11. Wifey Kimono Robe
  12. Wifey-Kimono-Robe
    Have you ever gotten out of the shower only to realize your wife has taken your robe again? What better time than the second wedding anniversary to solve the problem as well as gifting her with a beautiful cotton robe of her own? She will step out of the shower and slip into a soft, luxurious robe and when you step out your robe will still be there. Two birds, one stone, and one amazing 2nd anniversary gift.

  13. Handmade 2nd Anniversary Card
  14. Handmade-2nd-Anniversary-Card
    Dive into the joy of giving with a card that is personal, meaningful, and more attractive than the typical store-bought card. A handmade 2nd Anniversary gift card that is made with the same patience and care put into your relationship. This is an anniversary gift idea that offers a unique and personal touch, Hallmark has nothing on the handmade crochet factor for your 2nd year of marriage.

  15. 2nd Wedding Anniversary T-Shirt
  16. Cotton-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-2nd-Wedding-Anniversary-TShirt
    In the first couple years of marriage, couples are learning much about each other, both adapting and adjusting. Some of these moments come naturally and others take a little more work and sacrifice. That is why this 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift takes the cake on summing up the patience and self-control your spirited wife has practiced with you. Looking for a laugh? This literal gift idea will certainly get one.

  17. Personalized Kitchen Towel
  18. Personalized-Kitchen-Towel
    Cotton anniversary gifts for her might be hard to find if she has everything. In this case, simplicity and thoughtfulness are key. If you are in search of a sentimental and minimalistic anniversary gift idea a set of personalized Kitchen towels are perfect! She can toss out mismatched towels and replace them with these, her new favorite kitchen decor and accessory.

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