10 Caring Copper Anniversary Gifts for Her

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    Copper anniversary gifts for your wife should be personal and meaningful. We’ve got an amazing round-up for you to surprise your wife for the seventh year in a row! Get her the traditional jewelry gift or her favorite song in copper. Here is a list of copper anniversary gifts for her.

  1. Copper Measuring Spoons
  2. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Copper-Measuring-Spoons
    Surprise your baker wife for your 7th anniversary with gorgeous copper measuring spoons. These spoons are strong and resistant to bending at the handle and have permanent engravings making them easy to distinguish from one another. This set comes with 4 measuring cups and 5 measuring spoons all wrapped up in a giftable package. With the simplistic, stunning design, these copper measuring spoons make the perfect copper anniversary gift for her!

  3. Copper Stud Earrings
  4. Valentine-for-Coworker
    If you’re looking at traditional anniversary gifts to give your wife this year, consider these copper stud earrings. The simple but elegant design is perfect for any style your wife could go for. The texture of the copper jewelry is made with a hammering technique that makes these earrings stand out from others at traditional stores. Your wife will be thrilled to add this copper anniversary gift to her wardrobe!

  5. Copper Infinity Hoop Earrings
  6. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Copper-Infinity-Hoop-Earrings
    Your wife loves to wear accessories to make her stand out, including earrings. For your wedding anniversary this year, gift her gorgeous copper infinity hoop earrings that she’ll want to wear every day! The earrings are lovingly handmade and come packaged in a small gift box, making them easy to wrap and give. This traditional gift will have your wife always looking fondly back on your seventh anniversary.

  7. Candle Wax Warmer
  8. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Candle-Wax-Warmer
    A good smelling house is almost always achieved by a bulky candle that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the décor. Change that for your 7th anniversary by gifting your wife this candle wax warmer. The warmer is beautifully designed with frosted glass and a loving quote. It’s a versatile gift idea that can be used with both wax melts and liquid scents, such as essential oils.

  9. Custom Copper Ring Dish
  10. Valentine-for-Coworker
    Make your special occasion even more precious for your wife this year with a custom copper ring dish. You’ll be able to include the date of your wedding anniversary and your initials, making it a one-of-a-kind gift idea. The dish is small enough to include on an end table or dresser and will be able to fit many of your wife’s most cherished rings. This is the perfect gift to remind your wife of your copper anniversary!

  11. Compact Mirror
  12. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Compact-Mirror
    Copper anniversary gifts for her should be something she’ll want to use all the time, maybe even more than once a day! This compact mirror is the gift she’ll keep coming back to no matter the occasion. The compact is engraved with a sweet quote and is the perfect size to fit in a small handbag or pocket. There are two mirrors within the compact to help your wife achieve the closeup view she desires.

  13. Copper Stemless Wine Glasses
  14. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Copper-Stemless-Wine-Glasses
    Traditional anniversary gifts, such as these copper stemless wine glasses, create the most amazing, lasting memories by bringing loved ones together. This pack includes four stunning glasses that can hold 18 ounces of your wife’s favorite drink. Wine glasses as stunning as these would look perfect on a display shelf for a personal bar. The copper embellishment and stemless design will have all your wife’s guests jealous of this beautiful gift!

  15. Personalized Copper Bracelet
  16. Valentine-for-Coworker
    Copper jewelry is one of the most unique, sentimental gifts you can give for your anniversary this year. This personalized copper bracelet will have her finding any excuse to wear it. You can write up to 5 lines of text to be hand stamped on the inside of the bracelet, so write something extra special that’ll make her smile every time she looks at it!

  17. Song Sound Wave
  18. Valentine-for-Coworker
    This year, you’re really looking to surprise your wife with a gift sentimental enough to make her cry. Why not give her a song sound wave that features your wedding song? This traditional gift is a beautiful copper color and can be hung in a special place in your house. She could hang it in your bedroom, her home office, or even in the living room as a gorgeous reminder of your wedding.

  19. Moscow Mule Mugs
  20. Copper-Anniversary-Gifts-for-Her-Moscow-Mule-Mugs
    If your wife loves to mix up the most flavorful, unique drinks for late-night dates, make the nights even more special with Moscow mule mugs. This gift set is great for your 7th anniversary since they’re a bright copper color and can be used to create lasting memories between you two. She can mix up to 16 ounces in the mugs and use the included wooden coasters for serving.

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