22 Badass Barber Gifts [Barbershop Favorites]

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    Practical accessories for the shop or gag gifts are good barber gifts for your favorite person. They make you look amazing on the daily. Now you’ll be able to thank them for those picture-perfect looks! It’s the only place where the superheroes let the ones they’re helping wear capes. We’ve got a curated list of ideas to help you thank them! Here is a list of barber gifts.

  1. Beard Grooming Kit
  2. Barber-Gifts-Beard-Grooming-Kit
    Believe it or not, beard maintenance is a craft. A well-groomed beard requires attention to detail whether it’s a five o’clock shadow, mutton chops, or designer stubble. All the beard maintenance tools you could think of such as oil, balm, beard conditioner, brushes, scissors, and more come included in this one-of-a-kind beard grooming kit. The kit that will make any beard loving barber (professional or at home) smile from “mus” to “stache.” 

  3. Funny Coffee Mug
  4. Barber-Gifts-Funny-Coffee-Mug
    They say, with a great beard, comes great responsibility. Barber gifts to have them greeting each day with the reminder of that duty with a fun coffee mug to fill with their favorite beverages. Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa approved. Don’t worry about dribbling, your beard is a catch-all and super absorbent. They made this mug for the bearded man who knows his obligation to bearded society. 

  5. Canvas Work Apron with Pockets
  6. Barber-Gifts-Canvas-Work-Apron-with-Pockets
    The performance of an esteemed barber comes from creativity and preparedness in his craft. With more pockets, comes more possibilities. Gift your favorite barber with a sturdy apron that will last forever and hold all of his accessories. Sealed with a waterproof wax, this apron is made comprehensively from comfortable cotton for an optimum look and feel of practicality and professionalism.

  7. Gag Gift T-Shirt
  8. Barber-Gifts-Gag-Gift-T-Shirt
    Have you ever paid for a cheap haircut and regretted it? Well, gag T-shirts are the gifts for barbers you always go back to because no one else can do the job right. “I fix $10 hair cuts” shirts are perfect for the barber who knows how to make even a bad hair day, one of the best hair days.

  9. Barber Shop Wall Decor
  10. Barber-Gifts-Barber-Shop-Wall-Decor
    The art of manliness comes in many forms of beards. The history of the beard is a little known lesson. The Garibaldi, for instance, is full and well-rounded with a cohesive mustache. They named the Winfield beard after army General Winfield Scott Hancock of 1960s war history, a heroic man with an epic beard. This barbershop wall decor will educate the customer and provide a conversation starter. 

  11. Hair Cutting Cape
  12. Barber-Gifts-Hair-Cutting-Cape
    A cape represents strength and protection. A superhero wears a cape, and the barber always has one on hand. Ornamented with terms of the trade, get your favorite barber gifts that are useful and unique, like hair cutting capes. It’s not only a gift but a marketing tool.  Advertise their grooming capabilities to trim, shave, and shape the heads and faces of the world with a cape like this one. 

  13. Professional Hair Clipper
  14. Barber-Gifts-Professional-Hair-Clipper
    The quality of your haircut is only as good as the clippers. All the skills combined with low-grade clippers can ultimately influence the quality of a haircut. They’ll appreciate barber gifts that say “thank you” more than words can express. These professional and top-notch barber clippers not only have a professional design but dispose of the cord! No need to work around a long, pesky cord when the cordless trimmer with a high carbon steel blade has hit the market. Barber Win! 

  15. Crocs Clog
  16. Barber-Gifts-Crocs-Clog
    Spending extended amounts of time on your feet in the wrong pair of shoes can not only be uncomfortable but have long-term effects on the feet. Gift your barber with Crocs Clogs specifically designed for work shoes that are comfortable and slip-resistant. Hair splinters can find their way into the soft layers on your everyday tennis shoes, crocs are easy to clean and resistant to dirt and debris. The shoe that makes sense. 

  17. Shaving Kit
  18. Barber-Gifts-Shaving-Kit
    There is nothing like the feeling of a close shave, leaving the skin smooth to touch. Join the shaving revolution with the barber gift that gets almost as close as a good shave. Calling beards of all lengths. The wet shave kit has everything a man could need for a luxury shaving experience. Grow a beard like a Viking and look like a millionaire. 

  19. Barber Roll-Up Organizer
  20. Barber-Gifts-Barber-Roll-Up-Organizer
    To a barber, his most prized investment is his tools of the trade. Proper maintenance of these tools is key to a crisp, clean cut every time. This keeps the customer coming back time and time again. Keep their scissors protected in this roll-up leather stylist case. Store the tools away from prying eyes and coupon clippers. Revel in the soft leather and minimalist design in this one of a kind, satisfaction guaranteed pouch.

  21. Personalized Barber Pole Ornament
  22. Barber-Gifts-Personalized-Barber-Pole-Ornament
    The decorations, lights, and warmth of love during the holiday season is the best feeling. Present your favorite and talented barber with an ornament that classically embodies his profession. Personalize a spiral striped barber pole ornament to hang from the tree with care and appreciation. Scissors hang from the pole to symbolize his skill, a cut above the rest. 

  23. Beard Shampoo & Conditioner Set
  24. Barber-Gifts-Beard-Shampoo-Conditioner-Set
    A remarkable beard requires remarkable care. Get them a high-quality beard shampoo and conditioner set that will penetrate even the most coarse hair. Detangle the beard with an organic blend of shampoo and conditioner no manufacturer can equal. Designed for the gentleman and his impressive beard. The barber will have a new level to his grooming game with this special Aussie concoction. 

  25. Novelty Socks
  26. Barber-Gifts-Novelty-Socks
    Empower your barber in his self-expression with a pair of novelty socks. Ornamented with tools of the trade and colorful designs. Machine washable, comfortable crew cut socks made for all kinds of feet and personalities. Comfortable socks that won’t leave your legs itchy and constricted. All-day on the feet, calls for wearable socks with personality and comfort in mind. 

  27. Barber Bow Tie
  28. Barber-Gifts-Barber-Bow-Tie
    Is your barber one of a kind? Does he value independent thinking, creativity, and witty banter? Then this barber bow tie is the ideal gift for him! European made with gabardine, this bow tie is made to impress. Individuality and self-expression are key components in the hipster life code. If your barber is the type to make an impeccable first impression that lasts a lifetime, this gift is for him!

  29. Barber Chair
  30. Barber-Gifts-Barber-Chair
    The barber’s chair is like a regular chair but better. The barber chair is a place of comfort and confession. The barber can learn a lot from a man and his life in the renowned barber chair. You won’t be thinking of the noise or the uncomfortable hairs, but of the connection and service instead. This exceptional chair is one that the barber and customer will always remember. Ergonomically designed, this one of a kind chair brings comfort and craft to a whole new level. 

  31. Vintage Barber Wall Art Prints
  32. Barber-Gifts-Vintage-Barber-Wall-Art-Prints
    Wall art in the barbershop gives the customer something to look at and creates an opportunity for a casual chat. Well-decorated walls in the barbershop show off creativity and ambiance. They’ll love something that’s eye-catching and practical. Flawless fades and hot towel shaves available as vintage prints to add masculinity and an atheistic vibe. 

  33. Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set
  34. Barber-Gifts-Professional-Hair-Cutting-Scissors-Set
    To be a cut above the rest, you need to think a snip ahead. Low-cost scissors can ruin the best haircutting skills. Professional hair cutting scissors are barber gits that will set them apart. Composed of robust Japanese stainless steel and optimum performance quality, these scissors can do it all. The ergonomic design ensures the scissors feel like an extension to the barber’s hands. 

  35. Honest Amish Beard Balm
  36. Barber-Gifts-Honest-Amish-Beard-Balm
    It will thrill any barber to receive Honest Amish Beard Balm. Finally, a beard balm that offers intense conditioning and protection in one. The all-natural oils, fruit, and nut combined with essential oils promote beard growth and nourish dry, itchy skin. Your barber may enjoy it so much he might not share. It’s that good.  

  37. Dyson Cyclone Vacuum
  38. Barber-Gifts-Dyson-Cyclone-Vacuum
    Let’s face it, hair gets everywhere. It even manages to get in more places once cut. Vacuum barber gifts come with extreme suctioning power to find those fine hairs that disappear into the floor cracks. The vacuum is lightweight and slim for easy storage. The barber can work smarter,  not harder with the Dyson Vacuum. This is the one gift you want to suck, but with power and intensity! 

  39. Barber Pole Keychain
  40. Barber-Gifts-Barber-Pole-Keychain
    Keychains are gifts for barbers that are thoughtful, useful, and long-lasting. Let your barber portray his passion with a simple and stylish keychain. The minimalist design is attractive and slim.  Less bulk, more design.  Constructed of alloy metal for a quality gift. A practical gift any barber will appreciate. 

  41. Hair Shears
  42. Barber-Gifts-Hair-Shears
    Professional shears or magic wand? Who’s to say? In the barber’s hand, they work wonders! They’re scissors with not only an elegant appearance but sharp convex blades enhanced by strong Japanese steel. Double balanced blades from tip to the ergonomic handle. Efficient snipping power for a precise cut every time. Cherished in the hands of the hair professional for years to come.  

  43. Beard Oil
  44. Barber-Gifts-Beard-Oil
    Beard Oil is a gift that any barber will appreciate. The best beard oils hydrate both the hair and skin and encourage growth. It’s the gift that keeps that beard glowing with badass-ness. The mixture results in a soft beard with more volume and control. No more flyaway frizzy hairs. Beard oil made to repair hair and control the flair.

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